Dream team fans simply must increase Arsenal quota

Arsenal are yet to hit top gear this season, but that has not stopped them from claiming third spot in the table thus far, as well as notching up a fair few Dream Team points for those following.

Bar Aubameyang, you would have to have considered any other Gunner a risky inclusion in your Dream Team of late, but I feel like that is certainly about to change over the coming weeks.

Our side has a host of players returning from injury, with the odd star very nearly recovering to full fitness after time in the physio room, and you would be mad to leave them all out.

PEA has all-but been keeping this team afloat with his goals, and while Pepe would be a risky inclusion in your Dream Team sides after his struggles, Alexandre Lacazette’s return will no doubt give the Ivory Coast man much more to work with as he seeks to get his goal and assists tally on the up. He is a risk I’m still holding out on, but the defence is where we should be seriously looking at.

Anyone who has been watching our midweek matches, will have seen that Kieran Tierney is a man that has been wasted in the Scottish Premiership over the years, and even while he should still be settling into life in London, he looks a star. KT is now claimed to be fully fit and raring to go, and that can only mean that our defence not only solidifies for the clean sheet points, but he has been wholly creative out wide also. He will be going straight in for me.

Hector Bellerin is another who isn’t shy of getting his name on the assists sheet, as well as knocking up a number of 7+ ratings to boost his points tally, but don’t be rash on his inclusion as not only is he rivalled by Maitland-Niles and Calum Chambers for a spot, he also isn’t 100% just yet. I think I’d wait on him to get a run of first-team outings before considering him for my XI.

Another player I want to put in is David Luiz, although some people will have you believe his spot is up for debate following a return to fitness for Rob Holding. The Brazilian is not considered our most solid defender, but a lot of fans do not realise just how crucial he can be in switching from defence to attack, and just how good his long-passing ability is. If you think that defenders are only picked on their ability to tackle or block at the back, then you are mistaken, and I think that if Holding was to take a spot from one of Luiz or Sokratis, I for one will not be surprised if it is the Greek. The former Chelsea man is known for taking free-kicks, as well as chipping in with long-distance assists and goals from corners, so if you are like me and think he keeps his starting spot, he is a serious contender for your XI.

Which Arsenal players other than Aubameyang are you holding onto? Has Pepe shown you enough to convince you the DT points are coming? Am I wrong in thinking KT is a new must-have?


  1. Aubamayang
    Torreira, Guedozzi
    Tierney, Holding,Luiz, Bellarin

    Anything else then I would expect Ceballos for Ozil and Holding for Luiz.

    Otherwise, Emery and his Xhaka should just give way for someone more positive for the job

  2. Why Ozil? He’s bang average
    last season even Bellerin hit more assists than him

    Rest of your team is really good

    1. You and others should let go of Ozil criticism. The more you blab about it the more he is defended by fans like me who support our players no matter what. Yes he got two assists and scored 6 goals or more despite not been trusted by coach. I think. We should focus on the coach who appeared to know what he is doing. Instead of compensating for our major weaknesses so much so we can’t play to our strengths ( playing out the back ) according to MadHatter and gave away two goals lead against watford why not play to our strength which is attacking

      1. Well as you brought me up maybe I can answer that Mobella

        In my humble opinion it’s very hard to play to your strengths if by doing so you expose your weakness. Then as much as you may think you are playing to your strengths you are actually equally playing in to your opponents hands.

        With only one of our attacking options truly firing at the moment is it really wise to enter a ‘I can score more than you’ competition or is it far more pragmatic to take the stance of ‘Well we may not win but we sure ain’t going to lose’?
        Especially when you consider how much every point counts in a league as competitive as ours?

        I maintain its been an injury crisis that has caused this play style and we will soon see a much improved performance in the league – time will tell I guess 🤷‍♂️

        1. I really like your comments and reply to every comments because you explain your opinion succinctly without abuse or insult. The reason I have lost every faith in the coach is part of what can be taken from part of what you have explained above. You said it very hard to play to your strength if by doing so you exposed your weaknesses. Do Emery methods really minimizing our flaws or covering our weaknesses if we continue leaking goals and turned a potential 3 points to one points, conceded two quick goals against Spurs and Aston Villa at Emirate and that dire performance in our last match. His method is simply exposing our weak weaknesses ( passing out from the back and defense). How many goals have we chipped in, how many goals are due to defensive errors and due to penalties and how many as a result of our attacking play or players. IMo, we have good players injured or health, those players are capable but the way Emery use them is maximizing their weaknesses and as a result the team performances and results are affected. I’m looking forward to Monday and onward now that our injured players are returning that will give us all the clear pictures of what Emery football philosophy is

