Dybala to SEAL DEAL and become 1st Arsenal summer transfer?

As well as there being various Arsenal transfer rumours claiming that Arsene Wenger and his scouting team have been tracking Paulo Dybala and discussing a possible transfer to Arsenal with his current club, there have also been reports in the football media linking him with a number of clubs like Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid and our Premier League rivals Manchester United.

The 21-year old striker is supposedly a real star of the future and is very highly regarded in Italy´s Serie A, where his 12 goals have helped to keep lowly Palermo away from the drop zone this season and have really caught the attention of a number of clubs including Arsenal. His all round game has also drawn comparisons with world class strikers like Sergio Aguero and Montella.

But although it was clear that Palermo were willing to sell their star for the right price, there were rumours that Dybala was holding out for a move to Barcelona or perhaps Juventus. But the La Liga giants are still under that transfer embargo and the Italian champions have strikers coming out of their ears so maybe that is why we are now hearing that the Gunners are close to sealing the deal.

One Metro report claims that the young forward has now agreed to come to the Premier League and another report says that officials from Arsenal and Palermo are due to meet next week to complete the details of the transfer to be done this summer.

Is this yet another nail in the coffin of Theo Walcott´s Arsenal career?

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  1. Just take a look on other titles from the same page and you will realize this is plain bull$hit. Metro. Nuff said.

      1. Sure they must of said Arsenal are going to sign forty something players alone this season.

  2. I’ll only believe when i see him unveiled on our website. Tired of all the higuain-type rumors

  3. Arsenal star Mesut Ozil was spotted partying with friends – just hours after missing Saturday’s 2-1 win at Newcastle United due to illness.
    The midfielder, 26, was omitted from Arsene Wenger’s squad for the trip to St James’ Park as Olivier Giroud’s double earned them the points.
    However, Ozil was seen out at The Pearl nightclub in Berlin the same evening.

    is this true?

    1. So what? The media should write something about Gerrard or something and leave our players alone.

  4. Dear Bob,
    please don’t start just yet, i.e. transfer rumours/gossip.

    Yours truly
    The gullible ones

  5. Could someone rank these players from best to Worst please?

    Dybala, Costa, lacazette, Cavani, Benzema

      1. wtf lacazette last?
        haha ur funny

        lacazette is officially europes third best scorer right now
        cavani better than costa? this season loool
        wtf ur list is so crap

        1. A certain Celtic striker got Europes golden boot when we had Henry, utd had Ruud… many more great strikers around am sure but that doesnt mean i would have swapped the Celtic man for Henry.

          Your assessment is flawed, Cavani is playing on wing and your not even taking into consideration the deficiencies with some leagues over others.

    1. What you lot usually forget is the assists. Dybala’s got 8 at the moment, so 12+8. Lacazette’s got 7, so that’s 27+7 meanwhile Benzema assists his team mates every season, heavily. This season he got 20 goals and 14 assists.

      Meanwhile strikers like Costa, Martinez and Cavani don’t give out assists that much.

      Concerning how deadly the mentioned strikers are on current form I’d go with:

      Lacazette, Benzema, Costa, Cavani, Dybala.

      Impossible to say really but Dybala and Lacazette have massive potential meanwhile likes of Cavani and Costa won’t get any better what they are now.

    1. Is he? Coz I can’t make up my mind on him. I don’t see him much on the pitch even if he scored an insane amount of 5 goals so far this season. Still to improve after his last season where he scored 6. World class. And when you think he is paid 6.5 mil of HM credits a year…
      And Walcott only 3.5.

      1. he is potential. showed it in italy-

        but fantastic? ks stuff u smoke is wayyy better than most

        1. I know what kind of talent he is and i do understand what a team can do to a players form.

          Just to give you a hint, remember Henry at Juve and Vieira at milan. Talent wise he is better then Giroud and Welbeck.

  6. Yes..work to be done no doubt.

    But Welbz in 3 competitions managed only 8. Dybala only in Seria A alone where they are VERY defensive has scored 12 so far.

    The kids a Gem of a No.9 and if we bag him now we will be very glad in the future that we did. His stock will soon inflate so let’s get him asap.

    Some team with ambition and an eye for natural talent will definitely snap him up and I for one hope it’s us!


  7. Just Arsenal following in the footsteps of the transfer rumor media.

    You can state the near-completion of any rumored transfer deal, no matter how unlikely or ridiculous, so long as you put a question mark at the end of the statement.

    I will definitely be flying to the moon next week?

    1. We will give you a chance to discuss ALL the gossip and rumours that are mentioned in the same breath as Arsenal. We DO NOT make anything up only report and ask for your opinion. Don’t shoot the messenger!

      1. rather a lame excuse for keeping the gossip up , you are as bad as the gutter press in repeating all of this crap admin .

        1. If you REALLY don’t like transfer rumours then DON’T READ THEM, and god forbid you leave a comment!

  8. If you look at the League goals only. Benzema has 1 more on 13 than Dybala.

    Cavani – 8 & lacazzete – 23 & Costa – 19


    Lacazette, Costa, Benzema, Dybala then Cavani.

