Dutchman trying HARD to help Wenger’s Arsenal transfer problems

Arsenal fans are used to seeing the club linked with lots of different players in different positions, especially in the run up to and during a transfer window. But Arsene Wenger;s words this week suggested that all these Arsenal transfer rumours are not just guesswork, at least not all of them.

As our Just Arsenal contributor James wrote today, the Arsenal boss has admitted to having various target defenders to strengthen the squad but he is having difficulty getting them, especially as their clubs are not keen to sell in the January transfer window.

We know that Wenger does not like to spend to much money and it seems that clubs are asking more than he thinks players are worth. But at least one of our target defenders seems to be trying to help Wenger out on this front, as a report in The Mirror has revealed.

The young, powerful and talented Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk has spoken out to welcome interest from Arsenal and suggested that he would be very keen on becoming a Gunner. And he has gone further, by claining that his current club Celtic are being unrealistic with their £10 million valuation of him that could stop his transfer to Arsenal this season.

The 23-year old said, “”I am now 23 and have played at Willem II, FC Groningen and Celtic and am now linked to clubs like Arsenal. Isn’t that great?

“There are a lot of clubs interested, but Celtic is holding onto a big transfer fee. The club is clear: they don’t want to let me go in the winter, because we’re playing for four trophies.

“I understand the point of view from the club and I see it as a compliment that they don’t want to let me go. But we have to be realistic. If there’s a nice club from England, we have to talk. I want to develop myself as a player, that’s for sure.”

Now if he was to hand in a transfer request it would certainly make Wenger’s job easier. But will van Dijk’s words facilitate his move to north London?

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    1. oh no.
      dijk and coq on the same team. no no we need to balance this out-
      we will get slaughtered on the terraces
      is there defenders on the market called muff- or le-brest, ver-jynna perhaps?

  1. In the summer, get rid of Arteta and Flamini, sign a top quality CDM and have the new CDM and Coquelin as backup. In my opinion, Flamini and Arteta are deadwood, Arteta’s legs are starting to go and he always seems to be injured now.

  2. If you were managing Celtic and you were in the Europa league, and 2nd in the Scottish table trying to be #1, would you sell your best defender?

    1. yes because 10mil buys them about 4 good players for that league. And they’ll win the league at a canter

    1. if sez was a problem, the problem was Wenger, if that is not to much of a problem to understand 😐

  3. i dont want another dutchman the last dutchman we had betrayed us remember oh oh oh arsenal fans are so easy to forget 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    sign an american instead americans are loyal 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. Clint Dempsy? Oooh see how he has moved like a lot of players from other nationalities?

      Nation doesn’t make you loyal you fool, it’ll be like claiming a gender can’t do football or a skin colour is worse at X when compared to a white person….

      Should get an Englishman as they are loyal, look at John Terry!

      See, can be done for any nation if you can be bothered to look for them, the nationality doesn’t matter, it is the individual.

      1. we dont cuz rvp betrayed us i loved him but i dont want his statue anywhere around the emirates that would hurt us 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    2. Bergkamp is a loyal non flying dutch. If your opinion acceptable, just imagine how many players from France and even England we have to boycott.

  4. Does anyone really think he is better than our 3rd choice centre back? Chambers.

    If u do then u are more deluded than wenger, dick van dijk is a decent cb in the Scottish premier league, he plays really well against the top scorers there Greg Stewart, Adam rooney, Antony Andrue, Billy mckay. I rest my case

    1. And Koz was a 30 million pound young prodigy playing for PSG when Wenger scooped him up?Your logic for passing on VVD is based on the tiresome rehetoric that he isnt WC or Arsenal quality. He would be a fantastic youthful addition to the squad and would take over for Per next year. I can assure you Im not as deluded as Le Prof, gave watched the lad impress on many occasions.

      1. Yes but watched him impress where? Ffs mate we are talking about a league where my old grannies could impress. If u are watching Scottish football it says it all, please fella get a life stop watching that crap and scouting players from it. I swear to u I am a scout myself I coach for a top level team on Saturdays. Vvd is about as good as semi ajayi, why waste ur money?

        1. I am sure you coach a top level FIFA 15 club. Stop scouting from Scotland, eh? Wanayama for recent memory certainly has looked terrible, surely there is no talent out there

      2. Me too. This boy is the real deal. Playing in Scotland is too easy for him. He is ready for the real challenge and he wont need anyone to protect him. I say move now before someone else does.

  5. “We know that Wenger does not like to spend to much money”
    Wenger with Dein broke our own record, Wenger after Dein broke Arsenals own record… Wenger with Gazidis and we finally break our own record after over half a decade of selling the best starts we have and it is supposingly Wenger who doesn’t like to spend?


    Gazidis has openly claimed Wenger has no clue about a players worth, just that he wants or does not want that player…

    So again I ask, Wenger doesn’t like to spend?????

    Just to highlight, Wenger broke Arsenals transfer record with Arshavin and a few months after Gazidis gets installed and we spend years where the only expendature we made was majoritly recouperated via sales.

    Arshavin was after the stadium move so even after the stadium move Wenger still looked to get quality in and PAID FOR IT.

    Wenger doesn’t like to pay? PMSL! Ignorant view from so called fans who read the daily star/sun/etc and think that is what must be happening as they can’t think for themselves and look for the evidence.

  6. I would love to bring in Van Dijk, I’ve said this from day 1. He’s tall, pacey, strong in the air and good enough on the ball to play DM when necessary. Sadly, Celtic will not sell him until June. He’s entirely too important for them. They’ve got 4 legitimate trophies to win, and will have less than 2 weeks to find a replacement.

  7. As much as I love our squad right now I cannot wait for our youth team to become the first xl


    1. Robinson/ Ormonde-Ottewill. Note that Robinson is a left winger who has impressed at left back since the injury of Ormonde-Ottewill so he is likely to become a left back ahead of O-O.

    1. 2 good DMs is essential but…… your timing for criticizing Coq is the worst. He has been great in every game since his return. What do you want from him anyway???

    2. Perfect timing for an assinine comment, well judged. FC has been a revelation the last month for the Gunners

  8. I sincerely don’t see Wenger getting the so-called world class DM that we all are clamouring for,not with the performances Coqelin has put in since his recall from Charlton

  9. Could somebody rank these players from best to worst?

    van dijk


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