€70m Arsenal target has decided to leave his present club

Arsenal transfer target, Raheem Sterling is searching for a new club after being angered by the prospect of being used as a sweetener to take Harry Kane to the Etihad.

The English attacker has been linked with a move to Arsenal recently as the Gunners look to sign players that can help them return to the top four.

Manchester City is keen on adding Kane to their squad as a replacement for Sergio Aguero.

They know they will struggle to persuade Spurs to sell and have decided to add Sterling and some of their other stars in their offer for the Lilywhites to choose from.

Todofichajes says this hasn’t gone down well with Sterling and the Englishman wants to leave.

It claims that he has started offering himself to top European clubs and his representatives have sounded out the likes of Real Madrid and PSG.

Mikel Arteta worked with him at City and the Spaniard might convince him to join his project at the Emirates.

Adding Sterling to the current Arsenal attack could help them challenge for the Premier League next season.

However, their lack of European football might not be so appealing to him.

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  1. He’s a good player and always works hard. At only 26 he’d be a good addition to any Premier League team.

  2. OT

    Saka was really good in the first half of Eng Vs Germany. Arguably the best English player in the first half

    Sterling is a very good player no doubt

  3. His position is not of priority 2 us. Arsenal need midfielders, a left back & a keeper the most.

    1. I disagree with you Arsenal2win.

      Raheem Sterling should be the priority.

      A goal keeper is not a priority.

      Raheem Sterling is what we need. We should go all out and sign him.

        1. Because we are drifting more and more into a mid table team. When you have wide players like Sterling who can run at defenders, you have a chance. a very good attack and midfield would redeuce the pressure on the defence. Rather than pay 60m for Madisson, we should rather get Raheem for 60m and Auoar for 30m.

          Chambers Holding Gabriel Tierney


          Pepe Saka Aouar Sterling


          That is a 4141 formation

          1. 👍i agree you just have to look at the damage Pépé did when running at defenders the reason why UE wanted Zaha our need to be more direct.

  4. Whilst I agree that Sterling is a great player, I can’t see him signing for an EPL club if he leaves City. In a way he has kind of outgrown British football, and he’s his own man. He will go to one of the elite European Clubs and for a big fee that we couldnt match.
    Even if he would come I am not sure his fee and salary would be worth it for the club at its current stage of development. We have Saka, ESR – how many of that kind of player could we accommodate? Exciting as he is, he”s approaching 27 and done a lot of high-impact miles, won it all in England. If he loses that bounce and enthusiasm, what are we left with?
    For me buying Sterling isn’t building for the future, which every other deal seems to be.

    1. We have been building for the future for ages. It is a waste of time. Football is about what you can achieve now. Forget Saka, Forget Smith Rowe for a moment. We need more quality players. Buy players who can make an immediate impact. We need direct attackers who can run at defenders and score goals. Arteta can persuade Sterling to come since he has worked with him before

  5. Just ask yourself why Man City want to get rid of Sterling.

    Do Arsenal really want to take on him, his salary, and all the other baggage he comes with?

    I would much rather have Saka, ESR and even Xhaka than Sterling!

    1. Because they want need Kane a 20+goal /season simple as and they have enough wide/creative players that they wouldn’t miss him that much but i don’t see him coming to Arsenal what a step down at his age.

  6. Scored a great goal for England and responsible for almost conceding an equalizer to Germany at 1-0.

  7. Sterling is a fantastic player and a great addition to any team. A consistent goal scorer and hard working, willing to run all game. But the point is, will he come to Arsenal, considering our current position in the League table and lack of European football and also whether Arsenal will be able to afford him. But one thing is clear, he is really upset at City’s behaviour towards him, not fair to him at all considering how much he has given to City.

  8. I have seen of Sterling from the moment he broke through at QPR to today. Good player but not worth £60 million for us.

    We need to strengthen other key areas and Sterling is not one in those..

    Don’t be distracted by shiny objects just because they are reachable. Go out there and try to strengthen the problem areas we have all been talking about from the recently concluded season.

    Sterling was never one of our prioritie, so don’t make him one just because he has become available.

  9. Take him in. 27, young enough to do damage for us in the next five years .27,old enough to be an inspiration to both those who are older or younger. Grab the man if we can, his baggage is valuable stuff.

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