Eddie Nketiah vs Alexandre Lacazette: Who would be the better first choice next season?

Is Eddie Nketiah the player to replace Alexandre Lacazette?

Mikel Arteta has recently faced a dilemma in the Arsenal team after he decided to keep Eddie Nketiah as opposed to sending him out on loan.

The Spaniard has had to choose between starting Alexandre Lacazette and the youngster and Nketiah has been preferred in the last two Premier League games.

Nketiah has recently had to come out and clear the air about the relationship between him and the Frenchman and deny rumours of a rift between them.

Lacazette has also had to debunk rumours that he will leave Arsenal if they don’t qualify for the Champions League.

This means that both players could remain at Arsenal next season and it would be interesting to see who gets the nod ahead of the other next season.

If Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang doesn’t leave Arsenal, the two strikers will fight for the same one striker spot next season as well.

I agree that Lacazette is the more experienced attacker between both of them, however, the Frenchman seems to be struggling in Mikel Arteta’s system.

Eddie Nketiah has repaid Mikel Arteta’s faith with two goals in three starts, Arteta must have seen something in Nketiah’s game that makes him start the teenager.

I do not think anyone is better than the other, but I believe going with Nketiah next season would be best as he represents the future of Arsenal.

Arsenal could even cash in on Lacazette in the next transfer window and offer Aubameyang a deal that he can’t resist.

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  1. What ever you guys are smoking must be very strong. Lacca is a beast who is just going through a rough patch and can’t be compared to Nketiah. Form is temporary but class is permanent,

    1. His rough patch has been this whole season. He’s bordering 30 and is not going to get back to what he was.. Needs to be moved on.

    2. Another vote for Lacca (if Auba leaves).

      Although to be honest, I would alternate Lacca and Martinelli and send Nketiah on another loan – to an EPL side. If he succeeds, he can fight with Martinelli for the CF spot the year after next when Lacca will likely be gone.

  2. Martinelli and Auba should start in my opinion. Eddie Nketiah should be placed in the squad for rotation so rest them. I think we could get the best out of all 3!!

    As for Lacazette.. He is struggling at the moment and probably should be sold to fund a creative midfielder!?

    1. Creative midfielder? We have the world’s best CAM with us (on world’s best wages too) offering best vanishing performances every time he takes to the pitch, with the best stats of 1 goal & 1 corner assist this EPL season. Sarcasm apart, we do need to offload Laca, pay up Auba and move Gabriel to the left attack, keep Eddie for cup games.Also look out for a decent 10-15 goals a season striker to play second fiddle to Auba. Recall Rowe to take over from Cabellos (I’m not impressed with him) and yes retain Ozil (as he will not move).Let next year be a proper rehearsal for Arteta, and we challenge the following year ,

  3. I just feel lacca is done. Let’s do away with him. Nketia is about the same level and always improving. I love lacca but let’s be honest if we want arsenal to be back on top we need a better striker.

    Sell lacca move auba to 1st choice strike and let martinelli start on the left. Use the funds to strengthen where needed CM and CB.

    We need a 20 goal plus striker a season and even on form lacca hasn’t provided that

  4. Lacazette would ideally be gone next season, and its obvious Auba is not signing so he will be gone too. Martinelli and Nketiah our forwards, purchase a wide player to add depth. Try Pepe on the other wing. Rather have him put in crosses with his left at this point instead of watching him try to cut in the entire 90 minutes and failing. We need to accept many of our senior players are finished at this level and need to be in lesser leagues.

  5. Guys its a simple solution sell laca and auba trigger the release clause of haaland if possible make a 70 to 80 million bid that kid is the future beast of goals

  6. Once again with no champions league football we need to make some tough decisions, to reduce our wage bill and generate funds.

    We need to sell Laca regardless for $40-50m.
    Auba if he doesnt sign needs to be sold – $50m
    Ozil to anyone just to get wages off the books
    Miki to anyone just to get wages off the books
    Kola just because we could get $30m for him.
    Maintlend-Niles if we can get a good price and arteta doesnt see him in plans going forward.

    We need to look at our midfield – Xhaka and Torreira if they are deemed not needed then we must sell. We need an overhaul though.

    We have great young players that need more time, we almost need a total rebuild.

    I wouldnt mind doing what Chelsea is doing this year and giving games to young players to build a dynasty, at least we can get our wage bill down and build the culture from the ground up.

    I would be okay going into next year with the following team.

    Bellerin Salilba XXX Tierney
    Pepe ESR Saka
    Martinelli (Nketiah)

    RB. M. Aarons – $30m
    CB: Gabrielle or Matvyienko – $30m
    CM: D. Szoboszlai – $20m
    DM: P. Gueye – $10m
    Wing: S. Behnrama – $15m
    AM: O. Korku – $15m
    ST: J. David – $20m

    Upamencano and Partey or Grelish aint coming so cross them off. We are not attracting any big names, we need to invest in youth in the RB Lezpig and Leicester mould.

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