Eager youngster sounds out Mikel Arteta – ‘I’m ready’

Gabriel Martinelli has declared that he is painfree after recovering from the knee injury which ruled him out for a number of months, and insists he is ‘ready’ to help out the team.

The Brazilian missed the end of last season and much of the opening months of the new campaign with a knee injury, and has had some worrying moments since making his return to action.

Mikel Arteta had opted to play the 19 year-old regularly in December, but his minutes have been reduced in recent weeks, and the player is eager to get back on the field.

Martinelli insists that he is settled in North London after his big move from his home country in the summer or 2019, and has earmarked being the club’s captain in the future.

“I’m very timid. It was really crazy! But now I’m adapted,” Martinelli told ESPN as he reflected on his rapid rise from Brazilian lower-league side Ituano to Arsenal.

“I’m feeling very good. I don’t feel any more pain on my knee and this is the most important thing. I’m ready (to play) when Mikel needs me.”

“I’m working very hard (to start). Of course Auba plays in my position but I look to him every day, in every training, to learn as much as I can from him, he’s also a great guy off the pitch.

“I want to follow into Aubameyang’s footsteps, he’s a captain, he wears the No.14 shirt, that is a symbol for this club and of course, I hope to be very successful at Arsenal.”

Martinelli has shown strong leadership in his short time with the club, and has shown his maturity by staying professional as he recovered from his injury and with his inconsistent playing time of late, and I’m sure Gabi won’t be waiting long to get his name back in the starting line-up.


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  1. this was a purposeful statement for a young player who clearly thinks he’s being ignored by his manager…why wouldn’t he think that considering he’s unusual removal from a game recently at half and the fact that Arteta chose to bring in Willian, on the left, instead of him…I’ll be really pissed if Arteta screws things up with this young player too

    1. He already did that with martinez. Balogun and saliba could be next to live. He might even end up not utilizing odegaard enough. Just hope we don’t loose all our top talents, before gets thrown out



  2. Yet another young player snubbed for under performing more experienced players by Arteta. I know we have Saka and ESR (and he got in by Default) but every other young player seems not to be trusted or ignored by Arteta. Im worried he is holding our young players back and it isn’t to our benefit. Martinelli is impatient and he has had injury but i get the impression our younger players feel unappreciated.

    1. saka and smith rowe happened by chance. Trust me, he doesn’t really know what he is doing. As a matter of fact, in form aubameyang and martinez won us the fa cup. Unfortunately, martinez has gone to aston villa(and proved arteta wrong) and aubameyang has lost form. Sad times. The thing is arteta has too much ego to be a manager and stupid allegiance to older players, is just too dam annoying to behold. He is pretty much forcing pepe to improve, while young players like martinelli that delivers %90 of the time they are called up gets ignored. I just can’t farthom what is wrong with arteta. Please need brendan rodgers as soon as possible, before we loose everything

  3. Nope, Willian is apparently better, lol. Arteta played ESR after exhausting every other option, Emery brought Saka in, Mikel shuns Martinelli and Saliba… why does he rely on “experienced” players that are consistent letdowns? For someone who pretends to be ruthless, it’s been mostly ruthless poor decisions. Getting rid of Ozil/Mustafi is really the only thing hes accomplished this season with his ruthlessness.

  4. Here we are yet again with man management issues. Favors Willian over Martinelli based on what exactly? Surely not quality, performance, hunger, or desire.

    Someone quick tell Martinelli to pipe down before someone’s ego banishes him.

    Martinelli is big part of the club’s future, probably a good idea to give him more minutes in this lost season rather than resuscitation of a flatlining Willian.

    Even a blind assistant can see we need Martinelli in our attack.

  5. Martinelli was excelent when used as a CF but since Arteta came in and moved him to the LW he has been average. With Laca not getting enough goals and Nketia struggling to take his game to the next level prehaps it’s time for Arteta to give Martinelli a chance at CF.

  6. Very easy to criticise MA when you don’t know whats happening behind the scenes. It’s a hectic season with lots of injuries across the EPL. We have had two key players re-injured from being brought back too soon. MA took flack for that and we lost both Martinelli and Partey for longer than necessary – partly because they said they were ready when they weren’t. But now you want to criticise MA for easing GM back in slowly. And I dont get RVL’s comment that GM is having a pop at him. EVERY player wants to start – what do you expect him to say?

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