Dullest Arsenal transfer window ever?

Almost all my hope is gone that Arsenal will sign any more new players before the transfer window shuts this evening. At least we do not have to stay up until bloody midnight to find out this time, but with all the talk of the Gunners now being able to compete financially for the top players, it feels even more frustrating than usual.

I guess Arsene Wenger can say that he has been saying all summer that the problem is not money but finding the players, although I think the Frenchman could have been a bit more proactive in his attempts. Okay maybe the really top players like Cavani and Benzema were always going to be hard to get, but could we not have gone for someone like Jackson Martinez or at least tried to challenge Atletico Madrid for him?

Anyway, all chances of bringing in some quality players to boost our squad appear to have gone and I am struggling to remember a duller transfer window for Arsenal fans. There have certainly been more painful ones, when we lost the likes of Robin van Persie to Man United or both Fabregas and Nasri, but for sheer lack of action this one must be right up there.

Maybe the January window when we needed a striker and signed the injured midfielder Kim Kallstrom at the last minute? Go on Arsene, prove me wrong, I double dare you.

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  1. Exclusive party at Emirates today at 6pm to celebrate winning the Financial Fair League so early in clubs history….sorry but only the board , accountants and bankers invited!

    1. I have been calling for Wenger’s head all along. He is to blame for this ridiculous transfer window. Wenger out.I repeat what I have been saying here for ages

      1. His heart is concrete, nothing moves him. He is arrogant and insensitive. In the whole world, no player can improve Arsenal and none is better than Theo, Giroud and Welbeck as a striker. There’s no one that can play as a DM in place of Coquelin, should he get injured, except Arteta and Flamini.

        Well, all my anger shall be directed at Wenger and nobody else. If you are here and you don’t like me and my comments, please avoid replying to me. I can swallow insults, but I can also give them back and when I give them back, I often get victimised on a one-sided basis, the principles of natural justice often do not apply in cases pertaining to “insults” from KickAssFan, so u rather avoid my comments which are directed at Wenger, or amiably reply.

        1. It’s obvious we (fans) are being taken for fools: why come out publicly to say we can sign just about anybody except Messi and Ronaldo?

      2. I have to give it to wenger . that is has been abke to finish 4th with a series of mediocre and averqge players is unbelievable but Wenger has got to leave at the end of this season .
        No manager would have been able to get a song out of the players he has been managing for the past 10 years .
        But I think that it is time for new ideas and a new approach.
        Someone new and who is not emotionally and sentimentally attached to the current squad of what is essentially, mediocre or average players ,with a sprinkling of 3 world class players .
        Someone who would do the needed clear out

      3. Piers Morgan slams Wenger and calls for a protest today at 7pm..here its 19.20pm.transfer over.. official 49mins remaining.
        PSG says no to cavani transfer but says you can have Zlatan.will Wenger ask him for trials this time round?

      4. Wenger out Wenger out Wenger out…
        Have you thought that maybe Wenger isn’t the issue?

        Prior to Gazidis, Wenger was happy to break our own club record when-ever he found a player worth it. Wenger also had Dein to go get the man.

        After Arshavin and Nasri, Gazidis came into Arsenal FC.

        Oooh look at our last record transfer before Ozil and lets face it, Ozil was a force buy due to missing out on other targets, Wenger had the board over the barrel of a gun for that transfer.

        Alexis could of gone to Liverpool had Wenger not spoken to him, Liverpool offered more than us for him! Alexis choose Arsenal FC over Liverpool and that is why we got Alexis, not because we outbid everyone else!

        Why do you think it is all Wenger? Because the papers have told you over and over that it is Wengers fault?
        Why not listen to Nasri who has told everyone how the board sold him behind Wengers back! Wenger had said that both Nasri and Cesc will not leave at the same time, what happened? At least Nasri has spoken out about it to tell us fans what really happened, Nasri was sold by the board because we had to balance the books!

        Repeat Wenger out all you like, funny how repeating the same phrase over and over is a sign of low intelligence, people with higher intelligence prefer a debate, not to be told something over and over.

        Simple fact is, Arsenal no longer have a man within the club who will support Wenger in getting the targets he wants, we no longer have a Dein!

