Edison Cavani back on the market – Do Arsenal fans want him?

Arsenal to turn their attention to Cavani?

With the increasingly likely news that Jamie Vardy will REJECT the approach from Arsenal football club, The Gunners will now have to look elsewhere for a striker.

Arsenal are desperate to sign a new striker this summer, with Arsene Wenger and co recognising that Arsenal will struggle to win major honours without a well recognised striker at the club. Arsenal need a striker that is capable of firing twenty goals in the Premier League alone, rather than in all competitions. Giroud manages that latter but would struggle to get twenty or more in the league, and although I think Welbeck has the attributes to be that wanted man, his injury problems sadly make him rather unreliable.

With Vardy, he could’ve been the player that we so desperately need, but with the Englishman reportedly rejecting the Gunners, Arsenal will now have to begin their search for another player elsewhere. The usual names of Morata, Higuain and Lukaku will be mentioned, but a new name to add to the list is PSG and Uruguay striker Edison Cavani.

According to the Daily Express, Arsenal are monitoring the PSG striker, who may be unhappy at his current club. Cavani has had to play either on the wing or as second fiddle to Zlatlan Ibrahimovic and has supposedly grown frustrated over the course of the season. Despite not being the club’s main man, Cavani still managed 19 goals, mainly from the wing. If he was put up top for the Gunners surely he’d manage to hit the 25/30 goal a season mark in all competitions.

There are two main issues however, the first of course being money. PSG are one of the wealthiest clubs, and all their players are on huge wages. Cavani would undoubtedly have to take a pay cut to join Arsenal, something the player may not wish to do. Arsenal would be sure to entertain Cavani with at least a £130,000 a week but it may not be enough for the former Napoli striker. Such a transfer fee would also sure to be in the excess of £30 million plus, is that a price Wenger would be willing to pay for Cavani?

Secondly is that although he was reportedly unhappy with his position at PSG, with Ibrahimovic having left the French club this summer, Cavani is sure to be given a go up front for the Ligue 1 champions, meaning he may want to stay where he is after all.

Arsenal fans are known for supposedly being quite picky when it comes to transfers, and I may be proving the point here by saying that I don’t think Cavani is the right man for Arsenal. He comes across as Falcao type of player, who has had some injuries and after playing in a weaker division, he may struggle to reclaim his old form that we saw in Italy with Napoli.

Would you like Arsenal to make a move for the Uruguayan. He is the same age as Vardy!


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  1. Cavani is a better option than Vardy, That’s for sure! ?
    I still don’t understand why Wenger didn’t opt for Jansenn, at £12 million he offered great value and potentially he could turn out to be the next best thing to come out of Holland, never the less at the price, he definitely was worth the gamble.
    But it Looks as if the Spuds are on his case, even though I haven’t heard anything else, since.

    Milik was the other option, lets see how he performs against N. Ireland today!.. Strange stats reveal that Poland haven’t beaten N. Ireland in their last 5 meetings, losing 4 and drawing 1. ?

    1. i thought vardy and cavani are of the same age…. if we dont want vardy cus he is getting older, why are we considering cavani as a better option then?

      1. I am not crazy about Cavani but think he will better than Giroud. In Cavani’s favor is that he has been a top player and been scoring goals for more than one season. He could score 25-30 for us, he could also fail to adapt to the PL at his age.

        The advantage of Vardy is that he is PL proven, but for only one season.

        I would take either over Giroud, no matter what we had to pay. I don’t carehow much we have to pay for players. IMO money in the bank does nothing for us on the pitch and we are hardly a club to teeter on the verge of bankruptcy.

        For my money we pay 70 miilion for Aubamayang or Lewendowski and don’t buy an other play.

    2. What makes Cavani better than Vardy because I’ve seen many big games for Uruguay and PSG where Cavani has failed to perform,they are both 29 and neither of them are a good fit for Arsenal!

  2. Cavani just like Vardy is 29 years old and for the money that will be involved I don’t think neither of them are good for us,Lukaku is what we need he’s young but experienced in the EPL with a proven record with Ozil and Cazorla behind him he’ll get chances!

  3. Cavani is just a pacey version of Giroud… they are equally as wasteful so pls dnt go for Cavani.
    Vardy is pacey and a good finisher; the only thing Aubameyang over him is age.
    If we can’t get Vardy go for a better Aubameyang.
    Cavani is too wasteful.

  4. Don’t make him a statue.This player was just Ibrahimovic shadow at PSG.He doesn’t show to mutch that’s why PSG can sell him even if Ibrahimovic just leave and they need a striker.Cavani is a “Inzaghi striker”,oportunist,lucky,maybe we should go for a more creative striker,someone like Benzema,Lewandowski,Dybala,Lukaku or even Ibrahimovic(but he is not a good future plan because his age).Cavani is the tipe of striker who doesn’t help very mutch at creation proces,is as Giroud with some pace as one Gunner colege said.

  5. FFS what is wrong with our club … Turned down by a 29 year old one season wonder who is happy in Halifax now going for a 29 year old has been who couldn’t make an impression on the Venezuelan defence … We need two quality attackers to challenge … If the frog gives a sh@@ about this club he would be splashing at least 80 m to give us a fighting chance upfront next season … But no we are going to be hearing about ze uneraldid qwolatis of Olivier and my reezpect for ze litl how u say wipit …

    1. Twig, i agree we should always look in house before splashing a load of money on a new player. Akpom on loan at hull 35 games in pl for hull, 3 goals, 1 assist. Sanogo failed at ajax, scored hat-trick for charlton against reading but not much else. Walcott, injury prone, 5 goals plus 2 assists this season in 28 games in PL.

