Eddie Nketiah sending off makes Arsenal officially the dirtiest team in the Premier League

Arsenal has become a better team under Mikel Arteta and one part of our game that has improved drastically is our defending.

We now defend as a team and it makes the work a lot easier for the defenders who also seem to have gotten better.

We have enjoyed some fine run of results since the restart. We did lose our first two games, but we bounced back with four consecutive wins in all competitions.

This fine run of form has come at a price, and as we found out against Leicester City, we sometimes do too much to get our results.

Eddie Nketiah has been praised for his high-pressing since the restart, but the same high-pressing got him sent off a few minutes after coming on against Leicester City. His red card makes Arsenal officially the dirtiest team in the Premier League this season.

His sending off is our second red card since the restart after David Luiz was sent off against Manchester City in our first game back.

Football Critic has had a look at the yellow cards and red cards that teams have earned this season and Arsenal emerged as the team that has earned the most cautions among the 20 top flight sides.

From 34 league games this season, the Gunners have earned 73 yellow cards and 5 red cards.

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  1. So does that mean that the referee against Leicester is the biggest idiot ever to officiate a game. He sends Nketiah off for mistiming a tackle minutes after coming on, but ignores the assault on Mustafi by Vardy. No card of either colour, several stud marks on Mustafi’s cheek and not a hint of VAR even looking at it! That’s what I call rough justice!!

    1. So unfair! The next time Arsenal have a game, send either you or I to referee it, Leslie Friend.

      We need some just people to referee around here!!🙋🙋

  2. The dirtiest team, Arsenal, seriously, do folk not think that something might be seriously off with this one. And it’ll probably be with less fouls/tackles committed on average before getting the cards.

    I read that Tierney peed off some team members for bringing his Celtic habits to training with him. He had a train as you play attitude, like we used to have when the famous five were around at start of Wenger’s reign. I hope the rest of the team come around to Tierney’s thinking rather than that being coached out of him.

  3. Is write up is not acceptable to as arsenal fan , this that happen to us as a team was not the first time in some matches like that we lost out just because one player was redcarded,if they can still keep to a draw they’re still a great team even a team like liecestar and the position they occupied in the premiership they can not be over estimated. Saying that they are the dirtiest team I will not agree with that. You need to george a team as to the position they occupied not even the team that we’ve all lost hope but Arteta is trying to make best out of the team they are not the dirtiest team as you just concluded.

  4. Try looking at things in context. Before that game the ref had a record of giving a card for every six fouls. He has taken three of our games this season and we committed 30 fouls for 4 yellows and one red. The opposition committed 39 against us with not so much as one card. Leicester has committed more fouls across the whole of the season than us but has fewer than half the cards we have. Just because the rules are not applied equally to all teams it does not mean we are the dirtiest. What the stats clearly show is that some clubs are permitted a lot of leeway and others are treated much more harshly. It’s incredible that a ‘supposedly’ pro-Arsenal sight doesn’t acknowledge that.

    1. Exactly! All these refs are bias. If it was Tottenham, they would have let them off the hook. They hate us Gooners. But that won’t stop us from loving Arsenal!

  5. You dont get cards for a foul, you get cards for bad fouls. It isn’t the number of fouls but the awful, brainless fouls some of our players comit and we all know who they are. Although some seem to have a blind spot to a certain one. We have players who are not the brightest sparks and they sometimes have s*** for brains, thats what gets you yellow and red cards. WE ARE NOT A VERY GOOD TEAM AT DEFENDING. We therefore get punish for our boneheads.

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