€106 Million Arsenal bid accepted but obstacle to overcome

Reports in Italy claim that Fiorentina have accepted an offer from Arsenal totalling a whopping €106 Million for the permanent signature of Dusan Vlahovic.

The Gunners have been strongly linked with a deal for the Serbian hitman, who scored the second-most league goals in 2021 across Europe’s top division.

Arsenal’s need for a new striker has become increasingly urgent in recent months, with Alexandre Lacazette and Eddie Nketiah’s contracts running into their final months, and with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang having fallen out of contention over the last weeks also.

There has been a lot of noise surrounding our attempts to strike a deal to sign Vlahovic in recent weeks, and according to a supposed exclusive for OK Calcio Mercato, we have struck a deal with La Viola for his signature.

They claim that we will pay an initial fee of €80 Million up front, with another €26 Million in potential add-ons and bonuses, although there is no mention as to whether Lucas Torreira will be used as part of that initial fee or not, with the Uruguayan currently enjoying a loan spell in Florence.

The Italian outlet does claim that the player has some sort of agreement that he will join Juventus either this summer or next however, which could well pose as an obstacle that we will have to overcome.

I’m certainly not getting ahead of myself until this deal is confirmed, and I can’t say that I recall coming across this website previously (not that my understanding of Italian would be good enough to make sense of too much that is reported from their outlets), but I can’t help but believe that the fee actually sounds reasonable for such a top player, and you would assume that we would be able to write-off Torreira’s transfer fee off of that deal with him impressing back in Serie A also.


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  1. It’s hell of a risk that amount for a player that could easily fail in the Premier league.
    And for one that doesn’t even want to play for us.

    Walk away from this one.

    1. Exactly @saka.

      He is not proven.
      I watched his recent game 2 days a go where he scored one of the 6 goals after missing a pen. The opposition was so slow and uninspired. That is not the kind of easy movement he will get in EPL.
      Man city with fast duracell bunnys and the hard hitting wolves just to mention but a few.

      We saw Lukaku pocketed with the giant Brighton defenders yesterday.

      108M Eur. is way too much.

    2. I agree, it is a huge gamble, and could easy back fire, look at the Pepe deal. I just hope we don’t end up with egg on our face. I have watched him and he does look the part, but the PL is a different animal

    3. Indeed my dear, I really don’t know what is happening, forcing someone to love you when he doesn’t want you.

    4. Same thoughts I’m having man, I had always considered him a good signing till he admitted he would love to join Juventus…

  2. Are you joking .£106 million for this player. He is not worth that much to anybody let alone Arsenal. Anyway, as I understand it, has said that he does not want to come to Arsenal. It would be very poor management to bring in a player that wants to be elsewhere. Still knowing our track record ,Pepe for example, anything can happen.

      1. Am just wondering why they are pushing for a player who doesn’t want to play for us, this is going to backslide

      2. Dont believe everything you read !

        Likely €100mn+ includes total package eg agents fees and others items as Fiorentina said €75mn would get him !

        My concern is his agents…this will be a stepping stone for him but if that means we sell for 200mn and win the league with him who cares !

  3. I couldn’t care less how good he is, if he doesn’t want to be at Arsenal(no blame to him) then I don’t want him near our club.

  4. It would be a massive gamble.He has said he aint keen to play for Arsenal
    So why waste time.I know he has scored many goals in Italy.
    However the epl is more competitive and and intensity wise as well.

  5. The vlahovic situation is past tedious, its becoming jarring. I really hope we don’t spend the whole window chasing a lost cause. There are other striker targets out there like Jonathan David(reported Arsenal fan) who would fit perfectly in our team

    1. I really hope we don’t spend the whole window a lost cause. There are other striker targets there like of Watkins

    1. Another failed project…Always begging players to join… Arteta and Edu failed project…Truthfully Dusan is using a strategic condition to save face by using his agent to stall the deal .Can’t arsenal fans see it..How does an agent have superiority over a player who employed him .Is that not crazy guys… Dusan does not want to join Arsenal but Arteta and Edu being a bunch of clueless lots will just waste another transfer season that would have propelled us to the top..what a waste

  6. I think he can be the next big thing… BUT im not convinced he really wants an Arsenal move.
    Anyways for 100mil i would get Isaak + Gumares / Renato Sanchez + Djed Spence.
    Would give Laca a 2 year extension as our back up.
    We would be all set to take on the league

  7. The 106 is most possibly the total cost over 5 years with wages etc. But does he want to play for Arsenal??

  8. It’s no surprise, in today market, it’s only us that sell cheap or let players leave for free, a striker of Vhlahonivic pedigree wouldn’t cost anything less and at his age, he is now almost at Mbappe level based on his stat
    I reckon it’s a huge gamble considering he only burst into limelight less than 2years ago and EPL is different, but I’ll take him over all other linked striker any day, his accusations means we want to seriously push for top 4. And if we do get him, one of Nketia or Laccazet will go this window because we only have EPL games henceforth