        Dein went and got the man that Wenger wanted, how many legends will I need to role off a list to show you?
        How many have Gazidis gone and got for us?

        Wenger has identified some great players and we dont get them… Aubameyang isn’t for sale and Gazidis passed him by. Benzema might off, I bet if Dein was their then the transfer would of happpened. We can go on and on about how we are being priced out the market because of our stupid board members, coming out and saying we can afford any player! What the f**k are they smoking?

        1. @Midkemma
          Thank you for laying it out realistically. But, you’re trying to reason with ignorant sheeple…

          1. So wenger is the victim is what you’re saying ?

            It’s gazidis and all the boards fault ?

            They must of forced him to sign all those contracts too then !!!

            Think about what you’re saying will ya…. Why would a manager who isn’t being given the funds and players he wants/needs to compete keep renewing his contract ?

            I’m wengers biggest fan for what he has done over the whole of time with us , but it’s time arsenal fans , he has simply just got to go !

        2. @Midknma
          If he (Wenger) doesn’t have the Boards’ support, he ought to have quit when the ovation is loudest!!

        3. You’re making sense bro but Wenger is a coward, he should be a controller of his office, why working for somebody that’s denying you the tools that will ease you to your full potentials, if the club refuse to provide you with what you need to work, resign, let them try another manager, when they fail they will come and beg for your return and the will ready to do the right things.

    2. I can’t wait! We’ll be popping the champagne and celebrating our fiscal responsibilities!
      #WarChest #BuyingIsForLosers

    3. BREAKING NEWS!!! Cohesion U-turn
      Cohesion makes U-turn to Etihad on deadline day after 3 weeks of comprehensive medicals at the london colney ground.
      In an official statement released, Cohesion says: “I was convinced by my friends at Man City, Consistency, mental strength and top top quality, to make the switch to Etihad and join them to win the league”.

      😀 😀 😀

    4. Oh shut up will you. Stop moaning, find a way to buy the club and make a change. Better still get a job where u actually have to work instead of checkig the internet every 5 seconds.

      Oh wait your most likely a kid. Nuff said.

        1. Lol! Budd is indeed remarkable. Dunno why he stands up for Arsene even when it’s obvious there are no reasonable excuses for Wenger’s actions.

        1. Is that a genuine offer bud because I’m absolutely dissilisioned with things at the moment ….

          How much do u want me to give u to take it off my hands ?

  2. Not spending 50milkom on cavani .. What a tight c-nt it’s unacceptable .. We ain’t going to win anything
    Many solid dms sold this summer which we could’ve got

    Protest against the club .. Wenger out new manager iN

    Enough is enough this is a joke

    1. its nt about the amount its abt the intent and ambitions of the club…
      as soon as the champions league start v will have matches continously..our bench looks like of a mid table club…
      no good backups for our top players…
      wilshere gets injured every 5th game..welbeck will take tym
      rosicky is out , gibbs is making on every bench bcoz he is nt playing otherwise he would have been in same condition
      its just frustrating that wenger just ignore all this and keeping crying ffp…
      barca has signed more players than us even though they have transfer ban plus they won a treble…

  3. As an AKB I know one thing is as blue as the sky on a sunny day….
    Wenger is life, Wenger is love. 😀 😀 😀

  4. we always say that next season we will win. I think we should add to it that next season we will sign a WC Striker..specialists in next time.am so disappointed such that I just can’t even stop wondering how a man can be so stubborn .just five words.
    Wenger.your time is up..

  5. The title hope is over before the start of season.

    Wenger OUT!!

    It is a SIN when you have the money, you know the loopholes and you don’t spend.


    Whoever thinks we can win league or European title with this current squad must get their IQ checked….


  6. Common guys this is shameful indeed, just makes you believe that Wenger and co don’t give a damn about winning any major trophy as long as the money(profits) keep coming

  7. This is how a club with no ambition acts. Arsenal fc main motive is to make profits and then deceive the fans that this is a big club that can win a major trophy.

