Early Tottenham v Arsenal preview with predicted score

A lot has been made about Tottenham this season under Ange Postecoglou and they are certainly having a better campaign than they did last season but they are not as good as some seem to think they are.

Spurs built up their points in the first ten games of the season when they were a bit of an unknown quantity, however, ever since the wheels came off against Chelsea they have been very inconsistent and to some degree, have been found out.

That said, they are, of course, a good side with some decent players but if Arsenal afford them too much respect it could be costly, they really do not deserve to be held in the same regard as Arsenal despite having home advantage.

Arsenal has been in brilliant form in 2024, Tottenham have not, Arsenal’s key men are all in excellent shape, Tottenham’s are not, Arsenal have momentum, Tottenham do not. These are all facts, not some sort of partisan opinion.

Yes, form can go out of the window when it comes to derbies but most of the time, the better team tends to win and in this case, it is Arsenal that is the better team and by some margin.

Tottenham must be respected and we cannot be complacent but if we play our game as we have done so often this season then it would take a monumental effort from Spurs to stop us and I do not see that happening.

Before knowing any team news or injury updates I am predicting a comfortable 3-1 win for Arsenal and if I am honest, I would be stunned if we do not win.

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  1. I am certain Arsenal will win the game. We drew with them early season when Arsenal were still trying to settle down. A game in whichFabio Viera played in our midfield and KHavertz still going through some paches at Arsenal. It’s a totally different context now. Arsenal is the inform side that plays with no fear in away games.
    The momentum for us is high with Pathey who would be more ready for the game. It will be tough considering it’s a derby but it’s a win for Arsenal.

  2. Arsenal Win but going to be very tough match to win for 3 reasons: 1. it’s a derby 2. Spurs are at home. 3. Spurs are 4th so a decent side in decent position

    We need to play like we played against Chelsea and not Villa, obviously lol

  3. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Two bitter rivals, each with something to play for. Arsenal the league and Spurs 4th place CL qualification. The team that shows up and wants it more, takes home the spoils. Hope it’s us…Jus sayin

  4. I think it will be tougher than some think, and spuds have reasons to push and challenge us.

    Hopefully they continue playing such a high line defensively where we can hit them on the counter.

    I would consider Martinelli to start on the left for his pace and counter attacking their high line.

    Partey makes our midfield so composed and solid, he simply has to start.

    Question is LB. I would go with Tomiyasu, but not be upset if it’s Kiwior.

    Please not Zinchenko at LB. That’s a red flag; he’s so weak defensively and always has a mistake in him.

  5. Next stop is three points lane, no one said this one will be easy, but I fail to understand why so many fans are so nervous.

    Am far more comfortable now with the world class player back in the team.

    1. @Gunsmoke
      It’s more about being realistic than nervous. The lads still have to show up and do the business. Don’t think that Spur are gonna lie down for us at home, especially since we’re their bitter rivals. Jus sayin…

  6. If a blunt attack like Everton can beat Liverpool trio of danger men, then there is no reason why a sharp attack with Son, Maddison and Johnson cannot beat us. For us to win, we need to be defensively strong and then capitalize on their errors when they go Gung Ho at us in the last 15 minutes as they would have to if Aston Villa beat Chelsea.

      1. @ Vamos
        We definitely are not. We did not beat Aston Villa at home like Liverpool did.
        The match can go either way or a draw. It depends on who performs on the day as NYG correctly stated.
        We have to get only 1 result to stay in the title race.

    1. “No reason” eh? Presumably then,it has escaped your notice that our defence is BY FAR, the single best in the entire Prem?
      Personally, I call that a very good REASON!

      1. For Jon
        How do you explain with this best defence our loss to Aston Villa even though they had 2 less days of rest and travelled away for their match against us? How do you explain our loss to Bayern Munich (a poor team defensively according the Bundesliga)?
        In a one-off game it can go either way or go for a draw. It depends on the team that performs on the day, manages the emotions of a derby as just another match where we require 3 points, the luck of the calls by the refs and VAR.
        I never get ahead of myself. This is called ‘Keeping feet on the ground’.
        Of course as a Gunners supporter, I hope my fears are unfounded we get a positive result.
        I will take a deflected shot and a dubious penalty right now as long as we can restrict them to 1 goal.

        1. IGL You really are not trying to think seriously about what being a team with the best defence even means, are you!
          In REALTY it means that across the season we let in fewer goals than ALL other teams.

          In fact, 12 out of the other 19 Prem clubs have let in more than double our total.

          Naturally, in any one off game we can and do , SOMETIMES, THOUGH NOT AT OTHERS, LET IN A GOAL, OR OCCASIONALLY MORE THAN NONE.

          But thinkers IGL, proper serious thinkers, who use their brains before posting, are well aware that the CHANCES of CONCEDING more goals than we ought, in order to win at WHL are slim!!
          You also wrote, incorrectly, that “there is no reason….etc! I then pointed out one EXTREMELY GOOD REASON, which for reasons only you can figure, you did not accept as true. That is not THINKING properly IGL.

          1. For Jon
            I do not think you have understood the context of the words that have been said in the post. Which in my book lacks thinking.
            My answer to you is that we are in agreement. I think you are not a thinker. You believe the same of me.
            Let us leave it at that.

    2. Eleven reasons on the field, plus five from nine on the bench.
      I don’t think it will happen, but as you put it…😱

      1. For Jax
        I am not sure I understand. Your reasons could be for either team.
        I am talking of the over-confidence/ complacency of some of the fans.
        The performers take the spoils.

  7. Strange conversation above. Yes, we have the strongest defense in the league but at the same time we are far from invincible and against us even the weakest teams have been able to create chances on the counter attack, which thankfully more often than not they have fluffed. I also expecting a routine win but am not taking it as a given.

  8. I would recommend readers watch Ange Postecoglou’s pre-match presentation conference. He praised Arsenal and Mikel Arteta, addressed the importance to fans of the local Derby referencing the rivalry of Celtic and Rangers of which he was a part for 2 seasons, stated the difficulty of getting anything against Arsenal given the points disparity, but stressed that to him the win was important for points and league position not to disrupt Arsenal’s title chances. Unfortunately Arsenal let Spurs down, because they couldn’t do the business against Aston Villa.
    Ange Postecoglou and Tottenham Hotspur will be trying to win to demonstrate their progression this season, gain the points and rise up the league, as they will against Manchester City, even if this gives Arsenal the EPL trophy.
    Arsenal should win, but this Derby is always difficult regardless of the relative position of the rival clubs.
    For Martin Keown to state on Talksport that Spurs will tank the game against Manchester City to help them beat Arsenal to the League was a slur on Postecoglou. Every where he has managed he has played to win and is highly respected, even by Glasgow Ranger’s fans.
    COYG, but don’t lower ourselves by putting the opposition down. Arsenal has to show “class”. Ange Postecoglou certainly does in this interview.

  9. Similarly Mikel Arteta’s pre-match press conference was respectful and “class” as well.

  10. First the spuds are 5th.
    A fairytale is cooking…. We beat them 4 nil…. They beat City and we become the champions of England…COYG

    That’s how we became champions!!

    1. Wrong tense Obuche. You write as if it has already happened but both games are still to be played,even though one is only tomorrow.

      STILL in the future though and NOT yet happened.

      It MIGHT well happen . Equally it MIGHT not!

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