€57m transfer bid shows it´s Benzema or Bust for Arsenal

There have been a lot more versions of the Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with a move for the Real Madrid and France striker Karim Benzema in the last week or so, with many of them from reliable media sources like The Telegraph, claiming that the Gunners were going back with an improved offer of around £35 million for the centre forward after having an earlier bid turned down.

And according to the popular Spanish transfer website Fichajes.net that is not the end of the story. They are saying that this bid was also turned down by Benzema´s La Liga club but once again this has not put Arsene Wenger off the scent. They say that Arsenal are going back with another better offer, this time for €57 million.

The report also expects this to be rejected but it suggests that Wenger is ready for this and at the minute is merely trying to convince the player how much he is wanted in north London as we hope that he decides that playing in the new Benitez era is not for him. The story is that we will wait right up until the end of the transfer window if necessary rather than switching our transfer attention elsewhere and that Benzema is potentially happy about playing under his fellow countryman.

So it seems to be all the eggs in one basket for the boss. But is this Benzema or bust approach the right one for Arsenal this summer?

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    1. I think this approach of benzema or nothing is not right, we have other options, we could go for a plan b and get a world class winger like reus and use Theo as a cf. Waiting till the last second to sign benzema may backfire and we could end up with no winger or striker

        1. Pedro would be a great signing, he’s world class. But I would prefer reus over Pedro. But it seems like were not in for any of them. Two WC wingers available and we are not in for them. Wenger promised if there is quality players he would go after them. But I ain’t seeing anything happening

      1. THE INSANITY!! Benzema or Nothing? Seriously? Since when did Benzema take on the mythical status of Messi or Neymar? So much desperation affecting the normal thinking process of fans right now.

        I feel like I am with a child who wants a new toy and does not care what the toy REALLY is or how he gets it. He just wants something shiney and new and he wants it NOW!

        1. Yes!!!!it’s ridiculous to be waiting for benzema. There is probably 1% chance of us signing him. Let’s just get reus and give Theo the cf role. Or if we don’t want to spend big just get Pedro and use Theo as cf.we have options now, let’s not leave it for deadline day

    2. “He is coming” I take you back a couple years when Higuain flew into London and had the medical exam. It was a “Done Deal” they said. We don’t eve know if any of this is true at all. What evidence do you have? Seriously???

      1. Hate to p*ss on everyone’s parade, but there are pictures out there where he has been spotted coming off the coach today. Also the quote he put along with that picture is merely Addidas’ moto, take a wild guess who one of his sponsors are…

  1. Whoever we sign I just can’t wait to rejoice and all of us gunners to be happy at the same time . Please arsene bring someone in soon it’s driving me bonkers !!!

    1. I have no problem with Benezema – he would be an upgrade but……

      anything over 25 mil for a player with similar stats to Giroud is RIDICULOUS. And 60 mil?? That is BEYOND RIDICULOUS.

      For that money you could get a fantastic winger AND solid DM which would improve the club much more than getting a striker who will get 2 or 3 more goals than Giroud if all goes well. Benzema’s stats don’t lie. Sadly, they are on par with Giroud.

      I the comments daily……. Just bring in any WC striker! Well, Benzema’s stats are far from world class. They show he is good, not WC. Theo already fits that mold easily.

      Somehow, because Benzema has played for Real Madrid many fans super-inflate his talent and goal=production abilities. We cannot change reality. Reality is NOT optional just because we are desperate for any striker better than Giroud.

      I know I will get a thumbs down for daring to bring some reality and sanity to this situation. Truth is not allowed when fans are in desperate transfer mania mode (DTMM). Especially when that truth interferes with those suffering from Giroud Derangement Syndrome (GDS).

      I will be glad if Benzema arrives. I hope he does. But any price over 25 mil is too high and anything over 30 mil is criminal.

        1. Show me anywhere in any of my comments where I said I loved Giroud and want him to be #1. In fact I stated clearly, if you can read, I WANTED Benzema to come. But I am not willing to suspend my connection with reality and pretend Benzema is something he is not.

          You are making things up in your head – Symptoms of GDS and DTMM.

          REALITY IS NOT OPTIONAL – even in transfer season. Get a grip on it.