    1. Welbeck has 8 in all comps (FA/PL/UCL).

      what does that tell us (as if our eyes and cognitive skills wouldn’t have already informed us)?

      1. Is Welbeck your latest obsession? He must have done something bad to you last night. You do know he has not played as a centre forward for the vast majority of his appearances? Why compare him to Costa at Chelsea – why not Willian who is playing in Welbeck’s Arsenal position in a 3 behind the CF – Willian who has 8 goals in 2 seasons and someone who I would fairly say Mourinho rates massively. Milner and Navas play wide at City – haven’t got 8 goals between them this year. What about Pedro (10 goals), Reus (11) Moura (8). Or closer to home, maybe Oxlade Chamberlain with 12 goals in 4 seasons? And you are on here giving it large about Dybala (and you “not wanting to miss out on the new Messi”) scoring 12 in Serie A.

        1. Talking if obsessions Jonesy, do you have one with me? I’m flattered by your attention but I am not a homosexual and am happily married.

          As for using Wellbeck in my comments it is by means of comparison. Was he not purchased as a forward? Is it outlandish to compare what we have with what we could have.

          If I was wenger I would sign him tomorrow and give Palermo Wellbeck as a defensive winger!

          Unlike Wellbeck Dybala has skill, great technique (can control a ball), can dribble and scores goals in one of the meanest leagues in Europe unlike one of our current forwards who cannot hit a barn door from 3 metres put and has the control of an angry donkey.

          Ciao bella

          1. Get over yourself – your attention seeking is here for all to see. You are a long way from being my only fascination on here. Only a certain type of key-board warrior frets as much as you do regarding getting thumbed down and only the desperate start randomly naming other posters inviting their comments.

            You don’t rate the people on here:
            “What f@cking mindless idiots could possibly down this unless they are spuds supporters?”

            You have a low opinion of the club:
            “Great stadium for corporate entertainment,shit coach and above average team”.

            You have a tendency to bigotry:
            “People like you (not even in the country, let alone London and let alone North London) telling fans like me that we can’t change things”.

            And you simply can’t stand any opinion other than your own.
            “I have a voice and I do use it to show my discontent and you nor any Other arm chair fan is ever gonna tell me different”.

            All in all you are fair game my friend – just embrace it. And I like the way you assume I am male, but pleased you are confidant with your sexuality.

        2. Can’t compare him to Willian. Of Chelsea’s front 3 he has to track back the most because Ivanovic always bombs forward like a madman. That’s why Mourinho rates him highly, defensive work rate.

          Milner and Navas especially are solely responsible for creating width. Milner is no CF and played there under mitigating circumstances when City had all 3 strikers out. Navas has never played there. Moreover City play with 2 strikers already, no way Navas or Milner would get any decent numbers especially when Milner rarely starts.

          If you want to compare similar roles think Welbeck vs Hazard and I don’t need to go on about that match up.

  9. Dybala is a great young striker, but I think he would be bullied in the PL.
    He is physically to weak I think. Would prefer Lacazette, he isn’t just fast, a good finisher and dribbler he also knows how to use his body!!!

    1. Yeh like Aguero & Santi (I know not a striker, but he is a short arse),

      I’m sure if Messi played here (PL) then he would be the one terrifying opposition.

      1. Agüero is pretty bulky for his height and knows how to use his body.
        Dybala is too weak to lead the line I think.

        1. As I said.
          Needs work (bulk up/score more) but Owen wasn’t bad and he wasn’t no mini hulk now was he..

          The boy is a gifted footballer who is already beating most of Seria A’s most mean defences..I’d swap him for welbz today!

  10. Id be very surprised if this isnt just Palermo using Arsenal and Wenger in particular to drum up interest in their player then earning a higher fee. Twelve goals in twenty seven hardly reads next Messi, for the price being asked along with his age and numbers something just doesnt add up for me. We Know Wenger has an eye for young future stars but he also has a price that he deems fair and wont usually budge.

    The Italian league is a good competition and are known to have defensively stubborn teams, but against Palermo i wouldnt think youl find many teams parking a bus. Maybe he is el next nino on the block.. and then again maybe not. I havent watched a full Palermo game yet but intend to soon so i can get a better reading. I done just that with E Pato and came to the conclusion that he was being majorly hyped and i didnt rate him nearly as much as many.

    1. Messi 2007-2008 in 28 appearances scored 10 in la liga only

      2008-2009 (@ 21 yr old) made 31 appearances and 23 goals in la liga only.

      & SERIA A Is more defensive than la Liga.

      Dybala is worth a punt and has to be a better option than Sanogoals or Danny Welldrunk:)

  11. I will hold my judgement till i watch him fully, im sure all could see Messis undoubted talent when ball at feet and him going past players for fun.. seeing passes being made, excellent link up play etc im sure there was plenty on display. Also i know Messi wasnt played as main striker for a fair few seasons as he looked more a midfielder until barca came up with that false nine role.

