Edu confident that Arteta is leading Arsenal to a “beautiful future”

Arsenal are currently going through their worst run of form ever seen in my lifetime, and I assure you I am far from being a youngster, but from what Edu is telling us, we are still on course to build the Gunners into a force to be reckoned with in the future.

The Brazilian has explained in an in-depth interview in the Daily Mirror aimed at Arsenal fans that there have been more than enough changes at the club in the past couple of years, and now we need a period of stability and patience to get the club back on track.

He points to the wealth of young talent coming through, and the togetherness in the squad as reasons to be hopeful of great progress to come. Edu said: “I can see a big, big, big and beautiful future. It’s very strange to say that in this moment, but I have to be fair – that’s the way I see the photo. And I always believed, and knew, it’d be a big challenge.

“We have to be patient. I know asking for patience for Arsenal is very strange because everyone has said that for long, long periods.

“But I’m here today to give to you guys the word that everything is fine internally but the results aren’t coming, but I think we’re going to change it very soon.

“I think the club needs stability right now, we have faced so many changes. It is not about Edu, Mikel, it is about stability. Now is the time to try and be a stable club in the old sense – externally and internally, we need that.

“Since we arrived here we have been changing, changing, changing, now is time to be stable and together at the same time.”

“The way I see things is very simple,” he continued. “It’s normal and easy to be driven by the results. But for me, the main point is when I see something in which I can see the future, see where we go, the way we’re building things, I’m sure we’re going to be fine in the future.

“Since I arrived here I knew it would be a challenge. If you see how many changes we had in these years … I really understand when you have a massive man here like Arsene Wenger and then we change to a new coach who started quite well, and then we changed Unai Emery.

“Then Mikel came, so Mikel started. I knew it would be challenge, it’s not easy. But again the way we’re driving, the way we’re going, is making me believe a lot in the future.”

“I see the players, everyone believing in what we are doing, and that’s the message. Because I started to hear from the outside, by the press, ‘players have a problem, some of the players not believing in Mikel, Mikel and David not talking…’ It’s not right.

“Nothing happened like people are saying and I don’t want that kind of thing to build externally to something which is not true internally. I want people to understand that what we are doing here, we are in the process to have a beautiful future.

“If you see how many young players get a chance. Joe Willock got a place, Emile Smith Rowe is starting to be on the bench, Ainsley Maitland-Niles start to be in the international team and Bukayo has been unbelievable.

“There is a lot of them and don’t forget, Kieran Tierney is young, Gabriel is young, Gabriel Martinelli is young – we have a quite interesting future in the club when you are taking about these players – we have a beautiful future.”

We all know that modern fans have very little concept of the slow development of a team and meeting their goals in small steps, but improving in little ways bit by bit.

We can see many JustArsenal readers kneejerk reactions and calling for Arteta to be sacked, but then what? Start all over again, with a new coach, new players, new tactics, etc. That means that you are going back to square one.

Yes things are tough right now, but listen to Edu. Have faith and patience and we will all be rewarded in the end…

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  1. The only future I see here is relegation. we cant continue like this while other teams are making meaningful progress. Edu needs to get sacked as well. #artetaout

    1. I found myself shaking my head in despair at the suggestion to pair Mari and Gabriel at Centre back.As long as I have played and watched football I don’t think I have ever seen two left footers form a CB partnership. The imbalance that creates would be a disaster.In any event, Holding has been very decent recently, and does not deserve to be left out.

    2. bro thats stupid, clearly arteta needs time and everybody knows that, after the window we’ll se how they perform

  2. Saka Auba Pepe
    —— ESR
    Elneny – AMN
    KT – Gab – Rob- CS

    This is the team I want to see against Southampton.

    Bring in Balogun later on. We’re just dropping 4 players which still isn’t bad.

    1. If Arteta still insists on using 4-2-3-1, I’d prefer this line-up:

      ……………………… Leno
      Niles . Holding . Magalhaes . Tierney
      ……………. Elneny …………. Willock
      Willian ………….. Ceballos …………. Aubameyang
      ……………………… Lacazette

      If we can’t score from open play in the first 60 minutes, I’d bring in Nikolaj Moller to change our attacking style

    2. Me, I will prefer

      Willock Lacazette pepe
      Luiz Elneny
      Tireney Mari Gabriel Cedric

      Reason been that
      1. Abu is fustrated, Nd nobody is undroppable.
      2. Willock, Cellablos, and Luiz are a bit creative.
      3. Luiz will do less of nodding in the middle of the park.
      4. We will have extra men to attack during set piece
      5. Luiz can Still help with is forward pass
      6. William looks tired and we also need to have options on the bench

  3. What exactly is Edu’s job at this club other than blowing smoke up our collective backsides? Beautiful future? We are 15th in the league!