      1. When no strikers are moving that is gonna be the price you pay. I honestly think it won’t happen anyway. Let’s be honest here though, he plays in a Madrid team where he is there to provide as much as score. The guy has clear talent, keeps Giroud out of his national team and Wenger has long been a fan. I agree it is an inflated price but 49m for Sterling sets the bar. At around 42-45m this isn’t actually a TERRIBLE deal…just not quite at market value.

      2. Giroud Derangement Syndrome (GDS) and Desperate Transfer Mania Mode (DTMM). Just as I predicted. It stops the rational thinking processes of those afflicted.

        1. Most fans are delusional ! Then they run to 6 web sites and post their delusions.

      3. Stats arnt always as straight as an arrow they can be decieving! Benzema is a world class striker and if you think hes not coz of STATS, then you need to watch more football mate

        1. Rationalization – another symptom. Calling someone world class does not make it so. Show me anything concrete to suggest Benzema is worth 3 times Giroud or is worth far more than Sanchez??

          I am utterly amazed that the derangement and desperation have so thoroughly taken over fans’ brains. It is far worse than I thought. I shall pray for all of you.

          1. Benzema is not worth that much, I still think that we missed out on the best deal this summer. Jackson Martinez. Yes Jackson Martinez!!!

          2. I’m sure you were one of the people screaming that £42m was too much for Ozil.
            Remember that we lost Suarez because we could not add £5m-£10m extra, and resorted to £1.
            I think if we get Benzema for a little above £40m, it’s a fair price.
            Note that none of us are soothsayers, we can only believe that the actions we take are the right ones.

          3. What’s concrete is that Real Madrid a team full of stars who are not afraid to sell them to bring in others have kept benzema for 6years as there main centre forward whilst winning the champions league and la liga in that time . I Like Giroud but there’s no way he could hold that position for 5/6 seasons at Real Madrid

            1. What you are saying is….. Benzema is better than Giroud. I don’t know anyone who would disagree. He is definitely better.

              But is he worth 3 or 4 times what Giroud is worth??? Not a chance.

          4. So you think giroud is as good or better then benzema…..go take your head for a wobble mate, if he was up for sale everyone would be in for him….i dont see an influx of offers for giroud, ane the fact his price is so high is because madrid dont want to sell!!!! Barca was happy for sanchez to leave,, if barca didnt want to sell sanchez do you think he would still be £35m

      4. Just because u read 60m which is negative u believe it ! We all no it’s not gonna be that much 45m at the most guaranteed

        1. Hope you are right – except the price had better be more like 30 mil otherwise it is a baaaaaad deal.

          1. Fellaini 28m soldado 28m adebayor 25m lukaku 28 benteke 32m and your trying to tell me benzema isn’t worth 40/45m lol

      5. I get what you saying, you are absolutely correct, Benzema might not be worth that amount but that is what we are willing to pay to get what we want.

        1. Fair enough. But just think of the quality you could get for 60 mil in a winger and a DM – that would help the team much more and makes more sense.

      6. Your comments continue to display your utter ignorance to all things economical. Benzema for 25mil? Good god you’re simply clueless.

    1. Let’s just get zlatan and pay his salary. Get him on a two year contract. Explain to players why his wages are high. Get it over with

  2. Personally I would prefer to see a wide player who can score regularly for us come in, someone who could play CF… Basically a right sided Alexis 😛

    With wide players like that then I think Theo could easily get over 30 EPL goals, we all know he can score from out wide and he has been proving that he can score through the middle recently, he is a goal scorer… he isn’t the best dribbler… he is a scorer.

    I liked how Theo dropped off to the left in the FA Cup final and Alexis played through the middle for a bit, if we had a right sided Alexis then Theo could do that on the right as well, such a fluid attacking line would be a nightmare to defend against.

    1. Hold on there. You are making some sense with your rational thinking. Your analysis is well thought out and includes concrete examples to support your contention.

      None of that is allowed when fans are in full desperate transfer mania mode. Get your mind right.

      1. Mohawk your comments have been spot on up to this point. I cant believe you can see rational thinking in Midkeemas statement that Theo “could easily get over 30 EPL goals”.

        Here are some facts and figures for you all, not blinded by my love of Arsenal or GDS or DTMM

        List of EPL 30+ goal players….
        A Cole 34
        3 x A Shearer 31,34,31
        K Phillips 30
        T Henry 30
        C Ronaldo 31
        V Persie 30
        L Suarez 31

        Is it possible for Theo to join this lot, playing 38 games as a centre forward. Just about.
        Is it going to happen? No.

