Early predicted Arsenal line-up to face Tottenham on Sunday

It is a little early in the week to be putting out a predicted Arsenal line up to face Tottenham on Sunday but the intention is not to be like some sage able to second guess Unai Emery but rather to create debate on what team the Spaniard should go with.

Hopefully, he will not go with the maniacal diamond formation and ignore the dangers that Tottenham can present down the flanks.

It is also a little difficult to totally predict the line up with Nacho Monreal possibly leaving the Emirates this week, however, I would not have him as the left wing-back anyway, that role would be reserved for Sead Kolasinac.

Anyway, here is my predicted starting line-up


That seems to me to be the very strongest eleven that Emery can field, it takes care of the flanks, has toughness and creativity in the midfield, Lacazette in the middle up front with Aubameyang and Pepe on the wings with the freedom to come inside as required.

Obviously, Emery will surprise us and the chances of either Guendouzi or Xhaka being included are there, also it would be unwise to rule out Ozil and even Mkhitaryan, I mean, he does love to put out bewildering line-ups on occasions.

So there you have my prediction, what are your thoughts?


  1. I think that’s the strongest lineup available but I’m sure the pictures Xhaka has of emery and the sheep will gain him a starting place

  2. Leno

    High chance Xhaka would end up starting

    1. Leno

      Cellebos needs to play in the deeper role causing problems like Santi did..

  3. Because he loves Xhaka and he seems to prioritize Willock’s development, I predict:

    Maitland-Niles . Sokratis . Luiz . Kolasinac
    ……………Willock ……… Xhaka
    Pepe …………….. Ceballos ……… Aubameyang
    ………………… Lacazette

  4. Sadly, we all know that for some reason Xhaka is guaranteed to start unless injured.

    This is the one case where every pundit and fan is in agreement in their surprise at this state of affairs.

    So you can substitute him for Willock unfortunately. If Torreira is for some bizarre reason again rested, then you may also add Guen to the lineup. And Ozil may replace Ceballos as AM if we go 4-2-3-1.
    It is a home game, so perhaps he will not have a ‘cold’.

  5. Happy with that line up!
    Also happy that it looks like Sanchez is off to Inter. Wonder if we’ll see another stomach churning video of him playing the piano ?
    5 goals in 45 appearances… a poor return.. i thought he left us, to win everything with them ?

    1. @Sue
      In all fairness, dude was a workhorse who was at his best when playing for us. Even though he was off playing for his country and winning as well. Seems the choice was between him or Ozil. I think we should have kept him.

    2. Sue, Sanchez is still stuck with united I think he will come back next season unless inter can pay his salary because from what I read on skysport, he’s agent refused compulsory buy clause which to me sound like a very good idea money wise. So unless he has a very very excellent season in inter I think he will come back to united even if it means sitting on the bench and collecting that 500k.

  6. Does anyone have any news about Ozil? It’s all gone silent out there.

    I know it’s not related to the post, but just wanted to know. Google doesn’t throw up any news.

    1. I think ozil issues is bigger than just emery,their must be something going on they are not telling us.

  7. Am beginning to dislike Emery so much because of his obsession for xhaka and I just want him to be sacked .

  8. LENO





  9. even a crazy person knows that torreira deserve to be starting at this point in time.i just hope Mr Emery will not make us a laughingstock this season again with is deluded way of thinking

  10. what arsenal defence needs is calmness Luiz is a distruction and no different from Sokratis. I would go with Chambers. and with his tendency to play attacking football at the emirates stadium my line up would change slightly

    MTN Chambers Sokratis Kolasinac

    Toreira Xhaka

    Pepe Ozil Aubamiyang

    with this system ozil will be able to play his best football for arsenal as he will have quick players ahead of him who will create room for him to find pockets of spaces to make that killer passes he does so often

  11. Sorry guys after Liverpool game I hate Emery because of bizarre line-ups he always come up with,even this coming Sunday lets not be surprise if we don’t see Pepe,Ceballos,Torreira and Auba in the line-up

  12. My fear now is that Emery will bottle it and play Xhaka. What we learned at the weekend is Emery is not courageous. I think the team you have suggested is fine although I would rather see Guendouzi than Willock, purely on the basis that Guendouzi recycles the ball so well. What I am beginning to see is that Emery ‘bottles’ it and that I find difficult to accept, particularly at Arsenal. It may not be that long before Freddie becomes manager.

