Early Sheffield United v Arsenal player news and updates

Tierney to start and Sheffield United confident of victory

The international break is almost over and we can return to club football and the upcoming Sheffield United Arsenal match.

The biggest news for Arsenal fans is that Kieran Tierney will start against the blades according to the Scottish press. There are also reports that Hector Bellerin and Rob Holding will also feature.

Mesut Ozil played in a behind closed door game against Reading along with Holding and Bellerin and he could be a shock call up.

As for Sheffield United, they are giving late fitness tests to John Fleck, Oli McBurnie and David McGoldrick state FourFourTwo.

United boss Chris Wilder is full of confidence claiming that his side is feeling “bullish”.

“We are competitive and we fancy our chances,” Wilder said.

“We are bullish as you can obviously imagine because that is the approach that we take. As we were against Liverpool.

“The crowd have been absolutely amazing at home and that is not me rubbing their heads because they know how important it is for them to be on the front foot and make it hostile and noisy.

“The last manager who came here [Jurgen Klopp] commented on [the atmosphere] as well, which was a real pat on the back for the way our ground was set up and atmosphere inside it,” he added.

That is it for now but you can expect news ahead of the game to start flowing now the international break is coming to a close.


    1. Be calm Sue this is not a Wenger team, with tierney bellerin holding back in the first team, you will start seeing why Emery is the man, an sure you will fall in love with him soon 😃😃

      1. Yes it’s a fact that Wenger failed to make Arsenal go back to the top four in his last 2 seasons but don’t fotget the fact that he’s the one who makes Arsenal respected. He’s the reason why Arsenal have a lot of fans abroad. So have respect. Emery hasn’t given anything yet, instead he’s changed Arsenal’s beautiful attacking football into a boring one. As an Arsemal fan, it’s a complete joke if you consider him a lot higher than Wenger. Henry and Bergkamp were not that big when they came to Arsenal, and Wenger made them legends. Wait until Emery not just make us back into the top four but also highly respected by other teams, then you can proudly suggest others to love your idol.

        1. When he was referring to asene we all know that he men’t his last year at the club and the team he left. this site has become so boring and full of arguments everybody struggling to make his opinions and view look more superior. Every article written fans ends up whinning about emery,wenger,formations,how we play the worst football in europe. And hearing this in every article has become so boring

        2. @Not a coach

          You’re right, that no way can Emery be considered higher than Wenger as of yet, and that Wenger played a huge role in enhancing the clubs reputation globally.

          But you can also not deny, that Wenger undid so much of that good work over years. Put simply, were Arsenal a laughing stock domestically and in Europe when Wenger took over? Because we certainly were when he left.

          1. I wish Wenger is incharge with these determined players. The likes of Ozil, Tierney, Holding, Auba, Laca, Bellerlin and Torreira.very nice players

        1. OG-You have missed the irony that was intended to @LeonHappy.
          He was saying to Sue “ Emery is the Man.Am site you will fall in love with him soon”.
          Like most fans I am baffled by his non-existent tactics and difficult to fathom team selections.
          So OG- what I meant and what I said were the polar opposite

      2. Ok @LeonHappy-I take comfort that Watford anialated an Emery team a few weeks ago.And where exactly ate Watford in the League? Ah that’s right.Rock bottom

    2. Sue, as it’s on tv, we will all be able to witness the tactics, the defence, the selections and the results…especially now that UE has a full contingent (lacs maybe?)
      Just hope that xhaka isn’t scared again!!!

      Just thought you might be interested that, after the closed door game, Ozil is being touted as having a chance to start the game…if he does, the fitness gurus at our club deserve rhe OBE, having transformed him from a deadbeat to a starter in just a week!!!
      UE might even make him captain – if we lose guess what?!?!

      Another poll on readarsenal taking place regarding his future Sue, it’s where our fans think he will go in January.

      28% say out on loan
      35% say permanent deal
      37% say he is staying

      Not one of the comments are from justarsenal contributers as far as I could tell. I would say that our new and supposedly 100% fit superhero (if he is selected), still divides opinion down the middle.

      Am still waiting for TMJW to answer my offer a season ticket for the day in the North Bank and if he accepts, god knows what the reaction will be if Ozil plays.
      I guess AW, UE and Ozil will feature heavily over a cup of coffee and a hotdog!!

      Looking forward to his reply, actually as we are both gooners at heart, it should be great fun!!!

