€20M Arsenal move in doubt following Brazilian’s expected arrival

Arsenal are claimed to have slapped a €20 Million price-tag on the head of Wojciech Sczcesny this summer, but a permanent move to Roma now looks in doubt.

The 26 year-old has been in impressive for in Serie A this year, fighting off all challengers in the bid to earn a starting role in the side, and was believed to be keen on extending his stay in Italy, but his deal appears to have hit the rocks.

The Italian side are believed to be closing on the signing of goalkeeper Alisson today, with the Brazilian having jetted in from Internacional. The 23 year-old has been linked with the switch for some time, and looks set to complete his move before joining up with his international squad for the Copa America next month.

Roma were thought to be keen on keeping the Polish international on a permanent deal this summer, but are now said to be considering another loan deal. Arsenal are in no need for a third goalkeeper in the squad, with both Petr Cech and David Ospina also in the race for first-team outings.

It is not yet known whether the Gunners would be willing to agree to a second loan deal, and may try and look for another potential suitor. Roma are claimed to have ‘baulked‘ at the €20 Million asking fee, which puts some serious doubt on the proposed transfer.

Is Sczcesny worth the asking price? Will he end up back at the Emirates Stadium?

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  1. I cannot see Ospina staying, he is too good to sit on the bench so I suppose sczcesny will be our reserve goalkeeper next season?

    1. Arsenal are slow at replacing some of the average players we had during our lean years, Wenger not wanting too many signings in one year…

      Still shows that our ‘marquee’ signings have been top signings.

      We need a world class CF now and I really hope Arsenal will get Wengers 1st choice target and not give up after a lame attempt, the board bought Welbeck and he hasn’t worked so lets hope the board has learnt to trust the manager a bit more.

      Wenger/Gazidis partnership is HORRENDOUS at getting signings done but Wenger can still pick out the gems to get, it’s just frustrating we do not have a board member to push ahead with some of the transfers, I still think we need someone who can get transfers done quickly.

      We need a new Dein, someone who will get the player and be willing to pay an extra couple million if it means we get it done ASAP and can move onto the next transfer target, someone passionate to see us win things…

    1. Yes, Szez is worth more because he just turned 26 last month while Cech is turning 34 this Friday…

  2. Now what to do with sczcesny………

    Ospina too good to Let go and/or be used as Number 3

    shawty! There’s gotta be a suitor out ere …somewhere

  3. Well it’s simple, find another club that will need him and am quite sure they are many and loan him to them. Problem solved!

  4. Offer Everton Szczesny, Gibbs and the Ox + 10 million for Lukaku .
    Apparently Lukaku will leave Everton before the Euro’s kick off and his father is saying that Everton will want £65 million for him ?
    We are heavily linked with Morata and have supposedly bid £51 million ? how on earth is he worth that? ?
    So how much will Lewandowski cost?

    And to think that we could have probably signed Suarez, if we offered £50 million.

    1. That’s the result of being stingy. We could for 50 million,but held on to the 5 million. Now we are offering 51 million for Morata. How sensible could that be! lol

    2. We could not have!!
      That notorious bid is just ridiculous the way people analyze it… It was so, so painfully, blatantly reportedly part of a clause in his contract. Liverpool chose not to honor it so it was down to Luis to force his way out which he could have done….
      The morata bid is just the metro, RM still have to sort out what they’re going to do with him

    3. “Offer Everton Szczesny, Gibbs and the Ox + 10 million for Lukaku ”

      And us fans would still call Lukaku a bargain if we managed that deal XD
      If they wasn’t HG then we would have to offer those 3 plus at least £30 mil lol.

      I do feel sorry for Gibbs as he has always shown dedication, Monreal has just upped his game and Gibbs is at the age where he should be playing as a starter…If he does leave then I will keep an eye on him and wish him the best.

      Ox I feel has just joked about too much and not focused enough on his football, I wouldn’t be sad to see him leave and Szcz… He has had his chance and blew it, I would be happy to see him stay and prove me wrong but at the same time I wont shed a tear if we get rid of him.

      You might blame Wenger and I will blame Gazidis, either way that partnership has failed us fans countless years, I know Wenger isn’t strong at transfers and will agree with other fans on that point… but isn’t that why managers have support?

      We want the same thing ultimately, Arsenal FC to get their heads out their own backside and get deals done ASAP, don’t mess about with a couple million if it means we can get the deal done sooner, it’ll be worth it in giving the player a bit more time to settle before the season starts…

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