  9. The player has made it clear he doesn’t want to play for Arsenal and why wasting our time and energy trying to persuade him.Time is of essence to find an alternative and fix the gap and other areas calling for attention.We are in a good shape currently but may slip if these loopholes and not urgently addressed

  10. The rave news about this kind of player who wouldn’t intrested to play@ emirate is tiresome. We rather invest wisely with such huge amount and procure the signature of better player like jonathan,waltkins n so forth

    1. I don’t understand this saying “he doesn’t want to come to arsenal” where did u get such information from? I’ll also like to confirm it!!!
      And I know for certain…..ARSENAL WONT SIGN HIM OR ANY OTHER STRIKER THIS JANUARY….all these speculations are done by the media….when the club has announced officially that it has concluded the signing of a player…that’s only when I’ll be interested….I’ve seen enough speculations coming from arsenal over a decade now!!….I’m not moved by this..

  11. Lets hope our club management knows what they are doing because a club of arsenal stature cannot keep chasing a player who is not interested in their project.but they know what they need,all we have to do is keep our fingers crossed and keep supporting.

    1. For those who seem to think it’s a £100 million+ as a transfer fee that figure includes all payments including his wages over a 5 year contract

      1. It is good thing to hear arsenal are becamiing ruthless in transfer market than days of arsenal wenga laying to fans and taking free transfer late hours

  12. What ld like to ask is how juventus have an agreement in place to sign a player still with 18 months of his contract left.
    Surely juventus haven’t approached a player under contract to another without the permission of the club he’s contracted to.
    Oh and let’s not forget he’s only allowed to speak to clubs once in the final 12 months of his contract and only to clubs outside the country he plays in

    1. That’s the same question I am trying to ask. This big clubs breach the rule and noone is talking about it. How can you have a Pre-contract with a player still contracted to a club with 1 and half years , if it Arsenal, hell will let loose.

  13. Serious one.. A crazy mount for a single player whose heart is still indecisive on where to play.. Plus & minus, put the said amount into 3 separate deals & get isak, Bruno & Arthur.. Top 4 assured.

  14. OT,

    Guys what do you think of the Brighton left back Marc Cucurella?

    I would buy him and convert him to D. midfielder.
    He has accurate passes, and fights for the ball. He has a football brain and rarely fouls any one.

    1. 🙄Have you seen his height? A little bit taller than torreira!! He is good but definitely not for DM in the EPL

  15. for a 21 year old and not proven for the brutal epl, although I like the lad but recent history doesn’t really favor strikers from serieA to the epl.. ( besides Salah or cr7) ask Osvaldo,pelle,jovetic,shevchenko or higuain…

  16. Rather sad to read how so many posts above mine on this thread have swallowed the clearly false story of us being willing to pay well over £100 mill for this player as being true!

    I do not for a moment doubt that we ARE interested in him coming but not at anywhere near that clearly false rumoured fee.

    So many fans just swallow “reported guff” , hook line and sinker and never even try to think for themselves if there is any truth in a story.

    I DO think and I do think ALL THE TIME.

    Unlike most on here , I fervently hope we DO get him, AS HE IS A TOP PLAYER WHO WILL MASSIVELY IMPROVE OUR TEAM, but I do not fall for this false huge fee story for a single moment.

  17. if you will, just think for a second or two about just how much money it’s actually cost us to continually settle for 2nd, 3rd, or more realistically10th best…of course, on the surface it appeared as if we had saved ourselves a considerable sum, but did we really???

    whether it was when we tried to replace RVP with Giroud, even though he was originally being packaged as a somewhat savvy and fairly affordable back-up option, which seemed plausible if you actually believed that we were a serious contender simply doing our due diligence by adding much-needed depth

    or the whole decade plus we wasted trying to replace Vieira with half-measures and band-aids, instead of biting the bullet from the offing, or at least following the 2nd or 3rd failed experiment…I would suspect that by the time we tried to jam the Arteta square peg into the DM round hole, we could have easily afforded the best DM in world football 3 times over

    it’s not like we were a truly cash-strapped organization, regardless of what was being sold to the fanbase at that time, who couldn’t have pursued other more expensive options if we wanted to…we were just a short-sighted, cake and eat it too franchise with a manager hellbent on winning a managerial pissing contest by proving he could win trophies with a fraction of the talent

