Dybala keen on Arsenal move but waits for club to agree deal

The new phenomenom in Serie A, Paolo Dybala, has been linked with a move to Arsenal, and today has agreed that he is very pleased with being noticed by “big clubs” and went on to say that he would prefer to move to Premiership club over Serie A or La Liga.

“It’s an incredible feeling to be linked with clubs like Borussia Dortmund, Inter, Barcelona and Arsenal,” Dybala was quoted as saying. “All players dream of joining a big club and playing with the best.

“Things are going well, but I cannot relax,”

“I have to keep going and always be focused. All the rumours about my future are the result of my hard work and I have to keep doing things the same way.

“You always try to give your all and reach the top. My goal is to work hard and reach the top.”

“I obviously like Italian football, but I also like La Liga. And I follow the Premier League as well. All the teams charge forward and try to attack. That doesn’t happen in Serie A,” he said.

“This is why I really like English football. A lot of teams are fighting for the title. That’s the biggest difference with La Liga, where you always have the same teams challenging for the title.

“It would be wrong to say I want to go to Barcelona or Real Madrid now. Palermo have given me so much and don’t deserve that. I still have a contract for two more years. I want to continue to grow here for now and do well for Palermo.”

That is very diplomatic for Dybala to say that, but his president has already stated that he would let the Argentinian striker leave for 40m euros. But would Wenger be willing to pay that much for a 21 year-old with only half a season of excellent form behind him?

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  1. So at what point does he mention he would like to join us?? If anything hes hinting more towards real madrid

  2. Just go a buy a CD just for now. Other clubs are doing it but arsenal well we have loads of players coming back? Crap all I keep hearing is this French 29 YOld ? Honest to god

    1. Probably not. But I sure as F@£k wish we were. He is class. Youtube the boy.

      He may be relatively fresh meat and the PL would be a big learning curve but this boy wonder can play.

      Reminds me of a mini-messi (if that was possible).

      Buy him, and buy him now. He could cost from £18mil to 30 but if he fulfills his potential he will be saleable for a lot more. The boy has it all..

      He says himself he would like to be like messi but it’s not an easy thing to do. Now that’s aspiration for you..

      Tis a gamble no doubt but Imagine if it pays off. Santi manages the rough and tumble of the PL as does Aguero so why not this fella?

      1. Will probably do what we always do and thats scout a player, umm and ahhh bout his price and then offer something stupidly low for him and eventually let anoth club buy him

    2. Sanchez was in every paper. So was Debuchy. Arshavin, Cazorla even prompted Wenger to say he has never heard of him.

  3. “I want to continue to grow here for now and do well for Palermo.”

    You can grow at London Colney my boy. Our medical staff will make sure of it.

  4. Dybala and we fans have many things in common. We like to tllk about this and that but in the end nothing will happen.

    As for him. South american players are all beast.

  5. Let’s face it. By his remarks the president is pimping the boy letting everyone know he has a price.

    Now if Wenger goes in with £10mil plus Per and a box of milk tray we should be good to go!

        1. Palermo President and local mafia boss
          Rampupthepricearini says Dyabolical will
          be the best in 2 years. Just like the
          Albanian Messi no doubt 🙂
          Lets offer Sanogoals who will be the
          “best in the world next season”
          in a straight swap. Make the exchange in the
          vacant lot behind the red light district. Any trouble
          and Dench and his hit men will come pay you a visit.

          Dyrearbolical plus half the red light district

          1. The Albanian messi shaqiri would have done wonder at arsenal. when palermo says 40m they mean 40m. He said the same thing about Pastore and Pastore was sold for a big price only psg was able to bid.

  6. I must confess I haven’t been watching this guy, but at the same age and similar goalscoring record, what makes this guy any better than Berahino?

  7. Park Bendtner Chamakh Girvinho
    Vela Reyes Sanogo Podolski Campbell
    Adebayor Arshavin Walcott Chamberlain
    were all said to be 20 goal a season signings.
    Alas it was more like 6 goals a season.
    And when RVP hit 37 goals he was immediately sold!!!
    Last summer we signed 50 mill worth of strikers
    Sanchez 34 m Wellbeck 16 mill. Sanchez has been
    the one success from 15+ purchases.
    Our striker recruitment and development since Henri
    has been shocking. Might as well develop Akpom and Afobe.
    Besides we need 2 CB’s and 2 DM’s.
    Again our record is not great here either since Sol Campbell and Vieira
    Might as well develop Hayden+Ajayi , Coquelin + Glen Kamara.
    We can do no worse and save our selves 150 million.

    1. By summer he will be off the market.
      Why will he get battered. Their are referees surely!?

      Would Messi get battered? Does Aguero get battered? They more often than not batter the opposition, fry the f@£k out of them and then eat them up with chips (ok 1 fish n chip analogy too far)!

  8. Berahino is top quality no doubt and probably right now his finishing is a tad better then Dybala’s..

    BUT this young Argentinan Has a lot more to his game IMO. The comparisons with Messi/aguero are definitely just and like them he runs at players with crazy close ball control and a creative football brain.

    For me that’s what sets him apart.

    Cavani would probably give greater return as a powerhouse of a centre forward (initially) but I think in time this young chap could be something else altogether giving teams all kinds of problems (ala messi).

  9. Anybody else watching the Atletico and Real Madrid game?
    I’ve noticed that Madrid aren’t half as entertaining to watch as they used to be when they had Ozil and Di Maria. While Madrid are doing well without them, for me they’ve lost their flare and have become too machine like. We have the opposite problem. We need to get some steel and resilience in the team. I’d get rid of Flamini and bring in two new midfielders with presence. Maybe Khedira and Schneiderlin. This would offset our flare players and would give the team a good blend of strength and technique.

