Draxler finally ready for transfer to Arsenal?

It feels like the Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with the Germany international Julian Draxler have been going on forever. It has certainly been a staple of the football rumour mongers in every transfer window over the last few years, but it cannot have been that long because the player is still only 24-years old.

The football media may soon have to find another player to constantly link with a move to Arsenal, though, because the deal could finally happen this season when the transfer window opens in January, according to The Mirror. It seems that Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani is not the only PSG player affected by the arrival of the Brazilian forward Neymar from Barcelona, although their fall out has been much more public.

The report does not go into detail about the reasons, but it claims that Draxler has told his club that he wants to leave and the PSG chiefs are willing to let him go. The fact that he often plays in the left forward role which is Neymar’s favourite is surely no coincidence.

The young German was apparently keen to link up with his international team mate Mesut Ozil at club level, although he was thinking about our number 11 going to Paris rather than him coming to north London. Now, though, the transfer to Arsenal seems a real possibility, so could the Gunners finally be about to sign the player we have reportedly been after since he was a teenage sensation at Schalke?



  1. John Legend says:

    I would not mind but I do not trust Arsenal.

    1. gotanidea says:

      If Arsenal could get Draxler, the fans would be more positive about Arsenal’s ambition. He could be our new Van Persie, because of his stature and skills.

      Sanchez and Ozil might announce their departure in January, and it could stir more negativity among the fans. So they have to get at least one high profile player in January, to control the situation.

      1. tas says:

        Or pretend to buy, you know we only buy cheep or out of contract players in January,

        i believe some of our players will be sort after in January because we are not in the CL our players are not cup tied clubs with many injuries will be knocking on our door for our better players

  2. ArseOverTit says:

    of course he is!

    Nice use of the question mark (again) 😉

    1. GB says:

      I agree, it changes a statement into a question.

  3. Yossarian says:

    I would love Draxler in an Arsenal shirt.

    He would be the perfect signing to provide competition to, or replace, Alexis Sanchez. In fact I wish we’d got Draxler ages ago, when we were first linked to him.

    The danger is that we get all the rumours, then he’s playing in a Chelsea shirt next season, or one of the other big EPL clubs.

  4. arsenal4life says:

    We don’t buy stars we make them.

    1. Himshail says:

      and then sell them. All hail king STAN !!!

    2. Break-on-through says:

      He’s not a star yet, big name because of the clubs chased/rumoured to him, but he’s not a star name yet. And if he’s on PSG bench he’ll never be as big as he wants to be.

    3. Guneal says:

      Yeah like denilson, senderous, benthner, walcott, Chamberlain, and king benthner .

  5. Twig says:

    How has the arrival of Neymar affected Cavani?

    1. GB says:

      They had an on field spat st the weekend and apparently Neymar is insisting Cavani is sold. Yeah, good luck with that.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        That has to be lies, no player would ask for that directly after a move. Not even sure if I believe in the saying power Messi is supposed to have, he has an opinion and someone might ask him about players but I don’t believe he vetoes moves over there.

        1. A-Gooner says:

          Don’t conclude that to be lies. These players bring in a lot of money into their clubs through sales of shirts and other marketing stuffs. They directly or indirectly have inpact in other transfers in these clubs. Club owners knowing they make serious money through these stars will want to listen to them at times. Again, each club owners has their own way of running the club. For instance, Mercy, Pique and Puyel forced Fabregas transfer from Arsenal to Barcelona.

    2. The spat carried on in the dressing room.

  6. Arsenalholic says:

    Sanchez will leave arsenal in January or when his contract expires. Draxler might be a positive approach towards building a new team around some young players. Lemar/draxler/lacazette might not be a bad option for a title challenge. I don’t see ozil going anywhere. No team is going to pay him as much as we are willing to. Adding Wilshere(hopefully he stays healthy) in the middle with xhaka might make us title contenders.

    1. Nothing changed says:

      I am surprised you think Ozil will not find an other team that is acceptable to him both from a financial and competitive point of view. He might have difficulty shining for us in every game but that might be as much because of the quality of his teammates as it is because of himself.

      He has shown both for the German international team and at Real that he can hold down a place with the best.

      I don’t see why a team like PSG, Man U or any other top team would not want to take a punt for a free player with Ozil’s skill set. And if Ozil goes to a team where is not the second biggest player perhaps more reasonable expectations and chance to win a major trophy will be more important than just the big chack at Arsenal and all the criticism that comes with that,

      1. Arsenalholic says:

        Dude they offered 180k to ox and 375k to Sanchez and both refused to sign new contracts. If they are willing to offer a new contract to ozil ( which I think they will) then it will be more than 300k by my expectations making him one of the most paid players in the league. Which ozil won’t reject cause mostly his performances are average and guess what average is the new bad.

    2. Akan says:

      Agree with most of your comments except the part about Xhaka, I’ve said it here on a number of occasions, he is too weak and too slow and can’t tackle. His deficiencies are laid bare and cruelly exposed against the top teams, in short he is a liability and we will not win a title until the position he occupies is fixed and we put someone there with the strength drive and ability to lead the team.

      1. Nothing changed says:

        Hard to argue with that. Xhaka has had his one season to adjust and doesn’t seem to be a juggernaut. He is too one-sided, great passer and good in possession but lacks everything you need when we don’t have the ball, ie closing speed, ability to tackle and positioning.

      2. Arsenalholic says:

        Brother ! Some times you need to trust in our players. In the German league which he previously played ,he was termed as next xabi Alonso. Xabi himself liked him as his replacement in Bayern Munich midfield but he signed for us. He needs time to adapt to the premier league (the toughest league in world) more importantly his performances have been much better than previous season as compared to this season. Trust me in next 2 seasons he will be our main man .

  7. Geekaybee says:

    Draxler is doing what he seems to do every window. He dangles himself in front of Wenger and Wenger bites at the hook. Whether he does it to work a pay rise from his present club or is just playing with Wenger I don’t know. We won’t get him. All Wenger is looking for is a couple of youngsters or any decent freebees that are about. Benzema is another time waster and paying 98 million for Lemar is our manager wasting everybody’s time.

  8. Simon says:

    Really pray for Wiltshire – we really need him right now

  9. The barrel says:

    Draxler in, Ozil out klaar (end of story)

  10. Gunner4Life says:

    Draxler? Why?We need to first sort out Our DM issues.. Xhaka.. Wilshere? Seriously.. cant see Us challenging for title with those two.. We still need a Top DM.. A Rock solid one and who can bulldoze forward when needed.. i mean I know.. We cant get someone like Vidal.. but atleast someone Yaya Toure would be a Great Deal for Us.. and Wenger.. He would come at a low cost.. plus EPL experienced.. Like.. We all know what kind of a player Yaya is.. exactly what We are missing.. thats Physicality! We have got some in Giroud.. and Kolasinac.. but seriously.. i think.. Yaya would be a Great addition.. atleast for a season!

  11. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Please this has being doing the rounds for the last 3 seasons at least not going to happen sick to death hearing about it every season. Its’s typical Wenger shoulda,coulda woulda but it never happened.

  12. MICHAEL C. says:


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