      1. Yes and the bizarre substitutions, Ken?!
        Haha, that is exactly what I was getting at – Xhaka being scared (I’m dreading the 2nd half 😆)
        I’ll be amazed if Ozil does start, Ken.. I bet he doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going.. he’s in, he’s out, he’s captain, he’s crap, he’s useless, he’s not wanted, he doesn’t try, he can play behind closed doors.. baffling! Omg I’m braced for IF he does play, it goes pear shaped – because Xhaka’s scared – and we lose.. cue the onslaught!!
        I must say, Ken.. I do love your comments, especially the OBE part, you’re such a funny guy! 👍

      2. Ken, Sue and others did you see my comment on the David Ornstein transfer article regarding Kevin Campbell’s “rumour” regarding Mezut Ozil’s training. Please watch the discussion between Kevin Campbell and Lee Judges on AFTV.

  1. They lost by only 0-1 to Liverpool so we need to put out our best lineup because they seem to be a tough team to get a goal against at their Home

    1. Innit, are you doubting that UE will not put out his best line up then?

      Why would he do that, we are third in the league and only one point behind city- we have a fantastic attack, at least as good as pools and as lenohappy says, it is not Wengers team (could be a lot of his signings though) so let’s go and attack, attack, attack.

      1. 😂😂😂 I just imagine if they were Manchester United’s fans. Say, Ferguson stayed 2 seasons longer and failed like Wenger, then he was replaced by Solksjaer and he had a great start like he had last season. I’m pretty sure that they would’ve loudly said that Solksjaer were greater than Ferguson.

      2. Also what is this love affair with Liverpool on this website
        It’s Liverpool this Liverpool that ,you would think we had some closet Liverpool fans on here the way they go on about them .

      3. you’re INTENSE HATRED for Emery is ridiculous.

        Emery hardly ever puts out our best team. That’s a problem I have with.
        He loves Xhaka too much

        If he had replaced Xhaka with Ceballos we probably could have beaten United.

        So YES I do doubt Emery will put out our best team

        But it does say something

  2. We make a mountain out of everything this is arsenal not Liverpool, a team that liverpool won by a single goal can still be trashed by city and vise visa , chelsea beating wolves by 5:2 wolves beating city by 2:0 and city can still beat chelsea comfortably you never can tell, whats my point every game is a different opponent and a different approach so it doesn’t matter what matters is how well you play on that day i can agure that even thou Sheffield lost by a single goal that does not make them better than Burnley who lost to pool by 3:0 just by looking at the table

  3. A few well-deserved yellow cards and a red card might take the ‘bullishness’ out of these overzealous lot.

    That they fell to Liverpool by a lone goal and are feeling ‘bullish’ doesn’t mean they won’t be well beaten by Arsenal.

    I hate it when people always sound like we should be shaking in our boots before every match. They stretched Liverpool. So what? We are the Arsenal and we locked and loaded.

    They better be ready for some lessons in respect.

    1. Hopefully Emery will take the handbrake off and let them attack attack attack!

      Otherwise if he goes with his 3 DM setup we’ll struggle to get a grip on the game and be chasing them for 90 min.

      If we can break their press with an attack heavy lineup I like our chances; 3-1. If we go 3 DM, then probably 1-1.

    2. Gunnerphilic, have you seen who the ref is?

      The evergreen mike dean, so I suspect any red and yellow cards – deserved or not – will be coming our way!!!

      At least VAR will stop some of his over zealous actions.

  4. So now Bellarin,Tierney and Ozil participated in behind the scenes game so am guessing that they will be ready for the Europa game coming up. 🤣😂🤣

  5. Ken, where has anyone blamed Ozil; you’re pre-empting things a bit.
    I ask again can you take a look at the Kevin Campbell – Lee Judges discussion on AFTV please?

  6. Ozil interview almost made me cry, such a gentleman and a fan, he said he’s an Arsenal fan and that this is his home and he loves it here am sure 350k weekly have something to do with that.

  7. Predicted “reactions” to the result on this site:

    Arsenal win 3-1 – Lucky Emery has come across an early draft of AW’s autobiography explaining how Arsenal should actually play in away games (and by the way, sack Emery)

    Arsenal win 2-0 – Freddie Ljungberg was actually the one responsible for team selection and tactics (and by the way, sack Emery)

    Arsenal win 1-0 – We play so boring, and just look at how empty Emirates Stadium was (never mind it was an away game) + (and by the way, sack Emery)

    Draw – Emery is a clueless idiot, if he only had used one of the 117 different line-ups suggested, we would have won 5-0 (and by the way, sack Emery)

    Loss: Sack Emery !!!!

    1. This is the most sensible comment I’ve seen 🤣🤣🤣.

      UE will pick the side HE (not WE) believes can do the job. Absolutely none of us will agree to the entire team, but please let’s not castigate the man before we even have a result to discuss.

      1. 👍 I recommend everyone look at the recent Kevin Campbell – Lee Judges discussion re Mezut Ozil’s fitness on AFTV.

  8. Everyone knows that this is our strongest 11… No rocket science.


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