Eddie Nketiah Day – New Arsenal shirt number & contract signing (video & pictures)

Eddie Nketiah has signed a new contract with Arsenal today, as well as having his new shirt number being announced, and the club’s social media team has shared some updates as the day has moved along.

The 23 year-old earned a regular starting role in our side after Alexandre Lacazette was ruled out with illness, and while it was uncertain whether he would be staying on with his contract having entered into it’s final weeks, he has now committed his future to the club.

He took time to send a message to the fans after his new contract was made official.

Nketiah is also seen sharing his new shirt number with Edu Gaspar, with the number 14 representing the age he was when he joined the club back initially.

We can now concentrate our focus on the summer transfer window, with some key areas of our team needing strengthening, although it remains to be seen whether this deal will affect our other business.

Could Nketiah go into the new campaign as the first-choice?


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  1. Strange how we have resigned eddie on the back of 7 good games seeing that the club (and Most fans )wanted him gone for the past 2 seasons .
    What I don’t get is that he wanted playing time so if we sign Jesus surely he will be back up once again but I suppose money talks ,he must be laughing all the way to bank with that new 5year contract.
    Hope he proves me and probably 99% of the fan base wrong but he would need playing time to do that something I cannot see happening this time round

  2. It was you and your mates that want him gone not the arsenal management cos they rate him and know he is one for the future,so stop saying ‘the club wanted him gone’.by the way CONGRATS to eddie for his well deserved achievement.well done our potential talisman.

    1. Well said mate, so called Arsenal fans around the
      globe should be ashamed and embarrassed for the
      way there denigrating a True Gooner like Eddie on
      the biggest day of his professional life.

      Is it really that difficult to simply say congrats and thank
      you tomEdfie for committing his future to Arsenal?

      SMMFH over and over again

      1. If he’s so highly rated why did it take him so long to get first team action considering Laca was no where near prolific upfront. No doubt all the people hailing this decision will have been slating him and wanting him sold all them months ago

        1. Exact palmer ,I’m sure if you go back 4 months you would find a handful of posters on here that didn’t want him gone

      2. You can shake your head as much as you want buddy ,you might get a sore neck if it’s over and over again though .

        So us trying to flog him last summer to palace was not the club but me and my mates ,well done @Fk for such an in-depth reply.

      3. You can shake your head as much as you want buddy ,you might get a sore neck if it’s over and over again though .

        So us trying to flog him last summer to palace was not the club but me and my mates ,well done for such an in-depth reply.

  3. Looking forward to watching him set the PL alight – have been doing that for a few seasons now, but I’m sure the new contract will spur him on.

    Just imagine the frustration felt by the top clubs around Europe, who were vying with each other for his signature!!

    How Mikel and Edu pulled this off, I can’t begin to imagine.

    Still, yet another MA signing, so we’ll be able to judge him even more closely – let’s hope Eddie proves Mikel right.

  4. congrats Eddie! it’s not what many of us want but it’s happening anyways. Hale End kid as well so we should have his back and hope he can live up to the #14.

  5. Eddie will do well this season, alot more confidence after the run in he had along with the new contract & Iconic no14 Jersey.

    Good luck young man, its now or never for you. Show the gooners why Edu gave you £100k a week.

    It’s only a number, the man made the number famous. There will never be another. Theo also had it. We will still sign a ST & Winger (Jesus)….

  6. Can’t understand why some fans are getting their knickers in a twist about Eddie wearing the Number 14 shirt. I’m still pissed off that someone else is wearing my hero Ray Kennedy’s number 10 shirt but hey, I’ve got over it,it’s just a number right !!

    1. Marty,Precisely! What a load of tosh is talked about mere shirt numbers. It has zero effect as all that matters is a players relative ability or lack of it.

      Shirt numbers are meaningless nonsense now that we no longer have 1-11 playing in all teams.


      1. To you it may seem insignificant but to many it is an iconic number that’s why some shirts sell more than others. It’s a piece that symbolises something great to most fans, you can make it sound so simplistic but I can also make most things sound so common to. It’s just a number, just a status,just a player, just football etc but this things have deep rooted meanings and symbolises something that wouldn’t just be flushed away because it’s just Shirt numbers ‘meaningless & nonsense’ as you described.

        1. If that’s the case then you could say that as fans have different favourites every player who wears a number symbolises something great to most fans so does the club have to have a different number for every single player who plays, we’d be having shirts with number 300 etc on them. I may be an old dinosaur but I preferred when we had numbers 1-11 before greed took over.

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