          1. Thanks for the compliment Mobella 😊
            Yes I do believe that Emery’s methods have minimised our flaws as much as he can with the same players available.
            Going forward left us open and exposed so much so that a simple long ball would cause us problems almost every time.
            It has been defensive errors that have caused us to concede I agree, but now just imagine those same defensive errors and us being stretched out so that balls can be played in over the top (hard to do right now as we sit so deep) and without the extra bodies back deep to get in the way of players like Salah/Mane for example. That’s why I say it could have been far worse 🤷‍♂️
            Like you I’m looking forward to seeing what we put forward on Monday 👍

  3. …………PEA..Laczette……..

    Bench: Ozil,Willock,Ceballos,Niles,Martinelli

    4-4-2 (Attacking)

    1. You know what eddie I really like that team.
      What happen to the days when you ayed two up top
      Not sure if we get a bit over run in the middle but what the heck..let’s score more then the other team 👌
      Might need another defender on the bench

      1. Allan I totally forgot bout a defender on the bench.
        I don’t think we’ll get out runner in the middle, those two wingers will have to drift into midfield position once a while.
        And since everybody Willy be playing in their natural position, we’ll be performing well and very good

        1. Eddie, playing Lacazette in behind Aubameyang with both being able to switch centrally or left and right.

    2. Love this lineup Eddie 😍 – its what I’ve been suggesting to all who will listen for ages lol

      It’s nice imo because everyone in the squad can fit into it (yep even Xhaka, Ozil and Mustafi) in the right combination and it only takes a call from Emery on the sideline to alter its shape (depending on who’s on the pitch at the time) to exploit any weaknesses in the opposition 👍

      1. Yea, everyone will play in their natural position.. No trying to fix square pegs in round holes.
        Everyone will be playing to their strength, no pressure to do someone else’s job

        1. Exactly 👍

          Oh and your defender on the bench has to be Chambers – can fill in anywhere across the backline and DM – great for changing up the entire formation if needed too.

  4. The love for Ozil on here is embarrassing. The 19 assists mainly of set pieces was a fluke.His stats are deceiving because of the Ronaldo at Madrid. Don’t get me wrong I don’t rate Xhaka either the midfield for me is Guendouzi, Torriera Willock. I would swap in Ceballos in home games for Torriera. In the summer we need 2 proper cm as I would be tempted to leave ceballos and sell Xhaka.

  5. In 4231, the best team imho is:






    Bench: Willock, Nelson, Ceballos, AMN, Sokratis
    Chambers in this team will do very well ptotrcting the back 4 while can support miffield in opening gaps with Luiz. Good defence, strong midfield to support forwards and bench to cover every positionn.

  6. Leno
    Bellerin Luiz Holding Tierny
    Niles Chambers Willock
    Auba Laca

    Niles and Willock are agressive and run forward, speed our game and harrass on defensive tasks; linking play and securing.Niles has great DM assets and why Emery used him on defense, can run forward. Problem he had as RB is Pepe or anyone playing above him did not keep their LB Man who runs forward and many in modern football; Bellerin…

    Bellerin will have PB if Pepe or attacking player in-charge does not defending on his LB. Cant Ask to RB keep his winger and the LB at same Time; criticize the lad while Pepe does not run back on his Man!

    We always have a pb on our team’s 11 pick, Emery never gets right formation and balance.

    You can play Ozil as number 10 and excpect assist as CD guarding him wont Come forward as much and mainly has Willock Chambers behind him with Willock and Niles on sides…Chambers is our DM as he would kick & secure that CD danger zone of ours.

    That team as great balance, threats all over, hungry youth and experience.

    Emery is a total mess ni matter players available. He replaced red card Niles by Chambers, kept him, Bellerin afin, Chambers will be benched. Torreira, Xhaka. Gendouzi will play DM as Luiz or and Sokratis in CD before him.

    MVP on his Loan last year, playing infront of CBs, but not with us? We have no one as Chambers at this position!

    Clearly, Martinelli should go on Loan just as Saka, Nelson should have been able to stay AT Ofhneim to grow in games
    play CL. He started making waves Sancho like, brought back for that. End of the day, he is not playing and wont with Laca back nor will Martinelli or Saka, just as Willock, Niles and actually Chambers who wont be played in middle nor CD ; benched

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