      I do not see our striker problem being solved by any of these three at the moment. I am not saying give up with akpom, sanogo we are nearing the point of giving up because of his age, walcott I do not know what to say, his salary is way too much for what he brings us.

      Welbeck has promise, when he came back from injury he was good but is injured long term again now. We seem to have bought another injury prone player.

      I see no alternative to buying a top striker.

  6. Just go pay over the odds for P F A from dortmund. Thing is players years ago wanted to play for AW but now it’s pep. Another 29 year old player mentioned just madness what about the lad from Everton there striker and why he’s at it john stones then give them JC & CC & TW as part X why not. Our squad is bear DW out for a year more coz he is at Arsenal MD left in January MA MF TR BFG talking about going DAvid wanting out JC don’t want to stay so that’s 6 players going or gone and I still would have keeped MF at Arsenal. Anyway captain think I would give it to A S 1 he will use it with pride 2 he will get our players working hard 3 I think it will keep him happy and Ozill vice

  7. It’s hilarious how everyone doesn’t want Vardy now that he has basically turned Arsenal down, I didn’t see anyone else complaining when I was moaning about it, in the beginning. ?
    If I was offered the choice of Vardy or Cavani, I would choose Cavani all day long!! Most of you don’t realise that Cavani was mainly played out on the wing, yet he still managed to score 19 goals.
    I can’t believe that you moan about his age (29) yet for Vardinho ( 29) it was classed to be his prime lol ?
    And what about Ibrahimovic, he is much older, I bet he wouldn’t have scored as many, if he was played in Cavani’s position. ?

    Lemmings Rule! ? ? Hahaha!

    1. First off, your wrong by saying everyone is against Vardy signing. Secondly, it’s understandable for fans to prefer having players who want to play for Arsenal. Sure we want the to bleed for us. People are annoyed by his actions, but they’ll stand by what they believe he’d bring to the club. As for the others, there were plenty against his signing in the beginning, especially the moment journos tweeters and ex players acted so surprised by the whole thing.

  8. 2-3 years ago i would have been very happy with Cavani, Vardy, Benzema, Rooney, Tevez etc

    But now we need a younger early to mid 20’s Top goalscoring forward (only exception is Ibrahimovic who is freakisly brilliant for his advanced years) like Lukaku, Icardi, Lacaette, Higuain, Greizmann, Reus, Aubemeyang, Mkthtaryan, Mahrez, Rodriguez, Lewandowski, (obviously we cant get Suarez, Bale, Messi, Ronaldo,Aguero, Kane and Neymar)

    And Sturridge, Morata, Deeney, Ighalo won’t cut it as they are not much of an upgrade to Giroud

  9. Janssen for me is a good backup. Everton will only allow Lukaku to go at a ridiculous price. Let’s stick to Oliver and get Janssen to back him up then, concentrate on central Defender.

    1. Lukaku is way ahead of Giroud IMO and not only in pace. What do you care how much we paid? Even if pay 60 million for Lukaku we would have improved our chances of winning the PL.

      It is ridiculous to worry about our finances whilst we have 100’s of millions in the bank. It is much more sensible to worry about Giroud being our guy next year since most us believe with him as our starting option at striker we will not win a major trophy. With 60 million less in the bank we could win a major trophy if that meant we had a better striker lead the line.

  10. do u pple watch cavani play???…3 years ago, I’ll v gladly taken him but now???? F**k to the no!!!!! he’s beyond useless!!! wat kind of excuse is ‘he plays in d wings mostly’ ???? rubbish!!!! watch did copa america.., dat dude cannot score a goal to save his life and where is he positioned on d pitch with d absence of Suarez???? on d touchline, right??? “he scored 23 goals in d league” PURE BS!!!! in dat useless French league where its PSG as champions and d rest can hang themselves….PSG scores
    y can dey do d same in d c/league with cavani…dude is just giroud with pace…I’m sure most of u want to pull your hair out when giroud misses in epl , right??? just wait, buy cavani and ull actually b killing urself…
    “23 goals from d wings”….lol

  11. Cavani, I think someone up there mentioned a choice between him and Giroud, Id take Cavani. Id take Cavani over Giroud too, you just cant argue against the heights (numbers) he has reached within the game. Whereas Giroud, we have sort of seen his ceiling so far, and it hasn’t come close to Cavani’s. For me, Cavani went to the wrong club, he was one of the finest on the planet before he went to France. Played him on the wing for crying out loud. I don’t know if it’s too late for him to go back into the middle and try to rediscover that form, I wouldn’t bet against it though. It’s Vardy’s scrappy nature that I think Arsenal need most, and he’s shown a clinical quality which makes for a good mixture. I don’t know if Cavani has the sort of fight that Vardy has, I don’t watch enough of French football to have an opinion on that.

  12. Cavani hasn’t been the same since Serie A. Too old and not much of an upgrade from Giroud IMHO.

  13. Cavani is a million times better than Giroud that’s just my humble opinion and I wouldn’t change my mind on that. I will be over the moon if we get him. Opposition defenders will be scared to mark Cavani because he is strong, has pace, has good movement and can score at least 6 out of 10 chances, qualities that Mr. Fine boy Giroud lacks. I strongly believe Arsenal so so deserve a good quality striker that ismore better than Giroud. I believe there is no big club without a big, good and quality striker. A good striker is of big importance in a team because he finishes whatever the team produce. That is just my fair and realistic opinion. I believe my beloved Arsenal is a big club so we deserve big and quality finisher.

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