      1. Time to go!!! along with some others I won’t name them but we all know who else needs to join him in the exit bus.

      1. I agree with Edu. We need to Support MA in his quest to rid the club of the problems and restore harmony in the team.

  4. Arsenal have plenty of talented youngsters, its true. Is Arteta ready to bench Xhaka for Maitland-Niles or Willian for Nelson? The answer is No. With Arteta, our future will be in Championship. Youngsters can adapt quicker to the new style of play, but senior players will take time to adapt. By then, we’ll be relegated. We just need fresh ideas from a different person

    1. Saka is the proof that Arteta is screwing the team. From a creative defender & attacker, Saka became a crossing machine. Arteta took off creativity from the team.
      I prefer 1000 times Ljungberg, at least he is a fair man and has confidence from all

  5. 5 defeats, 1 draw and 1 win in last 7 matches. 4 of the defeat at home. This is a kind of form that guarantees relegation future. We are playing football pattern that has been found out by every other managers in the league. The only bright future I see here if Edu doesn’t give Arteta necessary support is championship utopia.

  6. Hallelujah! What superb sense and truth Edu speaks and PAT reports. I only pray and beg those who think differently to have the necessary patience and breadth of vision to see how true Edus statement is and get behind our club, our manager and be supporters, not hasty and self entitled critics. I see so very clearly the future greatness in MA and I am certain I am not alone.

    Will those who think as I do please come on and support Edu and MA. And will those others at least take a day off for once as you are adding unecessary pressure which is harming OUR club. Think first! And think properly, for once!

    1. Jon Fox – I believe in Arteta I just hope the players do as well.

      I hate using luck but we have also suffered from a dose of bad luck with key injuries, silly redcards.

      For me Arteta should get time as long as the dressing room stays behind him.

    2. Jon, You are correct that this is not the time to even think of changing the manager. It is true that the results, and in the main, the performance of the team as a collective has been very poor. I my opinion,this next transfer window will be critical in determining Arteta’s future, because it will show if he has the true backing of the club. If he can move on the players which do not fit his philosophy and perhaps strengthen where he perceives weakness, then he will be here for the long run. We should all use a bit of common sense
      and remember “be careful what you wish for”, as there is no certainty that change will make things better.

    3. i believe kim jong-un is looking for a spokesman … seems you have all the required qualities for this position .. generous hosing allowance in pyongyang thrown in too!!

      1. OH WHAT A WIT! You should be on the stage. The next stage leaves for Dodge City in half an hour. Be on it!

        1. I THINK THATS OH WHAT A LOVELY WAR actually … so you are the wyatt earp of the just arsenal site … a crooked gunman with a gambling problem … sadly its possibly what arsenal might need right now but im heading for the hills!!!

  7. Edu was an Invincible and I trust him. Arteta has shown some smart tactics, but the club need to help him in disciplining the Gunners

    Arsenal also need to sell any player who doesn’t want to be at the club anymore in January, so the player can’t ruin our game plans and dressing room

    1. very important point. The sooner we eliminate the players who have no future with us the better. Ozil feels like a bad guy to have around but he is probably not the only one.

      Sadly, I read we might get Lucas T back who also seemed unhappy in London.

  8. The thing is with these statements from the club and Edu is just retarded imo.

    We were told that the aim is to be winning the UCL in 3 years.

    Now if the club had come out and said they had a plan to promote and improve youngsters in say, a 5 year plan to be back competing for the league and european trophies and literally going another way with a rookie coach then I, for one would be ok with that but they talk big and act small.

    I highly doubt given our current for that we will beat Benfica, although we do have time to improve in form by that time.

    We have lost 7 out of 12 games this season ad we only lost 10 all season last year when we thought we couldnt get any worse, we dont score goals anymore, we’re a shambles right now and nothing I feel is going to improve that.

    We lost at home to Burnley for crying out loud!

  9. Spot on, Val 👍 Actions speak louder than words!!
    All the games we’ve lost, failed to score in so many of them and we’re supposed to be happy with that?? Burnley!!! Embarrassing or what…
    Doesn’t matter home or away, it’s equally as poor!!
    Dreading tomorrow, I guess at least Xhaka won’t be there to recklessly lunge on someone 20 yards from goal, for JWP to fire home…
    Do I think we can win? Probably draw at best. Time for MA to rally the troops before it’s too late. No good with the same 2 or 3 trying every week. We need the whole team to put a shift in…
    This season has been a complete mess and I’m now getting an insight into how half of my family (Hammers) have felt every season… and it ain’t pretty.