  13. GuardianAngel,

    Your prediction seems the most likely considering the currently love affairs between Unai and Xhaka notwithstanding his current form

  14. Very happy with that lineup
    Wish Montreal would stay this season but Kolsanic will be fine until Tierney is ready

    Niles.. Luiz..Sok.. Kolsanic
    ….Torreira.. Wilock
    Pepe.. Lacazette..Aubameyang

    Very attacking but Torreira instead of Xhaka as DM.

  15. Emery will give an update on the state of the Gunners during his press conference likely tomorrow. During which he’ll give the latest information on Ozil’s situation. I think it’s better to wait after his presser before us will have the hint of the direction he’s likely to take for the Arsenal home match against Spurs on Sunday in the PL.

    Nevertheless admini Martin, your Arsenal starting XI looks very strong and if adopted by Emery for the Spurs match, they should beat them. But us all know Emery with his constant tinkering with Arsenal starting XI and set-up for PL matches which have not been stable and often a times has led to Arsenal struggling in matches in the PL.

  16. If Monreal is to leave after the Spurs game, then I’d definitely start him because he deserves an important game to finish his Arsenal career on. He’s been arguably our most consistent player since joining, and I’ve always been a fan.

    I’d like to see:


    But we all know Xhaka will start. Mind boggling that Wenger, and now Emery cannot see it?

  17. Emery is very disappointing, the line-up he made against Liverpool shows that he is not fit for big league. He showed up to the game afraid ordering the team to play in their own box, that was a defeated mentality. He should have planed to attack, knowing that the best defense is to attack. He didn’t have plan A nor plan B, so the game was won between managers and Klopp was way superior. I’ve no confidence on Emery, he just does not understand the game, he is no better than Wenger. He should learn from Liverpool, the 3 strikers always start together, no matter who they play against, adjustment is made in the mid-field to control opponents. Cebalos, Ganduzi and Torriera should be the 1st choice. The front 3 must start every game unless there is injury.

  18. Xhaka will start… wouldn’t matter if he’d been sidelined for a month, he’d still walk straight into the team ?

    Is Monreal really going?? Can’t see anything on Sky top 10 whispers.. only in the dodgy tabloids, like the s*n, the metro etc…

  19. If Arsenal ever want quick incisive passing then Mkitaryan has to be in starting 11… Please quit with this young players nonsense!!! It will never work.

    Strongest 11: 4-2-3-1


    This is the lineup that this coward manager had to field against Liverpool to get a minimum of 1 point.

    1. Miki has been an awful signing, and was shocking against Newcastle. He and Luiz are some of our most experienced players, yet they’ve easily been the worst performers. So I wouldn’t be so dismissive of our youngsters.

    2. You’re mad you mate. Did you see Mkhi’s last game and how much he lost the ball…he was far from incisive.

  20. I want to see Auba,Laca, Pepe play together for this game and torreira, that’s all I want the rest I’ll leave it to unai!we will concede goals but at as long as we outscore them I have no problems!

  21. I think if Emery deploys 4 at the back it would be
    AMN. Luiz. Sokratis. Kolasinac
    Xhaka. Guenduozy/Torreira
    Pepe. Ceballos. Auba

    I know that Xhaka is not a favorite here but I think he’s played as a deep playmaker,no 6 duty, something that Torreira or Guenduozy cannot do.
    Maybe Willock can slot in that position, but I don’t think Emery would choose him over Xhaka.
    As for Ceballos, this will be a chance for Emery to see whether Ceballos is more no 10 or no 8 player. After that hopefully Emery will have clear picture of what formation and tactic that suits his regularly chosen starting XI

  22. Serious question: Is there ANY Gooner who thinks Xhaka should start matches for us. I have not seen a single pro Xhaka post for ages, I am relieve to note. Any twit prepared to put their head up above the parapet to be, correctly, shot down? I could equally well have asked “why is Xhaka at Arsenal at all?” Answer: In the first place, Wenger. In the second place, Emery. He seems to be suffering with the same delusion about him as did WENGER. Anyone got any other possible explanation for this madness, NOW shared by TWO MANAGERS? This is a serious question, because I cannot see a single use in Xhaka at all!