  8. Nop they are all the same…i dnt think wenger enjoys signing am sure we will soon here him saying there shud not be transfr at all they disrupt cohession of the fans! 😉

  9. Did I not tell you all from the very word go that we were not signing anyone of note in this window. Perhapd in January when half of the team is disseminated by injury will that idiot know it’s time to buy players by which time we are about 20 points behind the leaders.
    In all honesty, I don’t think this Manager has any wish to win the EPL ever again. At this rate I can see us resorting to loaning players from Man City, ManUre, Liverpool and God forbid it Chelsea as they have loads to go round but I doubt if any would want to loan to Arsenal as our Manager has probably fallen out with each of these! Idiotic human being!!!! I really feel like beating up my kids to take my anger for Wenger out on someone! That man is destroying our club. Little wonder top players would rather go somewhere else than come to fight for 4th place!

    1. One of the major reasons why I’m sad and agree is that when the market opened, some folks here felt it was too early to do business. How about now??? Too late??? Arsene and his men are still working round a big clock.

    2. 51 england teams have spent more than arsenal..teams in low low divisions have outspent us…
      Louis van G has this to impart:”​You heard it here first – Barcelona have agreed to sell Lionel Messi, widely considered the best player in the world, to Arsenal for a reported fee of €700m and one of Arsene Wenger’s unzippable coats, in the last 20mins before the transfer window closes.People close to the deal report that Messi would likely start on the bench but may get some time on the field when Wenger feels like resting Giroud.”A career in digital journalism awaits, Louis

  10. I honestly don’t know what to say about this transfer window. The teams that finished above us and just below us in the league have all signed 4 or more players. We haven’t added a single outfield player. A world class striker was so obvious from the off but nothing has happened again!! A DM as competition for Coq would’ve been nice too. Can’t wait for Wenger’s age-old excuses of no players been available. Looks like Walcott is to be our new striker this season.

  11. It’s so hard to say if it’s been the dullest ever? There have been so many!!

    I particularly like the Wellbeck loan gone wrong window. Waiting all that time to be completely disappointed like a child Jehovah’s Witness at Christmas.

  12. Chelsea confirm signing of Papy Djilobodji
    Arsenal confirm signing of Absolutely Nobodji
    – Virgin Media.
    Lmao seems like everyone is having a dig @ Arsenal FC today :(.

  13. Every year Real Madrid throws a spanner in to the works what with Bail dragging on and on and we had to wait until last seconds of the window to get Ozil and this year with Benzema on and on not forgetting De Gea’s career nearly ruined it’s not on clubs should boycott that Flucking club

  14. For me the Kim Kallstrom window was worse, but maybe that is with the benefit of hindsight. Here’s hoping Danny Boy has been working on his first and last touches with the physio team…

  15. You reap what you sow. Teams like City will be rewarded for being serious about strengthening their team, teams like Arsenal will be punished for leaving things to deadline day – as usual.

  16. I read that PSG are more willing to sell Ibrahimovic than Cavani, he is a bit old, will be 34 in October, but still a top class striker… It will be very nice if we can get him on loan or for cheap, because he can’t last much more longer, maybe 2-3 years in top level.

    1. Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet also writes that Zlatan may join Arsenal. Personally I do not think this will happen but he would be a good striker for us until someone younger can step in

    2. Paris SG will sell nobody. They don’t need money.
      Unless players force out, handle transfer request (Cabaye, Digne) other clubs had no chance of getting their player. They never lost a single star player since the sheik taking over. Sky reported Chelsea got 2 big bids rejected for their 3rd choice CB Marquinhos.
      I dont think we will buy anyone today – at least we still have cash on the bank lol.
      To be honest I have given up hope of getting a big names striker from big teams – WC strikers are such rare breed nowadays clubs trying to hold on them at all cost (dont think we will offer Walcott 140k if Liverpool not circling around). Hopefully the first half of the season there will be some relative unknown strikers getting break through season that we can swoop them in Jan. Gomis is a good example, if he score more than 10 league goals by Jan, I want us to be in the front row for him

      1. Ibrahimivic contract expires in summer 2016, if they don’t sell him now, they won’t get anything for him next year.

        1. That’s why I said they don’t need money.
          If you know the Quatari royal can lie down the whole week, doing nothing, yet still earn enough money at the end of the week to buy Di Maria, then you won’t argue why they don’t sell Ibrahimovic

  17. Jackson Martinez and Kondogbia were probably both possible and would have improved our chances of winning the title. We could have also got Khedira for free. Krychowiak, Lacazette, Schneiderlin were also possible.

