Edu admits to clear-the-air talks with Mesut Ozil ahead of January window

So we are just a couple of weeks away from the January transfer window, and Edu and Mikel Arteta will have to make decision on either reinstating Mesut Ozil in the first team squad, or trying to get him completely out of the club.

There are many Mesut Ozil rumours, linking him with big money moves to to the MLS in America, or a move to Turkey where Ozil has a million-pound mansion, but the German has remained stubborn that he will be staying at Arsenal until the very last day of his contract.

There is only six months of that contract left, so Ozil should also be thinking about if he wants to carry on playing football elsewhere to revive his career, or end up going a whole year without any competitive football at all.

Now it seems that Edu has had talks with Ozil and his agent to clear the air and try and come to a decision ahead of the January transfer window. Edu told the Star: “I talked to him, Mikel talked to his agent, I talked to his agent about some possibilities,”

“Not fighting, just some things to try and help each other.

“The way we see his future at the club, the way we see him here. It’s quite clear.”

Well it is good that there is a possibility of bringing this ridiculous situation to an end. It just needs all parties to talk reasonably and I am sure an amicable solution could be found that benefits everyne…

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  1. Dan kit says:

    Let’s hope we see him back in the first team fold ,or at least I want to see him back .

  2. Tea says:

    Me too.. Can’t wait already

  3. John says:

    Can ateta just plz drop his arrogance and use ozil for creativity. We are losing too many matches

  4. Mrcool says:

    Arteta obviously doesn’t like ozil. May be because he is a kind of player that gives assists.
    Arteta don’t fancy players that give assists, he only love defensive minded players.
    If you want arteta to axe you from the team, start giving some forward passes.

    1. Chuxzzy1 says:

      Stop the sarcasm act bro..let’s chill a little

  5. ken1945 says:

    Me three, at least we will see some chances created and cut down the crosses we have seen.
    It will also take the pressure of MA, as it will be obvious that MO will be blamed for everything that might go wrong 🤔😂

  6. Goonster says:

    I hope he has been persuaded to accept a transfer move away from our club.
    Him, his loyal followers and his PR stunt artists are such a divisive force when combined.
    Ozil is behaving like a proper parasite that will not let go until it has filled it’s belly..

    If him and his agent are still refusing to vacate then just keep him frozen away until his contract runs out at the end of the season..

    With ozil it seems to always ends this way, him being pushed out.

    Spain (Madrid). Shown the door.

    Germany (National Team). He jumped before being pushed.

    England (Arsenal). Arsenal has been trying it’s best and hardest to get rid of him since 2018. But he has held on with all the strength and energy he could find.

    Just 6 more months at the maximum until we can see the back of him. Then may be we will get back to concentrating on the team instead of constantly being distracted by the Ozil PR CIRCUS.

    I wouldn’t want him anywhere near the first team ever.
    Two options for me;

    1, Leaves in January.


    2, Continues to be frozen out until June when his contracts runs out.

    Hope the board and Arteta don’t give into the Ozil fundamentalists emotional fanboyism. The same tactic was executed under Emery. Hope the club learnt from it.

    Thank you very much..

    1. Francis says:

      Finally someone speaking the truth here

      1. Maxis says:

        Finally, someone appealing to your prejudice and saying what you’d like to hear.

    2. Johnmike says:

      @Goonster,no you are the parasite here because you are blinded with hating MO.Look at the same Giroud you and your likes laothed so much is banging goals for chelshit with fun,look at MG at Hertha Berlin you said isn’t good enohg.

    3. MOSH Ssendi says:

      No, what you just wrote is divisive, what Ozil brought to the club is trophies, loyalty and class after years of greedy parasites like Van Persie that jumped ship when we needed them most.

    4. jon fox says:


      To think that they actually believe this washed up, bone idle fraud and leech can change our fortunes is like believing Trump won the USA election.


  7. Grandad says:

    What Edu has said is open to interpretation, and I suspect he is trying to encourage Ozil to leave, rather than to put on his boots again.I may of course be entirely wrong.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Grandad, that is also true.

      But, if that is so, the only outcome, judging from what MO has always insisted he would do, is the club would have to honour his contract to the letter.
      In other words, Ozil has carried out his side of the contract, as he always said he would and The Arsenal have done the same… end of story come June.

      1. jon fox says:

        To the letter ? Oh dear, dear, dear. How naive! Not trying is not honouring ones contract at all, let alone to the letter. One way excuses from an archvOzil fan club self fooler KEN.

    2. Maxis says:

      This was the exact same impression I got from reading Edu’s comments.

      Our dip in EPL form seems to have coincided with the moment Ozil was confirmed to be axed from the official EPL list. There’s a chance the players may not be exactly happy with his treatment.

      In the circumstances, him leaving will be best for all concerned (I am assuming Edu and MA still don’t intend to register him in our EPL list come January).

  8. lcw says:

    Just because of comments like these, I hope Ozil sticks to his guns and sees out his contract.

    I hope he stays at the club not only for his sake but for the sake of other players that might be in his situation in the future.

    He did not do anything wrong, immoral or illegal. The opposite is true.

    Had they treated him with dignity and respect, I would say he should leave. However they treated him poorly, unprofessionally and unfairly so they must pay the price.

    It pains me to take a player’s side instead of the club I love but fair is fair and those bad apples in management should be taught a lesson.

    1. ken1945 says:

      I think, lcw, you and I see the situation in exactly the same way.
      If someone higher than the players, hadn’t leaked information about his personal contract details, along with the results of the pay cut issue (still not heard who the other two are of course) the club would have had a much higher moral ground.

      1. lcw says:


      2. Cph says:

        I long suspected there’s a mole at the club. He resurfaced again to leak the Luiz and Ceballos training fight. Arteta must find the mole and crush him!

    2. Krish says:

      make it three, i absolutely support you in this sentiment.. its just sad to end this relationship like this.. because for me Özil came at a time where nobody expected a top player to come to arsenal and the top players leaving and then one year later sanchez came etc.

      1. lcw says:


      2. Sue says:

        Make it 4 🙂

        1. lcw says:


  9. Reggie says:

    Sounds to me like he going, ive also read earlier this week that Ozil and his agent have been discussing a move away. Good for everyone if true.

  10. jon fox says:


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