Edu claims that Arsenal’s transfer targets were agreed together

Edu Gaspar has told reporters that all of Arsenal’s signings have been made as a collective decision, with no player joining without both him and the manager both being in agreement.

It would be easy to assume that manager Mikel Arteta was integral in the signings of both Oleksandr Zinchenko and Gabriel Jesus due to his links with Manchester City after spending time there working under Pep Guardiola, while Edu has been named as central to signings from Brazil, but the Director of Football claims that all signings have been signed off as a team.

Whover is making the decisions in north London in recent windows, it seems to be working, and the owners certainly seem more willing to trust in our club to spend wisely at present. The Kroenkes certainly seem to be behind the project, and for good reason judging by the progress being made in recent seasons.

Do we think many other managers have such an important say in which players are signed by the club?


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  1. Even now, after massive and ongoing evidence, which has been obvious for quite some time, there are are still certain Gooners being unfairly critIcal of almost everything done by MA AND EDU!
    There are none so blind as those who simply REFUSE to see! Sigh!

    1. The problem is there are many things we see from this team and club so you can’t completely blame those who are not agreeing with you, we have all seen both the bad and the good, the only way they can prove the doupters wrong is by actually translating all these into success on the pitch, consistently performing well and fighting closer to the big teams, success on the pitch is the only universal language to convince most fans about the process or whatever
      I can make an article on why we should be possitive about the state of the club now the same way I can make an article on why we shouldn’t be over the moon as many times we have been let down though some may argue it’s always with excuses

    2. You want people to come to your way of thinking, but you make it unbearably difficult because of how you approach it. The “why can’t you just be positive, you pos” tone is both ridiculous and counter productive.
      I think MA and edu have done a great job this and last summer and I’m excited to see how the squad does next season. I’ve been up and down on MA throughout but I’m happy with the way things are going right now.

      1. As always, he makes a great case for what they say they are doing and why. The acid test as always will be performances, where we finish in the league and wether we win a cup or the EL. Talk is cheap and means zilch at the end of the day. They have planned the signings last year and this, to get progress. For me they are in last chance saloon (again) because the money being spent is quite remarkable for any club, let alone Arsenal and we need to be playing with the big boys, on big boys level. Lets end all this talk and start producing, otherwise get someone in who can. NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!!!!

        1. That was supposed to be a comment, not a specific reply to Davi, dont understand how it came out as one.

  2. @Reggie,you are not the one to say this is our last chance,the board are.cos if you are actually the one you would have dismissed the manager so no use indicating the last chance saloon as the decision is in the hands of the club hieriarchy.

    1. You are so right, it isnt upto me. I was just meaning we cant keep making excuses for too many more years for failure, especially after the expenditure on the team. Otherwise why bother.

  3. Thankfully, the board are sensible and can see that Arteta and Edu have a reasonable plan. This is not a guarantee of success but it has been clear for some time that they have been working to a well thought through strategy. It is essential to recognize that there will be missteps along the way as football is very dynamic. The squad has been gradually rebuilt and is looking more balanced and stronger overall than last season.
    The board have given time to see the how the plan works out instead of responding to the unrealistic demands of certain fans and the outlandish criticism of some pundits.
    We do have to consider that other top teams have also strengthened. There should be a fierce battle for the top four positions but I expect us to have good chances.

  4. I also think some fans just make excuses to gloss over the truth. Two sides to every story. Is it sensible as you put it? To put so much faith in unknown quantities and expect results, without worry from people that we are not doing the right thing. Top 4 was in our hands and we collapsed in a heap, due to not being able to handle the situation. Why or what proves or gives any credence to our owner is being sensible. Most reasonable people would say they are taking huge risks, not being sensible. Especially when there is very little real evidence all this may succeed.

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