Eddie Nketiah is Arsenal’s League Cup specialist and must play against Liverpool

Eddie Nketiah’s senior debut for Arsenal was eagerly awaited as we all knew that he was scoring goals for fun for the U23s and the England youth sides.

But when he finally played it was as a late sub in a League Cup game against Norwich back in 2017, when we were 1-0 down. Eddie not only scored the goal that sent us into extra time, but then he went on to score the winning goal in the end.

He hasn’t really carried his prolific scoring into the Premier League as yet, but he scored against Leeds to set us up for the game against Sunderland, and he duly scored a hat-trick on Tuesday, which means his record in the League Cup is now eight in seven appearances.

Without any European games this season, the League Cup has so far been the only outlet for our fringe players to get some game time, and Eddie believes that has made our reserves hungry to impress in this competition. Eddie said: “Yes definitely. We are Arsenal Football Club so every competition is one we want to compete in and try to win.

“But yes without European football this season, the games don’t come around as quickly, so all of us – when we get an opportunity to play – we are all eager and hungry to make sure we show our worth and try to make the difference. I think we have all done that so far.”

As Arsenal have not won the League Cup in many many years, I am sure Arteta will be very keen to get that Cup under his belt, but I am also sure that he will play Nketiah and Co again in the semi’s against Liverpool.

Who would bet against Eddie scoring again in those games?

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  1. Until Nketiah “starts regularly” against “real” teams rather than easy beats we simply don’t know if Nketiah is the real deal or a busted flush. But Arteta never starts Nketiah in real games so how will we ever find out? Arteta trusts Nketia to start v WBA kids AFC Wimbledon Leeds and Sunderland. But I don’t think Arteta really trusts Nketiah to start a Carabao Cup game against Liverpool even at the Emirates let alone Anfield. If the truth be known Arteta does not trust Nketiah to start in any serous PL games either. But with 3 PL games in 6 days and Aubameyang out of the picture till after the AFCONS Arteta may be forced reluctantly to start Nketiah against a weak PL team like rock bottom Norwich. Injuries + COVID will make this more likely. It also depends on whether Arsenal buys or loans any one in January. Then of course there remains a faint chance Nketia might be loaned or even sold in January. All we know is that Nketia scores goals v easy beats. But even Patino scored v Sunderland so should Patino be a starting option v Liverpool?

  2. ooooooh lets all get excited about what Nketiah can do against inferior opposition 2 divisions below us and pretend he can do it against Liverpool, contrary to years of evidence to the contrary

  3. Should Balogun, who didn’t score v Sunderland, be a starting option v Liverpool fairfan and DD?

    Otherwise we are totally relying on Laca being fit, available, still on form and not shagged out by the busy schedule we are about to go into or playing somebody out of position up top or playing a completely different way in a game (or two) that could get us to Wembley and maybe win a trophy?

  4. Regardless of what we think, Nketiah and Holding will play in the semi final with the latter as Captain.For someone who I thought might be rusty, Holding did well against Sunderland, in fact, I thought he was superior to White on the night.He probably has the best credentials for taking over the captaincy, apart from the fact that he is not a regular starter.If I was Eddie Howe , he would be on my list of potential recruits for Newcastle.

  5. As you say Grandad, it matters little what we think but the two you mention plus, Leno, Cedric, Tavares, Elneny and Pepe from Tuesday night could all come into the first 11 on Boxing Day and not let us down, which is a good place to be with a hectic schedule and COVID lurking around every corner

    I agree with you on Holding, I am a fan and I thought he played well last season when the team was pretty poor at times, he at the moment has been the one that has had a bit of a set back with us signing White

    I can’t see him wanting to go to Newcastle though as they are still relegation candidates and I think he is better than that, I think Joe might be regretting that move a bit now and no doubt these guys all talk to each other

  6. I think you are right FF..Holding has a great attitude, and energises his teammates with his vocal encouragement.If only he was a yard quicker he would be a very good CB.While Newcastle may go down, they are still a big Club with real potential for the future with new money behind them.As a first choice CB, I think Holding, who is a Northern lad, would be tempted by a new challenge.

  7. with the upcoming fixture list I think in one the next 3 we should try Pepe up top, which could see him leading the line, playing in a front 2 or as a false 9…why not see what he can do in more central positions in and around the box, instead of dwelling on the ball too long and/or attempting to take on 2 or 3 defenders in wider positions

    1. Why not indeed.He is not effective on the right in the EPL so let’s see what he can do elsewhere.Somehow or another we have to try to get some return from a 72m investment.

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