Early Arsenal v Tottenham betting odds – Who is favourite for North London Derby?

Arsenal are in the amazing position of having won 6 of their first 7 Premier League games and are flying high at the top of the table, but we are arguably facing our biggest test of the season so far when we take on Tottenham in our next EPL match.

For me the boring interlull couldn’t have come at a worst time, especially having had an enforced mini break because of her Majesty’s untimely demise, and I simply cannot wait until the boring internationals are over and we can get back to some proper football.

As a betting man I am not interested in internationals, and I know I could follow the Arsenal Womens team or perhaps indulge in some eSports betting, but I would rather whet my appetite by trying to find some value in betting on Arsenal in the North London Derby.

Our last NLD ended up with the Gunners getting whipped 3-0 at Tottenham, which basically confirmed that our rivals pipped us to fourth place in the Premier Leaggue, and the result on October the 1st could also affect our Top Four hopes this time around, but I am expecting us to come out on top this time around.

Although Arsenal’s start to the season has been nothing short of spectacular, the fact is that Tottenham are currently only one point behind us, and, unlike Arsenal, are currently unbeaten in the League. They have won every home game, but away they are not so great with a win at Nottingham Forest and two draws in their other London derbies at West Ham and Chelsea, so you could hope that we could manage at least a point to stay ahead of them in the Top Four race. But considering we have also won our last six games at Fortress Emirates, I would expect us to extend that sequence and get a great boost in our hopes of perhaps challenging for the title.

So, at the moment, Arsenal are hot favourites to win at around Even Money, which is a great price for a home game, with Tottenham priced at around 11/4, although I think more sensible neutral punters are more likely to choose another Derby Draw at around 5/2 in most markets.

But I am feeling quietly confident in Arsenal starting off in their usual scintillating style and will not only beat our North London rivals, I am expecting us to be so far ahead by half-time that they will have no chance of getting back into the game.

So my bet will be on Arsenal to be winning at Half Time and Full time at a nice 5/2, and to be eact, I think 2-0 at HT and 2–1 at Full Time, so I’ll have a small bet on that at about 7/1…

What do you think?

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  1. Spuds have scary attackers and they just need to invite our players into their area, so they’d likely score at least one goal. 2 – 1 for Arsenal’s win makes sense

    1. U are always scared of spurs……. We will beat them confortably, partey will neutralise their attackers threats with d help of saliba. Jesus will destroy their defence with his superman strength. And martineli & Saka eat of d remains

      1. Kane is one of the best CFs in the world and Son has proven many times that he is a world-class predator outside the penalty box, so we’d most likely concede at least once

        We’ll need to score first, to force Spuds to come out

        1. Gai, as good as Kane and Son are they have been kept quiet in certain games. I believe Arsenal have learnt from their defeat to ManU Arteta is an intelligent coach. Beside Spurds never finds it easy at Emirate Stadium, their unbeaten run will end when they meet Arsenal. Saliba is no Rob Holding that got Red last term we met.

  2. Spurs will be like manutd only much better than them in counters. It will all depend on whether we manage to score 1st and NOT be wasteful in front of goal.

    1. Jesus could be provoked and sent off.I have seen Rvp sent off for the most stupid reason
      in the cl final.
      Same with the spudz.
      If Arsenalhave 11 guys they will win

    2. Saliba is as important as Partey right now. With him you can expect a 9/10 performance most times, none of our CB’s give that confidence. He doesn’t easily get beaten in duels and is good aerially. Any potential title charge means playes like him must stay fit. He is currently irreplaceable and I see him as making the most impact so far in the team.

  3. I feel more confident of beating spurs at home than Man Utd away. 3-0 to us easily imo with that crowd behind us and the team being extremely motivated…💪

  4. Spurs like the other top teams haven’t settled yet. They usually struggle in the first half and are very suspect in defense. More numbers in defense is what actually helps them. Where they excel is on the counter and when they recover the ball in midfield. If Arsenal get the first goal then Spurs’ best result is probably a draw. However, I think if Arsenal take their chances and apply pressure the game can be ended in the first half like the last time. It’s my hope that Arteta will play our best players.

  5. Well facts, rather than mere opinion make us strong favourites.

    Betfairs latest odds are approx 11/10 for an Arsenal win and just short of 3/1 for Spuds. Which means we are considered almost, but not quite, three times more likely to win than are Spuds.
    The draw is around 5/2. Based on the professional bookies odds, which are close to those of Betfair, overall, what matters are less of OUR opinions and more the odds given by seasoned professional compilers.

    Before giving my personal odds, now or even very soon, I WAIT TO SEE BOTH STARTING ELEVENS AND WHO IS ON, OR NOT ON, BOTH BENCHES.

  6. A match that could go either way
    Only bet i would consider is BTTS and that would be odds on so I’ll keep my money in my wallet

  7. Betting is a mug’s game.

    The result of the NLD may depend on who’s playing which depends on injuries, what happens in the international break etc so looking at odds now is a bit pointless.

    The worry for me in this game is the counter-attacking style Spurs play – that’s the only one to beat us so far at Man Utd. And we had fair warning of it when Man Utd did the same to Liverpool, so I’m concerned that we don’t seem to be able to counter the boring park-the-bus approach.

    I also agree that international football is boring. There are so few teams that have a chance at a WC. A lot of it is down to population size and economics – countries with 200 million people like Brazil have a lot of people playing football because, economically, most people’s prospects are poor, so football is the way out of poverty.