  3. He has quit his his teamate in china to fly solo on a private jet according to his latest instagram. Arsenal or manu it seems. But i don’t think he is a good fit for arsenal at all. i am worried his big ego will destroy the good team spirit we are having at the moment.

      1. Really? Is this news about benzema flying solo true??was it really on his insta??? God make this happen although there is probably 1% chance of it happening

        1. Can’t see any truth to it without a big signing by Real, and you usually know when Real are after a player because they get him after huge bid made. Also the tweet by Benzema reminded me allot of that tweet a while back which turned out to be a joke.

    1. Sorry, I am going with the crowd on this one. I don’t know where you get this “big ego” thing.

      He would be great for Arsenal – just not worth over 25 mil.

  4. I just can’t imagine Wenger paying 57m for Benzema when he got Sanchez for 35m. The frugal economist in him will say that he’s better off with what he has got in Giroud and Welbeck than pay that amount of money for Benzema. If it was 57m for Lewandowski then I would argue that it is value for money.

    1. For 57 mil we could get reus and finally give Theo the cf role he deserves. I would prefer reus over benzema anytime any day anywhere.I mean for that much money I rather get reus which is one of the best wingers on the planet. Maybe Wenger wants to buy both of them!!!lmfao

    2. It’s €57m and that is only £40m in today’s rate. When we bought sanchez the rate was far worse and even worse when we bought ozil.

    1. Real Madrid are not interested in Giroud he’s not quality enough for them so that sort of deal would be a non starter!

          1. Stop slating giroud, he’s the heart of our attacks. He offers something different and can be a great player to have in our squad. He is a hell of a striker.

  5. Oh my just checked it is reported in ESPN and not the usual metro bullshit. That sends me buzzing! But for 57m? Seems too much for me.

  6. Basically, Arsene will only sign a world class striker if he becomes available (or try to sign), which is the right approach I think.
    I dont think Benz is available though as he is Reals only senior striker, regardless if CR7 will play centrally.
    Dont believe the first thing you read, especially in connection with arsenal transfer targets.

  7. OT , figure from 2013 till now on BBC sports website

    Total spend: £142m. Sales: £36.8m. Net: £105.2m

    Total spend: £359m. Sales: £179.2m. Net: £179.8m

    Where did mourinio find that we spend more than Chelsea.

    1. He didn’t had anything to comment on arsenal..gave some silly comment. He is making fun of himself. Whole world knows d truth.

      1. Actually that Chelsea net spend is wrong:
        Total spend: £216.8m. Sales: £179.2m. Net: £37.6m
        This is the correct figure but as said in many posts it dosen’t take into account their investment into the squad in the previous years. Or the fact that they still spend more than what Arsenal have the capacity to do sell players after 1 season if they don’t work out.

    2. Wenger should just concentrate on the betterment of his team and ignore Mourinho cos he is just scared of Wenger’s signing. He wants to distract Wenger from signing WC player that will involve money.

    1. We need to be ruthless now. We are only 1 or 2 player short
      Remember the season when Bayern won the treble, they pay the release clause of 40M Euros for Javier Martinez because it is the last piece of the jigsaw they need
      57M is Euros not Pound anyway, so about 40M pound for a striker – hardly overpay in this market when Benteke is 32.5M and Sterling is 49M

    2. But then we underpaid for Cazorla! You win some and you lose some. I still think 42m for Ozil will prove it this season that he was worth paying that money for. He looks very determined.

  8. I wont mind Benzema at al,l he is a WC striker and would certainly be a major upgrade from Giroud.

    1. Good. Not World Class. Go look at his stats. They are very similar to Giroud. Reality is NOT optional.

    2. People throw around worldclass striker too easily. Suarez is world class, Ibra is world class, Aguero, Falcao even Diego Silva. These strikers can make something out of nothing which is why they are world class. Benzema is a good and better striker than Giroud that’s all.

  9. A front three of Alexis,Benz and Walcott would be a nightmare for defenders…Arsene do sth please

  10. I hate the transfer windows, as it makes us fans and me personally like some addicted retards, who are constantly forced to surf around the internet to find some new news.

