Eddie Howe believes Newcastle has improved even more since beating Arsenal last season

Last season Arsenal were trying hard ro try and gain a Champions League place, but it would appear that the pressure became too much for our young team and we lost out to Tottenham in the end.

One of our run-in games last May was at St. James Park, and Newcastle were on a very good run at the time, and confirmed their credentials by easily beating us 2-0.

This time around, the Toon can’t stop us from finishing in the Top Four, but they are in absolutely cracking form again, and ominously their coach Eddie Howe is certain they have improved even further since that game.

He told the NUFC website ahead of Sunday’s game: “I think it’s a different game. We’ve come a long way in that period of time and Arsenal have, so you’ll see two teams that have improved since that point.

“In terms of overall performance, I thought it was our best performance to that point. I thought we were really strong in our off the ball performance and very good, also, on the ball and we were creative against a very good team.

“Since then, we’ve eclipsed that this season, in terms of how we’ve played in certain games, but probably looking at this game knowing we’re going to have to replicate our best performance to win again.”

Looking at the way Newcastle have risen from flirting with relegation before the arrival of Eddie Howe, to now competing to be in next season’s Champions League just proves what an excellent manager Howe is.

Arteta will have his work cut out to match Howe’s tactics on Sunday, and it should be a very intriguing prospect in front of us when two of the most improved coachs come head to head on Sunday.

Come on you Gunners!!!!


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  1. Hopefully the fact they are at home time wasting won’t be an issue.

    But Arsenal must start strongly now that we are playing under no pressure, there has been a slight change in the gaffer stance as he eases fresh players in the team.

    1. Sorry my mistake Jesus has not scored as many as goals as I thought. More like 68 goals.

  2. Anyone who watched the game at The Emirates, will know it’s going to be a hard fixture.
    However, Newcastle NEED to attack us, as they look to cement their CL place and that should make a lot of difference.
    I just want to see Tierney in that GB position, as Newcastle do use their wings a lot.

    1. The game against Newcastle at the Emirates is the worst of the campaign in my opinion, the ball was only in play for 51 minutes.

      1. Newcastle has definitely been the most improved Premier league side of the season along with Arsenal. They not only win matches but also do it convincingly and has the power of coming back strongly after their blips. It’s going to be a great game and Arsenal has to play at its best to come home victorious.

  3. Gunsmoke, If we win I’ll be surprised. Looking forward to the game though, it’s almost like clash of the runner-up Titans. Eddie Howe has done an incredible job there and I don’t think even Guardiola could have achieved that turnaround so quickly. He’ll be England manager one day.
    Someone told me they were glad I’m not Arsenal’s manager because I suggested this team for the match :
    White, Gabriel (if fit), Kiwior, Tierney:
    Odegaard, Jorginho, Xhaka:
    Saka, Trossard, Martinelli.
    Partey is not at it at the moment so he can start on the bench, replacing Jorginho later if necessary.
    Jesus and Zinchenko on the bench too.
    If Jesus gets a game he must take up better positions in the box and stop crying all the time. Really we need a killer centre forward (old money) who has a real eye for goal. Decent as Jesus is, he’s not the one (though he has scored over 100 goals in the PL I think).
    Holding to come on to bolster the defence late on if we’re winning.
    Subs to be used depending on the state of the game ofcourse. I think there is a general fear about Partey not playing because he’s seen as a physical presence, but I think someone like Caciedo is a stronger, quicker, more mobile player and really hungry. Hopefully that’s for next season. Partey is a more cerebral player but I wonder if he has too much on his mind at the moment.
    Zinchenko can not be trusted to play LB on Sunday because he’d probably get roasted.
    Isak is on fire right now and can cause havoc on either wing or indeed straight down the middle. White will also have a torrid time. I’m not worried about the likes of Wilson though.
    Sorry for being so long-winded.

    1. Evgunner, that’s a good line up with all things considered.

      Jesus is not that week in week out number nine, not sure he was ever bought for that, he’s a younger version of Lacazette and to be honest a massive upgrade to the Frenchman.
      That goal God or attack bully will have to be in the form of Vlohovic.

      In my opinion Partey is the only genuine world class player on paper in the Arsenal outfit.
      Not sure what is happening behind the scenes, but at the moment he seems heavily distracted, this is a player I have been following near a decade.

      Of all the fanfare and noise about Rice, have not a single hint the gaffer likes him, Caicedo and Lacottelli are the gaffer type of ball playing midfielders.

      But forget about Newcastle form and where they currently sits in the table, forget about the absence of Saliba, the sheer fact Arsenal no longer under the pressure of being favorite they could spring a massive surprise.

      1. Gunsmoke, thanks for the reply, always good hearing from you…but do you ever sleep ? 1.39 a.m by then I had been in the land of Nod for an hour. Didn’t wake up until 11.36 this morning.

    2. @ EG
      It needs a double pivot in my view.
      3: Gabriel, Kiwior/Holding, Tierney
      4: White, Partey, Jorginho, Zinchenko
      3: Jesus, Trossard, Martinelli

      Come to the conclusion Saka needs a rest and should be brought on as a sub. Odegaard is good at the Emirates more than away.

      1. I am in full support with this line up. It’s high time saka gets a rest. The front three of Trossard, Jesus and Marti will cause a lot of havoc.

        Zin can play in the place of Jorginho while Tierney is behind.

      2. I am in full agreement with you on this line up simply because saka has been a bit off lately. A front 3 of trossard, Jesus and Marti will be welcomed.

        While Rob is paired on LB. Or Tierney and Zin in the place of LWB.

      3. I G L, your’s is decent too and I’m hoping that if Thomas plays he is really on his game. If he is, then we’ll be good, if he isn’t, we’ll be toast. Personally I still think Saka should play despite his recent malaise. Hopefully he’ll snap out of it.

  4. It’s unfair for Troussard not to start in all games. He can replace any of our 3 forwards and that doesn’t matter who it is to me. All our forwards have been phenomenal though. The left back position has caused all the disaster in our failures because Zinchenko isn’t a defender.
    Unfortunately that’s the person Arteta wants. So why not rest Xhaka and play him in Midfield osition?

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