Eddie Nketiah lack of experience showed against West Ham United

Eddie Nketiah showed why experience matters in his West Ham showing.

Eddie Nketiah seems to have moved ahead of Alexandre Lacazette in the pecking order at Arsenal in recent weeks after making consecutive starts in the Premier League with the Frenchman only starting from the bench.

He repaid some of Mikel Arteta’s faith in him when he scored a goal against Everton, but he struggled against West Ham in his last start and his performance in that game showed why he still has a long way to go.

West Ham was organised at the back against the Gunners as they battle to save themselves from relegation.

David Moyes had drilled his side to treat the threats of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Mesut Ozil, Alexandre Lacazette, and Eddie Nketiah specifically and they did a good job.

Arsenal struggled to break them down but Lacazette came off the bench to land the killer blow on the Hammers.

Nketiah struggled for the duration he stayed in that game, the Hammers were able to cut him off from his other teammates and limited the supply of balls he could get.

An experienced attacker would have been able to find some space or drag the Hammers defence to make room for his fellow forwards, but Nketiah didn’t show those instincts.

I know that it is still too early in his career for him to be the smartest forward in the team, but the Hammers’ game should have shown Mikel Arteta that it is probably time to return the more experienced Alexandre Lacazette to the starting XI.

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  1. What rubbish. Sorry the boy played well and couldnt make anything girl an hour fair enough. However, lacca has made only 7 goals from 20 appearances. I’m sorry but that is not arsenal standards.

    Nketia has worked hard and earned a good run. If he goes 2 or 3 games not scoring then fair enough consider bringing lacca in. But laca has gone half a season or more with 7 goals on over 20000,000 a week. Not that’s criminal.

    Money aside laca has not been scoring plain and simple.

    We all know the real answer is to bench em both and play auba at front with martinelli on the left. Unless that happens eddie has learnt his slot and done nothing to loose it so soon. Too many games has laca been ineffective

  2. I don’t know how and why Martinelli has dropped down.
    Nketiah made Pepe lose an assist yesterday.
    For now I think Auba can be better for us centrally. Wasted on the wing.

  3. These youngsters aren’t going to be “at it” for every game they’re selected.

    Eddie looked off the pace yesterday, and couldn’t get in the game.

    At the match yesterday early second half I said to my wife “ Lacca for Eddie, and Nelson for Pepe”.

    It wasn’t rocket science, most would have called it. Three points were required, and it clearly needed changing up.

    As we now know , it worked.

    Arteta handed Eddie his deserved run, and will continue to use the kid’s wisely.

    Gabby to be played again soon surely.

    I’m not going to lie, my third change was Matty for Ozil ( yes, before the assist – what do I know) until West Ham started getting joy down our right.

    Bellerin then became the obvious call ( He actually laid in 2 tackles whilst on) !

    In Mikel we trust.

    Now for Citeh !

  4. I would not drop Nketia at this point his presence in the team is getting a positive reaction from Lacazette so a longer run could possibly benefit both players, Nketia getting the required experience and Lacazette regaining his form without being pressured.

  5. “Atlético Madrid have reportedly been in contact with Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette over a move this summer”

    Thought so – possibly explains a lot.

    This one won’t go away.

    Lacca was Madrid bound before we stepped in when the move hit a hitch.

    “Reportedly “ is the key word ( usual stuff), but this one may just have legs.

    He’ll probably rubbish it tomorrow…………..but ?

    A very interesting summer ahead.

  6. From being a Leeds bench warmer to Arsenal starter in a few weeks is a strange one whichever way you look at it. Why Eddie has jumped the queue in front of Martinelli is a mystery but he has. I think he isn’t quite ready yet to lead Arsenal, i expect Lacca to be put in ahead of him in the league and Eddie given Europa run outs but Arteta has made strange decisions all over the team recently so anything could happen. Some players must be mustard in training and others crap because some players seem bomb proof while others bombed out.

    1. Sorry, silly me and poor Eddie, he wont be getting Europa outings, we were booted out. Lol. fa cup then for Eddie.

    2. EUROPA RUNOUTS REGGIE? Not THIS season anyway! And next season must be doubtful right now, I’d say, as a realist.

  7. I think this article was written with a bias and a thought out agenda. In one of my previous posts football is a team game if Nketiah starts but doesn’t score but Laca comes on and scores and we win I think that is a good strategy.

    Ideally Nketiah would score, he has the instinct and touch but he is still young.

    Gives Laca a rest, tires the defence out before Laca comes on win, win.

    The season is long we are seeing it with Liverpool and city now playing the same 11 every game somewhere, sometime it’s going to crack. I would rather 25 am squad that are working for each other and getting the result tha 11 starters and 14 not up to speed or standard.

    Again if the squad is buying into MA vision and everyone is happy and we are winning then fine by me.

    We don’t know if it’s the right decision but seems logical.

  8. Already 20, (though some will say “only”20, until they remember such as Fabregas at 16 in first team) the facts are that USUALLY a would be supreme player is showing it regularly well before age 20. That is the normal case throughout football. I do not say ALWAYS, please note , but usually! PERSONALLY, I DO NOT THINK EDDIE IS LIKELY TO MAKE THE GRADE AT OUR REQUIRED LEVEL BUT HE IS BEING GIVEN AMPLE CHANCE. And that is surely correct, given our lack of funds for top replacements for the likely to be sold Auba. MA is obviously left with little alternative than to give Nketiah proper chances. You never know for SURE at 20 , though I much doubt his ability at our level.

    1. yeah sometimes you can just tell if someone is going to cut it or not. Eddie has talent, idk if he will make it at Arsenal, but I look at Saka, and Martinelli and see them going far and being starting quality players for us. Other teams around the league too you can tell what youngsters are only going to be around for a couple seasons more. Arsenal have always had top class strikers and that is the level Eddie will have to be at if he wants to start. It’s a lot of pressure but the Striker spot is rarely open for our academy players, so Eddie really needs to take his chance and stake his claim this season.

  9. He is young n learning, he is a good prospect to have. Bearing in mind as finishing out of champions League spot looks very likely ( hope I am wrong). We will need young guns like niketiah, Martenlli, Guendozi, Saka n co to really step up even more big time next season. They have the talent n skills plus age on their side, with MA as manager n right influx of experience these young guns have potential to come good. But if your goal is to win priemer league or any UEFA trophy then you can not achieve with just these youngsters, club will have to invest in the team. Bring in some proven n class players which will require funding. These boys can be supporting cast but not main role holders.

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