    1. So, I sat alone today in my room and began to soliloquies: How the hell did we end up with guys like Park,Big-butt Santos, Kim Kadashanstrom, grandPer, HaHa Sanogoal, Monreal? I may not be an old fan like some here (officially became a fan in 1998) but I can emphatically tell you that guys like Arteta, Charmack, Giroud, Welbeck, Myachi, Jenkinson, Chambers, etc. will never make it into the first tean of the real Arsenal_FC of old. I don’t wanna mention some names (some overly hyped British bumblebees), a whole lot of some other folks don’t deserve playing for Arsenal.

      By the way, it’s unfortunate that some of you weren’t privileged to meet the real Wenger. I don’t know who this mediocre imposter/clone is.

      1. I feel the same as you.
        Only one point the fall in hell of Wenger could be observed and predicted from early times.
        He was never a strong defensive coach and once his block of strong herited and Dean period defence minded were gone.there was no coming back.
        It went to bad from worse.now he is just imposing himself for his salary.As a coach he is worthless.

        1. @Grim, the whole thing is terrible. It’s so sad that some fans today think Arsenal has always been this way. They don’t know how badly we’ve fallen. Back then, a gunner will never be worried about games against clubs like Stock, Hull, West Ham, even Leiscester (FOr F****K’s Sake)!!! Today we beat teams like Hull and fans like @ArsenalisYourdaddy start singing hallelujah, as if we just won the UCL.
          I was very please with the comment made by @Simonsays. Please permit me to post his comment (like I’ve always said, not everyone on this site is a kid):

          Brilliant how funny are you! I first watched Arsenal in 1976 and have been following home and away ever since NOT 2006,I also don’t use twitter and don’t
          play fifa,for the record I really am bored
          with the insinuation that if you criticise an
          Arsenal player,the owner or wenger then
          you don’t support Arsenal,are happy with
          everything that’s been going on since say
          the move to the grove?do you not ever
          think things should be done differently?did you never criticise a player?if you say no then I don’t believe you.I make no hesitation in saying I’m very much on the side of the wenger out brigade,but never would I come on here and write what you’ve just done,for a start in might upset my seventy year old dad who is very much a AKB.I think you’re just a keyboard warrior some how.Regardless though credit where
          credits due good performance today,and
          yes I did go.

          1. Can’t make a point on your own? Why not quote my response?
            I was playing ball about the time Simon went to his first game.
            Simon seems like a balanced person. Unlike others, who posting in each article the tired “Wenger out” effluent we have to read past in each story.

      2. Kick ass
        Reason we ended up with the dross you aforementioned is because Arsene/Kroenke have slowly but surely turned us into a mid table outfit..
        I remember aston villa once being commented on as a big club (they have won the CL (European cup) something we haven’t done) they were well supported and at the time had one of the biggest stadiums..
        We are heading to that – red thumbs at the ready.. But if you think any different.. A manager/owner that shows about as much ambition as an Italian soldier is only taking our club one way- backwards!
        The reason we don’t get the ‘big names’ anymore is that Arsene/Kroenke are not ambitious they have made us into a club to not be taken seriously, players have lost respect you can see this in the ambition and desire they show on the pitch (barring sanchez) but he will go the same way under Arsene unless he doesn’t leave before long and we fail to make the CL … Arsene/Kroenke only see arsenal as a money making machine- but you knew that already..

          1. Did you forget:-

            There’s more but we all remember our own favourite..
            Truth is, while other teams are getting their business done, we continually get linked to 12 year old future stars or average shite..
            I still can’t believe we paid £10m for arteta..!!!!! And he had had a cruiciate op a year previous!! Beggars belief but average players produce average teams!!!

      3. Not Monreal mate. He was necessity when we we bought him that January and he did well. Remember Gibbs was out and Santos, gush. So monreal has to come in. Do you have history of how players came in here?

        1. Bought on deadline day, Monreal was the first man in years to unite Arsenal players worldwide as they said “Nacho who?”

          Simply not good enough for Arsenal and single handedly responsible for a number of defeats.

  10. We need to make the purchase ASPA!! Dreamy times to get Pogbas but we can definitely purchase Morgan Snchneiderlain

  11. Hey fellas, especially London based Gooners.

    Im contemplating a trip across the pond in March for the West Ham fixture and need some suggestions, personal recommendations on hotels, tickets, etc. Im not looking to break the bank but am not a going to pull a WENGER either. Any info would be great.

  12. Mate of mine works utilities at Emirates/Colney and is pally with big Vic Akers.

    He says word is United have told Southampton to name their price for Schneiderlin in the summer…meaning we’re done on that one. Perrin is 80% done and Wenger is giving Coquelin a chance to impress vs City to see if we should do a deal for Carvalho. Before I get the swift red thumb, he told me about Szczes and his bollocking before the rags got it so he’s not a shitebag.

    Makes sense for us to bottle a transfer battle with United and opt for a cheaper version with more potential to unlock. And Perrin is standard Wenger. Remains to be seen of course…

      1. I don’t need Vic Akers to touch that one. We passed on fabregas for 32mil, you think Isco would be targeted for 64? That’s a journo being silly.

  13. I know he plays in a weaker Italian league but this lad looks special !

    He isn’t what we need immediately , but if we could get him at a reasonable price I would love him !

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