Dry your eyes mate! Dyche fuming as Arsenal steal the spoils

Burnley boss Sean Dyche has expressed his anger at today’s officiating, which saw Arsenal granted a last-minute penalty which decided the game.

The Gunners will feel relieved to have picked up only their second away win of the Premier League campaign, and wont feel too bad about the manner in which it came.

Dyche on the other hand is fuming that his side succumbed all the points thanks to a last-minute penalty, and he even snarls that it was always going to be given against his side.

‘It was highly unlikely it wasn’t going to get given on a day like today, that’s all I’ll say,’ he said.

‘There’s a lot of me inside, that’s raging a lot. It’s a coupon buster, I don’t think anyone would put a bet on that (the fact they keep losing late against Arsenal).

‘I’ve told them (the players) we continue to develop, we continue to move forward.

‘I’ve also told them this is the reality. Football’s a harsh game and sometimes it hurts you.’

The funny thing is we should have already had a penalty earlier in the match when Hector Bellerin had his legs taken away in the box, but Dyche doesn’t seem to remember that decision, as he seems to intimate that the decisions were always going to go against him.

Arsene Wenger funnily enough insists that the decision was 100% correct, although you can be sure that had the decision been the other way around, the Frenchman would definitely have claimed not to have seen the incident…

The Arsenal boss said: ‘From outside it looked 100 per cent. I don’t know why he pushed him in the back. I would like to see it again.’

Was the decision correct? Is Dyche bitter because of previous encounters? Would Wenger have reacted similarly if the shoe was on the other foot?

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  1. Vlad says:

    What’s he talking about? It was a clear foul in the box, and a subsequent penalty. How about a foul on Bellerin from Brady? He should really keep his mouth shut, and channel his anger towards his players for not keeping their focus and energy until the final whistle, not referees. Not a big fan of Lee Mason but he got this one spot on.

    P.S. To all the Ozil haters – still think we’re better without him? Iwobi, Wilshere, Ramsey, Xhaka – what exactly did they offer today? Zero creativity.

    1. mohawk says:

      1. Yes. What a baby. If Dyche wants a win tell his team to actually score. I don’t give a team credit because they “could have” or “should have” taken advantage of goal scoring opportunities.

      Either you score or you don’t. And Burnley did not.

      Often when a “lower level” team over performs they somehow begin to think they deserve to win every game no matter what. Burnley are in this mode now.

      2. Yes. Just when Ozil is returning to top form……. now is not the time to start criticizing again. Just be thankful.

  2. kklin says:

    Who cares, we won. Till we meet again Sean Dyche but until then be a man & snatch points from the other top six teams for us.

  3. Sue says:

    I don’t really care about Dyche… sorry mate all I wanted was the 3 points!! Up the gunners!!

  4. Jibs says:

    I’m not gonna be moaning about our performance too much today. Burnley were excellent today. When teams find a formula that just works they hard to stop. Leicester of all teams won the league on a very effective formula. Burnley have found a formula that is working very well for them this season and few teams have picked it up apart. Liverpool couldn’t beat them, spurs couldn’t beat them, Chelsea couldn’t beat them. The only rival that did was City and they are ploughing through teams.
    Were we fantastic today? No. But a lot of that had to do with the other 11 men on the pitch. You can’t get more than 3 points for a win and we got that today. So I’m happy.

  5. Ian wrights bruva says:

    Good spot by the ref, clear push in the back to stop him getting anything on the ball. Hector had his legs taken away and the only reason that wasn’t given was the ball bounced up off the defender so it looked like he took the ball.

    Burnley were well organised and gave account of themselves today, well done the boys for going 92 minutes and taking all 3 points.


  6. Trudeau says:

    Would love to see more consistency with fouls in the box. That was a foul but was nothing compared to some of the mugging that go on and aren’t called. Don’t be too critical of Dyche. A few week’s ago versus City it was Wenger’s turn to look like a petulant whiner. This week it’s Dyche. They all take turns (except for Mourinho who whines every week whether United get the calls or not)

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