    1. Yeh..watch Dybala

      and then reference his observed abilities against the aptitudes of Messi you mention above.

      I think it may swing your reservation to ‘sign him now’.

  12. either him or lacazette will do this summer upfront they wont come cheap either but its the price you have to pay for a goal scorer these days with dybala your paying for the potential that he will come good but lacazette is already proving he is a great striker in the last few season he is increasing his tally season on season. we need a pure goalscorer a 20+ goals a season striker we should have got higuain when we had the chance a top class c/f is whats missing fro the attack now we have great back up strikers in welbeck and giroud but miss a class finisher in the big games that will get on the end of everything and can work an opening for themselves with pace and skill but most important is a d/m with muscle (kondogbia) and l/w (fekir) as well as getting the players we dont need out the door

  13. looks like Liverpool will be without Skrtel for the game against us. He’s probably their best defender too

    1. I know it’s French Ligue but 23 goals from 26 games is impressive

      He hasn’t played much for International team though

    2. Fred,

      Watch Palermo & Dybala vs Milan this sat 2pm if you can. my recording is already set.

      See what he offers /can produce against the Rossoneri!

      1. Thanks I will do that 🙂
        I haven’t seen him play.

        I honestly don’t know much about either so will watch him. His Wikipedia page says he is like Aguero

  14. RSH. Yes and Gerrard too

    Skyrtel and Gerrard like Stamping so it’s good they aren’t playing. If they like Stamps so much they should work for Post Office. I don’t want a stamp and break ankle of one of our players

    Liverpool will still be tough to beat though

    Odd, two big stamps in same game.

  15. If you’re really comparing strikers based on league goals why is no one factoring in the appearances or the types of system in play. Benzema has 13 goals in 26 appearances and has 9 assists. His movement is pristine and he is your typical no.9 who’s good at creating and scoring, netting about once every 2 games. 13 goals in 2116 minutes. Great finisher good in the air and with his feet, complete forward.

    Cavani has 8 goals in 27 apps across the league, 18 across all competitions in 35 apps and most of his apps are on the wing, he is a good target man but his finishing has waned and he is similar to Giroud.

    Costa is probably the weirdest striker we are comparing out of 3 because his stats are better than most people give him credit for. 19 goals in 23 appearances and 3 assists. He’s a weird hybrid of target man and run off the shoulder no.9. His movement is excellent which is somewhat rare in a target man and he’s quick, might be mitigated by the fact he’s an ass.

    Since both Costa and Benzema are off the table its between Lacazette, Dybala and Cavani. Cavani’s finishing has deteriorated, plus he’s 28 and on enormous wages with a very similar playing style to Giroud. It would make no sense to get him.

    Secondly before you even look at either of the remaining 2 analyze the current striker scene at Arsenal. Welbeck, Giroud and Sanogo on loan. Giroud has 13 goals in 19 appearances and 3 assists. Not bad statsbut the real question here is, do you think Wegner is willing to spend 30 mill in the process, moreover then what do you do with Welbeck, especially IF Walcott stays and furthermore Sanogo?

    Personally I can’t see it happening, Walcott, Welbeck and Ox would all have to play wide right.

    1. Better more detailed comparison. I was just going on league goals alone as Dybala and Palermo only play in the league.

      Obviously hard to compare players that play in different leagues, with different level teams in slightly different positions but I personally was just trying to highlight Dybala’s ability/potential considering his a kid banging in goals in one of if not THE most defense minded leagues in the world.

      I personally would ship out Welbz & Sanag early doors. Same with Walcott if he doesn’t want to lower his demands and earn his keep and use the funds to go towards procuring replacements (inc Dybala or Lacazette).

  16. i bet if we sent henry over to “talk” to lacazette before the summer he might be more easily persuaded to move to us it will just be a case of name your price lyon within reason of course, just the though of him learning/coached from his mentor/hero he could become even more deadly coyg

  17. If Dyabla had a choice to sign for all those clubs listed I doubt he would pick Arsenal.

    Is Ozil not on a n international break. Why are they worried if he out clubbing or at home praying.

  18. If he is coming than great but won’t believe until I here Le Prof speak openly about it and kind of confirm it. Also that would mean that one of the strikers currently here would be out…Poldi and Sanogo not considered even they are sold or loaned out again!!So out of Giroud, Welbeck, Walcott, Sanchez and Akpom who is likely to go?!Giroud is performing really well and doing something that only he can do and that is so important to the team, Welbeck with improved finishing and composure can be special (he frustrates a lot has he misses so much great opportunities that would kill a game off so many times) & was bought for 16 mil last summer. Nothing to say about Sanchez he is not going anywhere! Akpom one for the future that Wenger seems to put faith in but might be loaned out!!Didn’t mention Campbell but he’s a wildcard cause at this point I really don’t know what Le Prof wants to do with him has a lot of qualities and could replace Poldi and Sanogo if sold/loaned out…At the end all will depend on the Walcott contract extension saga and what he brings from now until season’s end!!

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