Early League fixtures kind to Arsenal

The Gunners had a terrible start to the last Premier League campaign after a lot of the Arsenal players were suffering from a ‘World Cup hangover’, and Arsene Wenger has already said that Alexis Sanchez will be getting a month off after his Copa America exploits this summer.

So it is good to see that Arsenal’s first month fixtures next season are reasonably easy to ease ourselves into a comfortable start to our race for the title. Our very first game is a home match against West Ham on August the 8th, followed by a short trip to Crystal Palace before our first difficult fixture against Liverpool at the Emirates…

Barclays Premier League fixtures 2015-16

8 Sat H West Ham United
15 Sat A Crystal Palace
22 Sat H Liverpool
29 Sat A Newcastle United

12 Sat H Stoke City
19 Sat A Chelsea
26 Sat A Leicester City

3 Sat H Manchester United
17 Sat A Watford
24 Sat H Everton
31 Sat A Swansea City

7 Sat H Tottenham Hotspur
21 Sat A West Bromwich Albion
28 Sat A Norwich City

5 Sat H Sunderland
12 Sat A Aston Villa
19 Sat H Manchester City
26 Sat A Southampton
28 Mon H A.F.C. Bournemouth

2 Sat H Newcastle United
12 Tue A Liverpool
16 Sat A Stoke City
23 Sat H Chelsea

2 Tue H Southampton
6 Sat A A.F.C. Bournemouth
13 Sat H Leicester City
27 Sat A Manchester United

1 Tue H Swansea City
5 Sat A Tottenham Hotspur
12 Sat H West Bromwich Albion
19 Sat A Everton

2 Sat H Watford
9 Sat A West Ham United
16 Sat H Crystal Palace
23 Sat A Sunderland
30 Sat H Norwich City

7 Sat A Manchester City
15 Sun H Aston Villa

Read more at http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20150617/arsenal-to-host-west-ham-on-opening-day#QOPwS2X9omIgVOj0.99


  1. We have to start better than we did this year (last year…? whatever). We need to win the games in the first month.

    1. Lets hope our men, specially Alexis get back to London in one healthy pieces after their international duties. And lets hope AW will DOING THE RIGHT THINGS AT THE RIGHT MOMENT. The fixtures provide us even better, and I fell there will be no room for any excuses. We must get the title next season. COYG!!!!

    2. “Next season, we start at home and end at home….that should be 6points in the bag, what we do between should be interesting”

        1. I remember 3 points against Villa a couple of seasons ago should “have been in the bag”. Really need to be switched on every game with a killer instinct. We need to start the season like champions and carry forward that momentum into key games like Chelsea away. Really no room for excuses if we want to paint a picture of progress this season.

    3. Key to us winning the EPL 2015/16 :- 1.)Buying top quality players 2.)Having a strong start and finishing very strongly.3.)Have more variation in tactics especially against top 3 teams.4.)High motivation and confidence level.

    4. There you go again,easy games there is no easy games only when the final whistle goes and the score is 4/0 then it was easy West ham and Palace will be tough and that’s how it should be. It’s looking good for us only in the fact we have a strong squad and fit. After the Charity shield will be a view of what is to come but this has to be the best start we have had in years so let’s enjoy CB

  2. I can say that I am going into this new season a bit more confident than the past few seasons….We just need 3 players….Cech, Kondogbia, Benzema/Higuain/or any 30 goal a season striker….

  3. I completely agree with you. Cech, kondogbia and A world class striker. The fixturrs looks kind truly. Buzzing for the nee season. Up gunners

  4. INDISCIPLINE! how does a renowned player in the middle of an ongoing copa america tournament…..hit a casino with a wife….get drunk and crash a $500miL+ ferrari?

  5. judging my the Mou swap theory…. I am not desperate for Cech (tho i rate him highly) ……. But if he so wishes to come to Arsenal….he should foil Mou’s swap plans……hand in a Request….. And order an immediate transfer…… He ain’t a Kid

  6. Tough games
    well spaced.
    Fist half of the
    season is easier.
    Game 3 Liverpool (H)
    Game 6 Chelsea (A)
    Game 8 Utd (H)
    Game 10 Everton (H)
    Game 12 Spurs (H)
    Game 17 City (H)
    Need to be 6 -7 points clear
    at the start of the new Year

    1. Just need consistency throughout the season 6-7 points clear at Christmas is a stupid statement. You can’t do anything about the form of other teams other than beat them when you play them but that won’t stop another team winning all their other matches. That kind of expectation is ridiculous but I suppose it sets you up nicely for some mid season moaning because your expectations aren’t being met.

  7. If he don’t buy some players we could lose a few. West Ham will be buzzing with new blood and new manager. And they have everything to play for next season because of the new stadium. I wish AW would play very tight football
    BFG to be dropped to the bench and world class to replace him.

  8. I told u not to do business with the Greater Portuguese Gob. See his back door approach for the Ox or Walcott. He is a fully paid member of the slimeball club.He didn’t worry what happened to Cech when he P****d off to RM but now doesn’t want him to come to us unless either of those players are part of the deal.
    Wenger should say you can have those two and we’ll have Cech and Hazard. TOUCHE!

    1. All we have to do regarding cech is offer the 10 mill sit back and leave it to him to force the move and maureen can do nothing about it as it is out of his hands we will get cech and maureen will get f..k all! Ha Ha

  9. The problem with wenger is that he callapse b4 he starts or callapse b4 he finishes,hope this will change.Jose says he want Ox or Theo to release cech no you can keep your cech! Listening to the Nigerian billionaire who wants to buy arsenal interview with bbc,man says there is club policy that afc cant be sold to an african but he says money has no colour he means business!

  10. We ain’t getting sh/t!

    Maybe some more Beilik type players for the future who cost 500 quid plus a case of burgandy.

  11. January is the only difficult on paper month, and the timing with it being just after christmas makes it sit out from rest. Other than that i am very pleased with our fixture list.. oh and the city game penultimate should be interesting, i hope.

    Great news hearing Cech could be the real deal coming to Arsenal.

    I just hope that we get a striker no matter what. Giroud has improved and he is a good player but even he would admit the need if he was looking on from a spectators view.

    This C Bacca rumour, he hasnt been mentioned on here yet so i wouldnt know where to begin, is he any good. He keeps Martinez out of Colombian side but not sure if that tells much. I havnt seen him play yet either nor looked up his clips, i dont want to start scouting him then find out it was a waste of time because there is no truth with rumour. Id be interested to hear from some more well informed fans and get their point of view.

  12. Not bad at all although most big games are away in the second half of the season. The most difficult games are spread nicely which should give us some breathing space. I would be interested to see how all of this fits with the ECL fixtures.

  13. If we get a Top quality striker, top DM and Cech, there is no reason why we can’t challenge for 1st

    Even if we don’t sign any players we can still challenge for 4th but probably not even 3rd because I expect Chelski, Shitty and Manure to strengthen considerably

  14. We should have 15 points by the Chelsea away game. We NEED to start well, even without Alexis for a few matches. Hopefully we will have Alexis by Chelsea game.

    Seriously a bad start = 4th place

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