Eddie Nketiah proves again why he will become an Arsenal superstar (plus video)

The young Arsenal starlet Eddie Nketiah has scored an amazing amount of goals at every single level he has played in, and after breaking into the Gunners first team this season, the 19 year-old was picked to represent the England U21’s at the Toulon tournament.

And he hasn’t let them down, scoring two excellent individual efforts to destroy Scotland in last night’s semi-final. He just seems to carry on improving and earlier this season he talked about how he is loving training with the Arsenal first team and improving his already excellent technique. “I’ve been watching their movement, how they finish in front of goal,” Nketiah said. “Everyone has a different style, so I’m just trying to pick up a few things from them.”

He certainly has and you can see his two goals below….

Can anyone see this youngster going on to have a fantastic future with Arsenal? I can!



  1. barryglik says:

    Don’t send him out on loan.
    Give him lots of Europa League
    games especially the early rounds.
    Play the youth in the cups keep
    the older players for the league only.

    1. DDK3 says:


  2. Counsel says:

    Nketiah looks great he has the killer instinct of a lethal striker,he can dribble and he’s very pacy.Wenger didn’t give him enough chances he can do better than welbeck and Iwobi of course. He will be like Kane if not better to take over from Auba who is ageing

    1. jon fox says:

      Auba ageing? On that basis we are all ageing! He is only 29 for Gods sake, and in his prime! However, I do agree with your Nketiah comment.

    2. Amidewa says:

      No, he will likely not be as good as Kane.

      But I feel he may be good enough for the homegrown quota which is very important in English football, since it’s more than just a little xenophobic.
      I watch the French league and some teams have more than 10 players with African passports – no problem, but in the Prem they have to play for their senior national team first to even get the work permit – ludicrous and unseen anywhere else.
      7 different champions in the last 11 years, and 10 different champions in the last 25, so France has done okay comparatively and less money is lost to professional sport which can go to more needed projects.

  3. Counsel says:

    That cm and DM player from Lyon ,Ndombele is exactly what veira was a complete central midfielder who can destroy teams,Torreira is also very good if our management can’t get one of then our scouting is still poor,Wenger said they know every player in Europe but,ndombele should the best in his position in the EPL should we go for him.I envey his potential

    1. Leeroy says:

      I don’t think this ndombele guy is even one of our transfer targets… Just give it a break and stop all this fuss

      1. Naija Jollof says:

        NDOMBELE SHOULD BE TOO OF OUR LIST. That guy is a beast

    2. Mobella says:

      I’m certain if AMN has as much as playing time the boy had with Lyon I’m sure you won’t have such craving for him that much. In AMN we have a better player than him.

  4. Anhello says:

    Nketiah is a kid with a lot of potential, would love to see him play more for our first team.

  5. Angello says:

    Who would want to see Yaya Toure play for Arsenal?

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      No thank you ?

    2. Sue says:

      Yaya has seen better days, so it’s a no from me!

    3. tas says:

      Recent seasons he just like to play offensive which he is great but hated defending and we have so many like him in the Arsenal team and you know what happens if you forget his birthday 🙂 so no thanks

      1. Amidewa says:

        My thoughts exactly. 5 years ago, hell yeah, but as a DM Yaya is finished and we don’t need him for anything else. Unless he’s ready to be a backup to Ramsey in the B2B role… Even then, Fellaini would be a better option.

        BTW, Sokratis plays rough, Lichtsteiner is no stranger to the dark arts, and we’re being linked to Fellaini… Are we actually going to be a tough team?? Could be interesting.

  6. John0711 says:

    Maybe this is why lacca is being linked to a move
    Nketiah can be the back up and use the money from lacca elsewhere

    1. Angello says:

      Selling Welbeck would be a better idea.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Selling Lacazette would be criminal negligence, as explained in previous posts by myself and others. There is no reason Nketiah can’t be given opportunities as a winger, a position Arsenal currently lacks. Nketiah has all the attributes to suceed and is young enough to be moulded.
        Also Arsenal require a deep squad to compete on multiple fronts (EPL, Europa League and cups), so he is sure to get oportunities.

        1. Gugamugbia Peter says:

          Wenger destroyed him by removing him in every game and again benching him in bigger games, he proved him wrong when when he came as a substitute to score against Man city

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            Lacazette also proved him wrong when he returned after rehabilitation from his knee injury.
            There is no way a player of Lacazette’s quality would be going to Fenerbahce; he would be snapped up in England, France, Spain, Italy or Germany first.

          2. Amidewa says:

            If you paid attention to Arsenal, you would know Laca wasn’t fully fit until his injury.

            Jeez, I bet you don’t even like the stadium Wenger made possible…

        2. tas says:

          i actually rate Welbeck on the left wing his fast and his great dribbler and a great defender but his finishing is dead poor so if welbeck ever excepts not being a great CF and become a winger he could be a great great, he would do a much much better job then Theo Walcott did on opposite side of the pitch when TW was a great winger before he become lousy striker

    2. Sue says:

      I’ll be gutted if Laca is sold

    3. Mobella says:

      Moving Laca on will be dumbest thing arsenal we do for any reason. Laca is a better footballer and goal scorer than PEA in my own opinion. With his injury and all the lack of services from all the players that played behind him last season, he still managed to score 14 goals in his first season. 2 less than Lukaku who had EPL experience, one behind Firmino and 8 in the log of scoring chat. He is just a yard or 2 pace behind emerick and edge him in every others. What if Emerick is injured, who is our back up, Perez?, Welbeck?, the kid?. To consider that is lunacy.

      1. killamch89 says:

        I have been saying this since Aubameyang had been signed. We have 70+ games and we have finally gotten two top-class strikers that were on everybody’s wish list since FOREVER. Do you notice there is a lack of top-class strikers in Europe and we should sell one? Why would we weaken ourselves? Real Madrid have bale on the bench! Aguero has been benched from competition as well. This competition will bring out the best in the both of them. They are both quality strikers – Lacazette just took a while to adapt plus he was out for 2 months so I see both of them scoring 20+ goals next season. I’m sick of running one striker into the ground.

        1. Ozziegunner says:


        2. DDK3 says:


  7. McLovin says:

    Sell Welbeck

    Promote Nketiah

    Everyone wins

    1. killamch89 says:

      He will be sold. Do be reminded he has one year left on his contract. SO does Peter Cech, Monreal, Ospina and only Monreal will be standing after the transfer window closes.

  8. Sue says:

    Eddie has a very bright future ?

  9. Sheet Head says:

    Emery will thrive with these kidos. I’m glad transfers are also already happening. Now we know the lack of/late transfer activity was one mans fault. : ):) 🙂
    Glad he’s gone.

    1. tas says:

      we haven’t really got anyone with the WOW factor yet but agreed we are not leaving everything to the last mnt of the transfer window like before to pick up a bargain which never exists only desperation and Punic buying

    2. Mike says:

      If Emery will develop our youngsters, in 3 seasons our midfield & attack will be awesome. Imagine AMN & Adli in central midfield, Emil Smith Rowe in central attacking midfield with Neilsen & Amaechi either side of Nketiah.

  10. Merke says:

    Sell IWOBI

    1. tas says:

      why he has improved so much lately

      1. tas says:

        apart from City all the other top teams have Iwobi alike’s his still young and he has just come of age and skill in my opinion

  11. Franko says:

    That’s his youtube link….he is really a beast. Arsenal should buy him….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuDO6ir5n-8

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