Eddie Howe blames the ref for Newcastle’s defeat at Arsenal

Arsenal versus Newcastle: Eddie Howe complains By Sylvester Kwentua

On Saturday while Arsenal and Newcastle slugged it out on the pitch, with Arsenal ending up with an easy three points on the board.

During the game, Arsenal struggled to score a goal in the first half of the match, and for a moment, it seemed Newcastle were ready to give Arsenal a run for their money. However, when the goals started raining in the second half, a lot of Arsenal fans in the stadium became excited and started taunting the Newcastle’s fans who haven’t seen their team win any game yet this season.

But their new boss Eddie Howe defended his club, insisting his team only needed time to gel, after not recording a single win in the EPL yet!

Post Match: After the game ended, Eddie Howe was quoted to have insisted that if his side had been awarded a penalty against Arsenal in the first half, Arsenal would probably not have won. Here is what he said, as reported by Football.London.

“We were good for the first half an hour. We came under pressure.

“The game was decided in the incident with Callum Wilson and the penalty – a tough call against us – then they scored in the aftermath.

“I don’t know why Callum [Wilson] would go down – he was one on one, a great chance.

“Games swing on those moments. It feels like those big calls have gone against us.”

Really! I thought the game was decided after Martinelli scored? Well, what do I know?

However, hardly had Howe spoken, that a former EPL refree, Peter Walton, gave him reasons why the penalty was not given, as also reported by Football.London.

“If the ball is in playing distance, which it clearly was, then a fair shoulder barge or charge can happen on an opponent and that’s what happened. If you look, Stuart Attwell is rising through the middle with two players here,

“Tavares comes across, yes there’s a coming together of players but it is shoulder on shoulder. Wilson is probably off balance so he goes down very easily but in law that’s perfectly allowed.” Walton clarified.

Hopefully, Mr Howe would understand now.

We are Arsenal and proud.

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  1. That incident definitely wasn’t a penalty…and let’s talk about the elbow to Martinelli’s jaw that no-one has even mentioned. By the letter of the law that should’ve been a penalty and a straight red.

  2. The better team won. 5th beat 20th. No real surprise. Newcastle had 3-4 decent chances which a better team may have converted. Now its 5th v 8th. Utd away will be much tougher than Newcastle at home. A draw would be a bonus.

    1. Cant see us grabbing a point there especially now that ole is gone.
      They have yoo much firepower, but who knows

  3. Bitter and twisted Eddie Howe. Jamaal Lascelles brutal GBH of Gabriel Martinelli was the singular piece of refereeing shite I have seen this season. Eddie Howe should have gone to Specsavers. Selective eyesight. Wally!

    1. Martinelli was elbowed i the face.Why wasnt a red card given?
      Refs have been seen giving such offenderz
      marching orders.
      The epl is getting more rough.Shirt tugging,deliberate tactic to bring a player down,etc.The std punishment wont do.Such offenders shd be sent for 15 min to reflect the gravity of the incident

  4. I really am fed up with managers/coaches cherry picking incidents and then blaming the ref for losing. What about all the mistakes his players made during the game, couldn’t they have contributed to losing. Also, if I was a interviewer and Howe said that to me I would have pointed out that maybe in other games they have beneftitted from decisions but managers never see or admit that do they.

  5. The difference between Arsenal & other clubs is this.They( other clubs) are allowed to moan & cherry pick decisions that have gone against them to fit their narrative. With a sympathetic media.But woe betide if Arsenal mention any incident.We’re accused of cheating & moaning.There.Sorted.

  6. I’d rather give all plaudits to Tavares for defending smart. He used his pace and brains🧠 to catch up with Wilson and instead of pulling his shirt or kicking him, he stood to his ground and gave him a steady shoulder to shoulder which was exactly what Wilson tried to do but met a much more stable opposition and failed.
    That was no penalty although a different ref could have decided against us.
    We will count our blessings and look forward to returning from manure with our heads up.

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