  11. Even though i dont mind having Benzema but i think we can make a bold bid for Lewandoski with that same amount!

  12. wenger is now ready to buy glory if nuturing is hard to come by…..arsene true legend

    1. Why do u say Wenger wants to buy glory??just cuz he made an offer for benzema??? If Wenger wanted to buy glory he would be buying reus,cavani,and a DM…but he’s not doing any of those. Same old Wenger, some things never change

      1. No, if he wanted to buy glory he would be spending like a headless chicken : Sterling for 60m, Di Maria for 80mil, Pedro for 50m, but then he would find out that glory can’t be bought, only earned.

  13. The currency switch in the article is causing confusion. Bids were apparently 35m pounds, followed by 57m euro (=40m pounds).

  14. The Real Madrid first team squad today flew to
    Shanghai but Benzema wasn’t
    part of the party.
    Instead, the 27-year-old striker was travelling
    solo on a private plane, while Benzema posted
    a selfie with the message “let the past remain
    the past”.
    he then immediately started following Wenger on his official fun page.
    Following. naughty mourinos claims that arsene should get a calculator and that we are trying to buy trophies by our last three seasons spending here are the two teams spendings

    2013/14: Andre Schurrle £18m, Marco van
    Ginkel £8m, Cristian Cuevas £1.7m, Willian
    £32m, Isaiah Brown £209,000*, Christian Atsu
    £3.5m, Nemanja Matic £21m, Mohamed Salah
    £11m, Kurt Zouma £12.5m.
    2014/15: Cesc Fabregas £30m, Diego Costa
    £32m, Mario Pasalic £3m*, Felipe Luis
    £15.8m, Loic Remy £8.5m, Juan Cuadrado
    2015/16: Asmir Begovic £8m, Nathan £4.5m*,
    Danilo Pantic £1.25m*.
    Total: £234.259m.

    Alexis Sanchez was a £35m Arsenal purchase
    in 2014
    2013/14: Mesut Ozil £42.5m, Matt Macey
    2014/15: Alexis Sanchez £35m, Mathieu
    Debuchy £12m, David Ospina £3m, Calum
    Chambers £16m, Danny Welbeck £16m,
    Krystian Bielik £2.4m, Gabriel Paulista £11.2m.
    2015/16: Petr Cech £10m.
    Total: £148.2m
    * Reported fee

  15. This Benz on a plane thing is made up. Who said that pic is from today……..might be an old pic.

  16. Benzema ain’t the perfect man for Arsenal… Though an upgrade from Giroud. Wenger should go for Ibrahimovic of PSG with a-year contract. Before the end of d 3years Iwobi, Akpom, Sonogo will be ready. We need a name that strikes fear in our opponents defense.
    -Muller. Any of these guys shoot us up there!!!!!

    1. Sango will NEVER be ready he just foesn’t have it and never will. Wake up for Christ’s sake if it’s true about Karim Benzema then it’s ‘s superb bit of business as he is worth every penny . He would not of Been able to hold a place at real Madrid if he was not a class act he would give us a buzz up front we’ve not had since Henry went . Where do you ever think that Ibrahimovic would ever be a good loan the man is all ego and is soon arrogant the rest of the squad would be putting in transfer requests within a week . Any 9ne who thinks Benzema ain’t our best option is a mug!!! He’s probobly our only option

  17. Zlatan seen in Gucci in Paris vying red and white Spatz shoes! What could this mean???


      1. He said according to my reliable source..

        my old shoes are for the past steps walked. These new swanky shoes are for walking from now into the future.

  18. Its 57million euros not pounds. Converting it in pounds wud bring the amount close to 45 million. Also considering the fall in value of euros the actual value of money wich will b given away will b less than 45 mill. Chill people

  19. People who say throw Giroud: We need Giroud also. Giroud would be a fabulous supersub like Remy is at Chelsea

    We need Giroud regardless of whether Benzema comes on not. Welbeck isn’t good enough (yet)

  20. Perfect!He is a brilliant player(remember him from Lyon where he doesn’t play with selfish players).At Real he was more pracmatic at us maybe will become brilliant again.I will be the most happy Gunner if Benzema and Gotze join us.

  21. Benzema is good but much better than giroud? Not much. I’d much rather lewandoski if any chance at all. Still think there is too much noise around benzema and wenger has another target, reus or draxler? Also would wenger sign anyone this summer if puma and the xlub weren’t after the shirt sales? After all not too many people will rush out and buy a cech shirt!

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