    Waiting till the last day is stupid when you NEED certain players.

    Other teams didn’t wait till the last day for Pedro, Sterling, Rahman, Schweinseiger, Schneiderlin, Depay, Benteke etc.

    I’m still giving Wenger another 7 hours as courtesy but in 7 hours time I will be in the “Wenger Out” Brigade if he doesnt bring in players who will take us to the next level

    1. I know you are angry but its not signing for the sake of signing. Surely Lacazette and Khedira are not the kind of players we were looking for. I really think Real sold us a dummy on Benzema…or something drastic happened. I know Wenger is arrogant but I dont think he is that stupid!

  18. How about the Fans take matters into their own hands and hit em where it hurts most. The Wallet! Start boycotting home matches. They won’t score anyway…

  19. It’s a pity I don’t stay in England….I will go to d Emirates against stike and make so much noise…I don’t care if im sent to jail after but when I’m tru with my ranting, I will have pressed my views and all those pundits will have heard and see that at least 1 fan is rili angry…….a pity that d fans who go to matches can’t come and say enuf is enuf without caring what d consequences r…..HW CAN PPLE PAY £1,300 FOR SEASON TICKETS AND STILL GET DISAPPOINTED EVRI YEAR!!!!!!!! all d clubs winning trophies, do dey have two stadiums or us their infrastructure beta dan ours???? how can d board b so blind to wat dat IDIOT is turning us 2…….I seriously can’t take dis rubbish….we have become d laughing stock among d top teams……. even a two year old will watch five consecutive arsenal matches and tell u wat we need but because if blind arrogance, we’ll end up with nothing as well as no meaningful trophy….. a club of our caliber shld not b satisfied with fa cups!!!!!! dats a stupid trophy if we r being honest….even dat useless Liverpool has a champs league trophy in d last 10 years….I can’t take dus sh+t…….

  20. What this really means is that Wenger has no respect or sense of value towards the supporters. He is a stuffy, dated, out of touch man and the wrong man for our beloved club. I have supported Arsenal for 58 years. Wenger is not fit to manage the club. He despises the supporters. I will rejoice if he leaves

  21. Come 6 and no arsenal signingS, inept and deluded or deliberately calculated towards the PLC dividends? Not happy, not happy at all! 50million for cavanni rejected? God sake David luiz went for 50m!

  22. Look at it from Wenger’s point of view: If you have the strongest side in the world, why do you need to spend money? There is no way to improve the perfect squad. Isn’t that right, Arsene?

  23. If, as looks highly likely, we don’t sign anyone in the next hour, I don’t see Arsene Wenger making it to the end of the season. He was slaughtered last season for not signing a centre back. This season it look like it will be even worse.

  24. About Coquelin for whom we desperately needed a back up, lets not forget that Le Frog send him on loan cuz he thought the position was covered with FLAMINY, now because of the injury crisis he was recalled back to the first team and saved us from debacle, this is just more evidence that this man is completely out of touch with reality and needs to go, we are the laughingstock not only of the EPL but from the world of football……last time I say it nicely WENGER get the ….out

  25. Barcelona with their transfer ban this summer signed more players than Arsenal
    .. that’s called ambition

  26. Its high time our board sets the targets to Wenger, because as long as he doesn’t have target he will not bother to buy. Look at Mancity, Pellegrini knows that failure to win a tittle this season, his job is gone and works so hard by paying whatever amount to buy players. I am not saying Arsenal should pay 60m for players but definitely we could have bought Kondobia for 30m and Martinesz for less!

  27. Now even Sky people are trolling us.

    Guillem Balague (the ‘Spanish Football Expert’ on Sky) BREAKING: Arsenal have agreed a £56m fee with Borussia Dortmund for Marco Reus.

  28. Can Zlatan still happen? Interesting question….
    Bets getting slashed highly by Betfair from 4/1 to 1/2

  29. If being deluded was a criminal offense, Wenger would be serving a life sentence 🙁
    he is toooooooo much deluded 🙁 🙁 🙁

  30. 4.40 am. Here in NZ.
    Up all nite 🙂
    Still very hope full of
    an incoming attacker and a DM.
    If not. I am still confident
    of a very serious title tilt
    Other clubs have spent big but
    they are no stronger..