    The home nations got worse at international football when the prospects for peopel improved and education became a guaranteed way out of poverty.

      1. Not sure if you have had a problem with gambling in the past IDKWIC,as you seem to have a problem with any article that talks about betting but calling anyone who as a flutter a mug is abit much .
        Have you ever been to the races for a day out and had a good drink and a few bets ?that’s not people that are mugs but people that want to let their hair down and have a laugh and a good time .
        What about 5-7millon people in the uk that bet on the lottery every week are they mugs aswell .
        Yes gambling is a problem for a few but it’s also a good time for others that don’t take it to seriously,it’s only a mugs game if you let it get out of control.

        1. YES DK, it is often said by many to be a “mugs game”. But so are many other things that many enjoy in life, quite harmlessly too.

          I’d say that we in society need to do more to protect those who are addicts – not only GAMBLING addicts, but drink, drugs and there are other addictions too, such as porn, which in naive or too young hands can do great harm, not only to the one watching either.

          But denying such pleasures to the MAJORITY who will get fun, relaxation, (which can be vitally important too) is foolishly draconian and harmful to society.

          So YES DAN, iT IS A “MUGS GAME” FOR A SMALL MINORITY , but NOT for most.

          As a believer in true democracy, I never believe in letting the tail wag the dog.
          Just my take. And yours too, it seems !

        2. Wild assertions again. I’ve never had any problem with gambling, largely because I realised early in life that you can’t win over time.

          The lottery is not “gambling” in the same sense as people who bet on football, horses, racing jellyfish or anything and everything. The lottery is (should be) a small outlay hoping for a potentially life-changing event for most – critically, this needs *only one win*.

          That said, almost all of them will never see that win. Those who spend large amounts on trying to win may be harming themselves and their families.

          We’re not talking about those who have “the occasional flutter” either (which generally means someone placing a small bet that they can easily afford, doing soon on rare occasions and not really minding much if they win or lose) – shifting the discussion to straw man territory is one of your trade marks but it doesn’t wash with people who pay attention.

          Pat said that he’s “a betting man” and *that* is what I’m discussing. Anyone betting with bookies over time *will* lose, that’s as certain as the sun rising yesterday.

          1. IDKWIC, Dont know whether ot not your knowledge of gambling extends to knowing about trading odds, when they move either up or down.

            Perhaps you don’tknow about that aspect. It is still gambling in one way but not gambling as many people understnd gambling to be. It involves taking a longer, perhaps season long, serie of stakesof both back and lay bets on a clubs chances of, say, Arsenel making top four or not, as the case may be.

            I know a great deal about trading odss and almost always that is what I DO AND I DO make money, though I ALSO HAVE LOSING TRADES.



            I use the phrase “trading odds” which is what it is. Though as it involves risk,it is also gambling. Depends how much or how little you know about the whole subject.

            Not wise to judge others unless you REALLY know and it seems to me that you cannot possibly know enough to make that statement , even though it is TRUE for ALMOST ALL people.

            1. We’re talking here about gambling, normally via bookies (on sports events and such). Trading commodities, shares etc is a different matter. I’m very familiar with those aspects of life.

              However, there’s a world of difference between trading (short-term) and investing (long-term view).

              Over time, investors can all gain, or pretty much. Trading is a different beast, it’s a zero-sum game which means there will be winners and losers with the net effect being zero (less trading costs extracted by the service providers).

              From what you say, it seems that your activites are not that though, they’re just a form of gambling. I hear a number of gambling people say that they make profits but most of them don’t keep records, it’s only their gut feel that tells them that they win, or they can’t produce such records, or they decide that some bets don’t count because… it was raining and it was Tuesday.

              You just have to look at the profits of bookies and realise that their money didn’t come from thin air to work out that gambling is a mug’s game.

              I also have a deep understanding of statistical analysis, including probability theory – and the ways in which is it used (abused?) by gambling firms to ensure that they win.

              It shouldn’t be necessary though – anyone looking at a roulette wheel *should* be able to see instantly that the probabilities have been stacked against them. The presence of that green Zero means the house takes everything 1 in every 37 spins. American wheels even have the cheek to add a double-zero, so they keep 1 in 18.

              But still people play it – some of them sit there day after day, wondering why they lose! The only reason it’s legal is for fear of driving it underground – and historically because of the taxes paid by betting companies, although now they cheeky gits have largely moved offshore to avoid UK tax.

              When a bookie offers you “odds” on something, it’s not the real odds (probability) of that event occurring, it’s a made-up number that largely reflects how much money they want to take on that event to ensure that they win (viewed across all bets on that particular subject).

              1. P.S. I’ve mentioned this stuff more than once here because I try to help other people to see when they’re being ripped off. And with the betting industry, they are being ripped off.

                I realise that most people will make excuses to keep doing it – or perhaps some are just not capable of understanding – but if it helps a couple of people see the light then it’s worth it.

                1. @idky
                  Just as an interesting aside I have been betting on Arsenal to be winning at half time and full time in every game this season. That is a he’ll of a lot of profit my friend…

  8. It won’t be an easy fixture for both team, I see a very low scoring boring match, I think a team will win by a lone goal via a penalty ….

    I only see arsenal scoring from the penalty spot

  9. The game against Manchester United confirmed that we are not well-drilled to cope with fast counter-attack. Unless MA has addressed this, we could be caught on our heels against spuds. I seriously hope that we can nick a goal early as it may deter Spurs from going gung-ho on counter-attacking football.

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