Earn the right and Arsenal WILL keep winning says Wenger

A few weeks ago Arsenal were issued a warning by Slaven Bilic, the new manager in charge of West Ham, and at the time he seemed to have a good point. His team would be much more fit and ready for the opening Premier League game of the season at the Emirates today, because they had an earlier start with some Europa League qualifiers.

Now, however, I reckon Bilic must be regretting his words because their recent games have not gone well. They scraped through the first round only to be knocked out by Romanian minnows Astra on Thursday, losing their key striker Enner Valencia while doing so.

So while our opponents today have won just one of their last five games, Arsenal have been putting all and sundry, including Chelsea, to the sword. And even though a good pre-season does not guarantee a good start, Arsene Wenger believes that as long as his players approach the game with the right attitude, we will be able to carry our recent form into the league season, as reported by the Arsenal website.

The boss said, “I couldn’t ask for a better preparation. Preparation breeds confidence so we can go into the season in a good shape. Now it’s about points, about performance, about efficiency, about togetherness and about heart. We have to earn the right to win the games through effort. Those are the qualities that will be tested now.”

So the players need to be confident without being over confident and assuming that the game is already won. But as long as they put in the effort, surely Mr. Bilic will be left with egg on his face as eats his words.

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    1. we will beat west ham am sure…we might even win the next 20 games but the question is..are we the only ones that will be winning matches in that period???…does the manager saying he shall not buy benzema mean that we have the strongest team in england???…we finished 3rd last season…what makes us think that after only buying Czech that we are the mightiest???…oooh and you say that it was the injuries..has wenger bought injury-proof bodies for the players???…i have to agree that we have a stronger squad than in the previous seasons but its no better than the other top teams…up to now i still can’t get why we had to leave our home and move to the emirates except maybe for the ridiculous ticket prices…the stadium should start paying us back by now

  1. Lets leave egg in face till after game, rather leave it all together.
    Remember Monaco and the many arrogant fans here, some of which predict the same result as then.

    Talking about egg in face, maybe even poop.

    1. @just trooling
      Exactly. Let’s just play our game and not underestimate the WH palyers/manager…

  2. Godfred Donsah calgilary ,,,,excuse my spelling, is one good young Dms available. very strong n intelligent. good vision n passing abilities

  3. @just trolling & by gunner, thank you just the comments I wanted to hear.
    Really irks me when we get arrogant fans who completely disrespect the opposition with their 3,4,5nil predictions, why oh why do we never learn!!!

    My prediction is a extremely tough game if we play top of our game & I mean top of our game we can win, just look at Chelsea yesterday as a prime example. Bilic is a good manager and boy will he have them fired up we must not underestimate them or he’s right Egg on face as we had quitr a few times last season for the so called “lesser teams” .

    My team
    Debach meet kosc morel
    Coq santi
    Ox ozil Walcott

    Alot may say wheres rambo but for me having 2 good wingers especially against teams who will sit back is essential in stretching the game and creating more space for our 2 maestros ozil n santi.

  4. I don’t care what some are saying,but i can dare believe. I want this BPL so much,that i don’t feel afraid of any team. Maybe some don’t want to mention it,but everyone wants a repeat of Aston Villa in the FA final. The gunners firing in all corners. I want that in every game this season…lets fight for it gunners.COYG

  5. I remember non Arsenal fans joking about us, telling things like, Arsenal won the fa cup and do celebrate like they won the Cl. Totally sums it up with our fanbase. Or lats say with the fans on this side. Bec where i come from, we are more down to earth.

    Currently Chelsea are Stronger then us, and City aswell. I do wait for more signing to comes bec right now we are the 3rd best team in England and no Cl matrial at all. That competition we have no chance to win at all.

    Wenger is bs when he says that we dont need a striker.

  6. Am I the only? Do you guys see we’ve never had a complete squad since the invincibles time??

    When we have a quality striker, the goalkeeper or DM is whack. When the GK is good, we don’t have a quality forward and vice versa.
    We are always lacking something season in season out.

    All teams are lacking even big teams but they usually lack a cover. E.g Chelsea lack a cover for Aziplicueta, Man United lack a cover for Wayne Rooney (although there’s Chica) but Arsenal, always lacking the main man!!! We need a quality striker ASAP. What we have in Walcott and Giroud are cover strikers.

  7. Arsene can be a frustrating guy that’s for sure, we can only wait (and hope) he has something up his sleeve. If Coq gets a lengthy injury I think it’ll lose us a good number of points as currently I don’t see a replacement. We should have gone in for Schneiderlin.

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