  31. Still LMFAO@ you moan merchants throwing tantrums like spoiled kids who didn’t get a telatubbie for Xmas…

  32. He gambled allright…and he losthte gamble.
    Now he has to face reality and it is 4 competitions with no additions (beware of players handling transfers request in Jan …i would hate Aw if Santi or Monreal do something like that becuz of lack of ambititos or whatever).
    He has t be top of the league and top of groups and in both domestic cups by Jan for that not to happen.
    And he HAS to deliver a trophy at the end of the season.
    No..make that two.

  33. Haha Another long pointless transfer window. I cannot believe he has sorted the GK position and not kicked on & gave us a chance to challenge. I’ll still support my team threw n threw no matter what I still respect Arsene but must be honest I’m f#cking sick of being depressed when the window is open.

  34. Guillem Balague on Twitter:

    BREAKING: Arsenal have agreed a £22m fee With #PSG for Zlatan Ibrahimovic #AFC

  35. Wenger is an Ass bag who lives on history. Lets hope le coq , koscielny, gabriel and ozil dont get long term injuries.. wenger is history now he is so dumb he cant even see what the team lacks..

  36. wenger so stubborn…though of 1 or 2 new players today(any kind of)….not only wenger ..the whole Arsenal board should be blamed for that 🙁

  37. It ain’t over until dick law sings.

    If we submitted a deal sheet between 4-6 to the premier league we have until 8pm to close the deal.



    Like I told you all before the window opened:)

  38. Matt Le Tissier has had his say on Arsenal’s lack of business in this transfer window. Petr Cech remains the only arrival at the club this summer.

    “The stubbornness of the manager is probably the one thing stopping things happening.

    “He’s got so much blind faith in his players, he looks at his squad and thinks ‘I still think this squad can win me the Premier League’, when everybody else is thinking they’re a little bit short in this department, and a little bit short in that department.

    “It must be frustrating to be an Arsenal fan.”

    1. Oh by the way,

      although window is now closed, teams can still finish their deals (if they have been submitted) until 8 pm. I gave up hope few days ago though

  39. Sums up what’s wrong with this club. Ps BUDD has about 7 different profiles on this site and uses each 7 to try mislead others by either thumbing people down or switching profiles in order to comment on Wengers behalf. That is sad

    1. @afc92
      You would only know that if you either hacked the site or are the one with 7 different profiles…

  40. Attention, ATTENTION…

    I make it clear that I am using the pundit words on Canal+… “Arsenal are right now in negotiation with PSG for the signing of Zlatan ibrahimovic. We have no details so far, but serious approach has been made by Arsenal”
    Then he said: “Would PSG be willing to sell?” (He is asking the panel in the studio).

    Personally I don’t believe it will happen.

    I am happy I stopped buying season ticket 5 years ago. Best money saved I have ever made.
    On top of not getting great results, there is no need to be a mug! Feel me on this?

    So for the deluded and the Wenger believers, keep buying the shirts and paying those “stupid” seat prices… You have been taken for a ride for years and you are still enjoying the wagon.

    Total mediocrity…

    Top club? Why? We have won zero major trophies for more than 10 years.

    Wenger is not a coach (even in France he is not recognise as a coach but a club manager… There is a difference, believe it or not) you guys need to realise that very quickly, so expectations will be more reasonable.

    By the way Wenger never said, I mean NEVER SAID, that we were challenging for the league… He never said it…!

  41. Breaking News. Wenger unveils new signing! Himself. An extension to his contract for saving more money for Arsenal inc.

  42. Another news is brewing right now. I have just heard. Arsenal signed NO ONE !
    That’s no news. That’s a joke; a costly joke for we fans. I am absolutely livid.

  43. The only club in the top five European leagues that didn’t sign anybody… Wow. And we’re supposed to be a “top club”?

    Nevertheless, Gunner for life.

  44. Is the problem AW? I think not it’s the board tbh the yank needs to go and it is high time AW did in my opinion

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