  23. __________leno_________





  24. Sorry but Monreal must play if he’s still here. Kolasinac just does not cut it at fullback, wingback he’s marginally better but not in a back four.
    Who the hell is going to replace Monreal when he’s gone I don’t know as Tierney won’t play till at least October. I’m wondering if he’ll put AMN at left back again if Bellerin is close to a return. Also Holding could be back in week or so. Anyway, who knows as Emery’s picks are always a bit of a surprise.

  25. Up Gunners.
    This new squad of Arsenal is good enough to compete with the best teams in England this season.Inspite of the loss to Liverpool Arsenal can still challenge the Title. I saw the loss coming when i saw the Line ups before kickoff.
    Arsenal can win the league with right selection.

    The invincible Team 2
    4-3-3 Formation

  26. After his woeful display against Liverpool , how could Emery possibly justify playing Luiz when he has already made the mistake of leaving out Chambers, who was excellent against Newcastle?.

  27. It all comes down to the result.
    Win and the fans will praise the new “Messiah” on fire.
    Lose and the fans will invite the “mess-ire” to get on the fire 🙂

  28. Whatever our feelings might be, Emery is the coach and he is the one who selects the team. Our feelings may not necessarily be in line with his assessment of the players. He stays close to them and knows them more intimately; hence we should give him the benefit of the doubt. Obviously as fans we also express our feelings which he may accept or disregard. My appeal to Admin is that he should send a copy of justarsenal.com to Emery on a daily basis so that he can have a clear understanding of our feelings. It is pointless to express our feelings which don’t reach the concerned people. It will do us a lot of good if Emery and the Board get to know our feelings regularly. Perhaps they will start to be conscious of our sentiments and maybe begin to act on some of them.

  29. I’d say Xhaka will play with Torriera and one of Willock or Guendouzi will play where Ceballos is. Ceballos might play but I think he will be one of the game-change subs because Laca has to start with Auba and Pepe. Ceballos – Martineli – Mkhit – Ozil – Will/Gundzi ..as subs that can change things a bit if needed. The midfield could be a battle ground, it’s usually a lot of 50/50 scrapping for every loose touch. If Luiz starts he has to show us why he was brought over, he won’t get many bigger chances than a home game v Totts.

  30. Happy with that attack and midfield, but Luiz gives me the shits, I feel like we`re on a knife edge all the time he`s out there !……..it could be worse, we could have Mustafi partnering him ! 😆

    1. Luiz does look iffy to say the least Chambers is a much steadier and calmer player for a game of this intensity.

  31. What is this obsession ppl have with willock and nelson, he is bang avg. I would prefer ceballos partnered with torreria or guendouzi with ozil infront if them. Gaundozi n ceballos give us more than willock.

  32. I think Nacho will leave Sue, and admins lineup is a good shout wether Nacho plays or kolasinac,but I have to agree with you on the Xhaka thing Sue, Emery will play him no matter what,he is in love with the guy, where was he again on Saturday,in the team somewhere on the pitch but I hardly saw him,Its time Unai to end this love affair.

    1. Thanks Tommogun58.. surprised by the Nacho news – just seemed to have come out of nowhere!
      He (Xhaka) drives me mad… the Brighton game, last season, was the final straw for me!

  33. Leno
    Midland diktats Luis kosanic
    Torreila cebrose xhaka
    Aubmuyang lacazete Pepe.

    Unai should know this is premier league not Germany those things of benching senior prayers when not injured that’s why Liverpool harmerd us, he should style up and don’t become big headed bellow are prayers who must appear in the first 11
    The rest he can make his decesion

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