    even when we struck gold with Sanchez, who was largely a part-time option at Barca with a rather admirable international record, but with few if any other suitors willing to offer playing time assurances and a sizeable wage increase, we looked that gift horse straight in the mouth

    now some might focus too much on how his career has been far from stellar since his departure, but this matters very little in the grand scheme of things, as we received functionally nothing in return and we too have struggled for relevance ever since

    so now that we’re at another crossroads, with a team ripe with some young, promising pieces and we need to address a couple of key positional needs, we simply can’t repeat the mistakes of the past…that’s why it makes me cringe when after weeks of rumours about the possibility of us securing the services of one of the bright young lights in world football, all of a sudden a bleak tale about Edu sniffing around Brazil for the likes of Costa emerges from the ether

    now these both might be baseless rumours, but the fact that we’ve been down this road many times before, with some rather disappointing returns, makes it exceedingly difficult for me to not consider the very real possibility that we might sh** the bed again…here’s hoping that this time things will be different and we will show some real intent when it comes to recruitment

    1. Good post. My grandma always said that buying a good pair of shoes will be the cheapest thing I ever did. It took me forty years and a hundred or so cheap pairs of shoes to realise she was right.

      Rather than worrying about the cost, we should be worrying about whether Vlahovic is the “right pair of shoes”

      I have my doubts but after the last window, Edu and Arteta have earned a bit of faith.

      1. I will add voyageur that I live by a saying
        “You buy cheap you buy twice “
        And couldn’t agree more TRVL 👍
        I always say if you want to compete you have to spend ,but you also need a good manager and that is where my beef comes in to play with Arteta as I just do not see it .


  18. It is unfortunate to change our precious project as laughing matter by generating irritating news all over monotonously, how can he cost more than hallaand when he is no near with fifa awards.

  19. It’s about time we sign someone whom we chase
    History dictate we want to sign DSilva,E Hazard, D Costa, C Ronaldo, Y Toure, etc
    But we were told they don’t wana come, but In reality we can’t match their salary and cost.

  20. The money is much, but i urge the management to get the deal done. The guy (vlahovic) looks promising.

  21. How can a player agreed to join another team when he still has 3 years on his contract that a snitch, he has no respect 4 Florentina or 4d game, I think he’s agents r using him, he’s such a child to start with, we need him but he’s inevitable, we should be gunning for Martinez or isak

  22. Really we are in new world transfers are expensive wenger used to get players at 17, 20,35million pounds but it’s not easy to get such good striker as simple as cheap.

    I hope I am whistling in the wind, BUT….

    Man Utd finished second in the EPL last season under Olly.
    They bought Sancho to add to Rashford and Greenwood up front. They had Cavani or Martial to act as a center forward when needed.
    Pogba was playing well in midfield and Fernades was in a purple patch.
    They looked set for the new season!!!

    Then Ferguson stuck his oar in and made them buy Ronaldo (based I assume on his form when he last played for them).
    Coming off a season at Juventus where he had scored lots of goals in Serie A the transfer looked good on paper, and the sycophants in the press ate it up.
    But in actuality Ronaldo became a cuckoo dropped into the United nest.
    The team was being changed to promote him at the expense, it seemed, of the rest of the squad. The changing of their style trying to please Ronaldo created a drop of in results, so much so that Olly was fired.
    In came Carrick as an interim, and he managed to right the ship for a while. Then in came Regnik.
    It seems they have replaced Olly with a Ballet coach. I assume he is that because all I hear about his style is “TU TU”.
    But they are outside the top four and on the pitch they are still struggling.

    Last season Chelsea won the FA Cup and the Champions League both at Man City’s expense. The were looking forward to an even better year in 2021/2022.
    However, someone decided that they needed to buy Lukaku, another Serie A forward who scored copious amounts of goals last season. This introduction into the squad occurring despite his troubles scoring in the EPL with United.
    So, now we have Chelsea, out of the title chase and struggling to either change their style to help Lukaku score, or to dump him and play like they did last season!

    Arsenal are trying to buy Dusan, albeit a much younger player. A player who is scoring lots of goals in Serie A. We will be paying a king’s ransom if we get him.
    So, I really really hope we are buying him because the Brain’s Trust believes he will seamlessly fit into our team and NOT just because he is scoring lots of goals in Serie A.

    1. Time for a cheap but achieving back up

      Get Michael Olunga the top scorer at Qatar playing for Al-,Duhail SC, for what 7M or less, as we await for Dusan.

    2. JW, I suggest you try telling Leicester that Chelsea won the FA cup last season and then face thE mockery you will surely face.
      Factually false “statements” render the rest of your thoughts as being those of a rank amateur! ” REALITY!

  24. For me am not i interested for that guy,the amount is very huge,arsenal board they should just forget about him, up Gunner’s

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