Eddie Nketiah may just be the perfect solution to Arsenal’s goal scoring problems

Eddie Nketiah may just be the perfect solution to Arsenal’s goal scoring problems By Sylvester Kwentua

As the January transfer window draws near, a lot of stories are being weaved around Arsenal’s quest for another striker. From strikers in the Serie A, to strikers playing in the La Liga, Arsenal is being linked to all of them. But what if Arsenal decides to look inward, towards the direction of the younger strikers in the team? What if Arteta decides to give the likes of Gabriel Martinelli and Eddie Nketiah a run of games, would he be rewarded with goal returns from them?
Let’s analyze their chances and potentials.
Gabriel Martinelli has been at Arsenal for more than two years, and he has a record of 5 goals in 33 appearances, thus far. A good return, if you consider the times he has been injured. Skillful and full of a good few runs, Martinelli has shown glimpses of what he has to offer. The big issue with him however, is his consistent injury problems. Ever since he signed for Arsenal in 2019, he has spent a whole lot of time in the treatment room. If Arteta was to give Martinelli a chance to be his main striker, would the player who can also play at the wings be fit enough to make an impact?
Eddie Nketiah, Arsenal’s striker, is a player who has some qualities people may not have noticed. From having a tight control of the ball, and having a keen eye for goal, Nketiah if given a run of play, may just be the solution Arsenal needs to score goal. 5 goals in 38 appearances for Arsenal since 2017, is not a good return for a striker, but then he has always been played as third choice striker at Arsenal, and as third choice and rarely getting a run of games, you don’t expect him to have a good return of goals, do you?
Gabby and Eddie can both combine to give Arsenal an exciting goal scoring experience, but injury to Gabby may just limit his impact. Eddie seems the right choice to lead Arsenal’s attack, if Arteta decides to look inward. Do you guys have others choices?
We are Arsenal and proud.

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  1. Whoever it is, they really need to start getting some more game time.

    I know we have found some really good consistency now but we’ve seen it happen often….one or two injuries and our youngsters get thrown in the deep end with little match fitness or experience.

    If Eddie is now going to be our up and coming striker, he better be getting some decent minutes under his belt against quality opposition.

  2. Greetings its been said that that Eddie needs minutes and trust from the coach. Arteta was trusted up till now, now he should do the same to Eddie, Marty and Pepe. Give them the chance and give the striker coach work. When you look at players that are on the radar, their midd field give them 1v1 with a Centre back or goal keeper. How many 1v1 did our present strikers get

  3. This article is pie in the sky tbh.

    Nketiah is just not of the effective quality we need in the PREM , where it counts!
    Forget CARABAO cup games against minnows and lesser players. Nketiak has had – contrary to what Sylvester claims – ample chances and at a club of our level with REAL AMBITION(as we fans can certainly claim, even if the owner does not!!) we cannot risk a lightweight(in every sense of that word) near novice as our regular striker.

    HE is NOT the answer and yes, I realise he is a pleasant and keen young lad but we cannot let such niceties as that get in the way of the ruthless drive to make the very top that a club of our world renowned stature deserves and demands.
    So, its NO to Nketiah, if we are being realistic,as I for one, always am!

    MARTINELLI is a different case though. IMO he has already shown his special quality many times, even though injuries have hampered his progress.

    I would personally prefer him to Pepe all day long and for one prime reason. He plays without fear , without caution and he excites fans. I firmly believe he has a big future at our club and hope he is given a real chance very soon.

    Will he be though? Well that is something a mere fan has no say about. Again, realism!

  4. Gabriel is ahead of Nketiah, any day. Did you even remember that at some point Arteta picked Nketiah ahead of Almighty Lacazette, we all know how it ended. Nketiah is just another Aubameyang, who can’t create chances, dribble past opposition and they both possess alot of flaws. Inspite of the limited game time offered Martinelli last season, he still managed some goals& assist. Nketiah for sure had more chances under Mikel Arteta than Martinelli. So, he(Nketiah) should leave! His stay is no longer welcome as he does nothing to suggest he is a real baller. He doesn’t look serious to me, likewise, Pepe.

  5. I like Eddie as a player and believe that he has the ability and attitude to score regularly in the Premier League, I personally hope that is with the Arsenal

  6. Nketiah should leave since he’s not getting playing time. He’s not appreciated by the club especially most of the fans on JA.

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