    Come on Edu/MA, sort it out, I’m not expecting miracles overnight, but we are the Arsenal and should be in a much better place than this..

  10. I agree with Edu and not go for a results based manager sack strategy.
    However, after saying that I do feel that there needs to be a little bit more pressure from above on certain things such as transparency in selections. For example why is Maitland Niles not selected ahead of Bellerin when he has performed so well? Why is Smith-Rowe not on the bench at least when we are crying out for creativity ? There has to be a target of let us say 6 points in December (at least 2 wins with so many games), 7 points in January, 8 points in February etc so that we do not get dragged into a relegation battle as I do not think this team as a collective has the fight for a scrap.

  11. For me Arteta as earned my backing till the seasons end .
    I’ve seen from last season that he can turn this around ,I can also see the other side of the coin regarding fans wanting him gone it’s a results business and they aren’t going our way ,but for now I will back him .

      1. Yes sue 👍
        Joining forces 😂and the Asian dude from Karate kid 2 coming into it .
        I should grow up really ,but its part of my growing up so fck it I’ll carry on enjoying it

          1. CobraKai is fantastic show Sue. First couple episodes aren’t great, but it builds up into a great show. I actually burned a whole weekend and watched every episode.

            They have already finished a season 3, not sure when it drops though. Think in January right after Christmas here in the States.

          2. It drops here on January 8, Durand.. been waiting so long for it! That’s the only trouble having every episode available, binge them all in a weekend and have even longer to wait for the next season, I can’t help myself though, you know how it goes – just one more episode 😂

          3. I love the show, season 2 was better than the first for me. I’m geeking out waiting for the 3 season to drop.

  12. The dreaded vote of confidence that means Arteta will be sacked after the weekend expecting us to loose to Southampton and Everton and his time will be up no time for novice managers Arsenal need to act fast and get a experienced proven manager in someone who is worthy of managing this club!

  13. More soundbites, and “lovely” sounding words.

    Let me add three more ;

    “As we look to the next two, three years we will have an outstanding platform on which to compete with any club in the world” (2012)

    “We are moving from Highbury to compete with the likes of Bayern Munich”.


    No more hollow promises – ACTION PLEASE !

  14. Support the Manager. We will come good. Once the Mafia realize MA is going nowhere they will play for the exit door. To go disrupt some other team.

  15. He will surely defend Arteta because he cannot show he and the others made a huge mistake by appointing him in the first place and showing mistrust in Arteta just when one year is yet to be completed. I personally hope MA stays and succeeds but certain decisions of his are mystifying like tactics and team selection. For the Southampton game I hope he plays:
    Soares Gabriel Mari Tierney
    AMN Elneny
    Saka Nketiah Auba

  16. We need new players. Arteta needs to play the young ones.

    Martinelli, Balogun, Smith-Rowe, Saka, M-Niles. These 5 young lads are the pillars of our attack.

    The earlier they start playing, the better.

    Kroenke should keep on investing in the squad. This summer we need 2 more players. 1 Central midfielder and 1 winger.

  17. Even if Arteta can buy new players, you’ll tell us to be patient because they’re still adapting to EPL. The current squad that we have is not bad as people think. Arteta is running out of ideas on how to fully utilize the potential of individual players. The guy should just leave us in peace, not pieces

  18. The message from Edu is clear. Don’t worry about results because what he sees in the club and on the training ground do not concern him. After all, results account for nothing more than a few points right? Well, I’m sure the owners are completely happy then!! BS.

  19. Even for a glass half full guy like me, Edu’s comments were a bit OTT. Having said that, I’ll be disappointed if Arteta doesn’t get until the end of the season to show forward progress. I don’t think anyone expected linear progress but this current period feels like more than just one step backwards.

    Have to put Edu’s comments in context though. His head is as much on the block as Arteta’s.

    1. Absolutely right! Edu’s head is on the block too. The only way this situation gets better any time soon is by righting the ship and sailing north up the table with a string of good results. Anything less is more trouble, bad feelings and ultimately, more panic!

    1. I’ll gladly accept that bet, any amount You only have to say on here . PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS SON!

  20. MA has my support for now, but Emi Martinez gave another MOTM display at the weekend, and showed he’s a real leader by gathering up the players at the end of the game. I feel the mistakes are mounting up. I really hope my misgivings prove to be groundless in the long term.

  21. Edu says we have a good crop of youngsters coming through, well why not give them ( ESR, Nelson, AMN, Balogun ) an extended run in the first team. Tell them they are in for the next 5 games to give them confidence. They can’t do no worse than Laca, Xhaka, Willian surely.

  22. I have and will continue to support my beloved AFC for the past 50 years but Edu is not helping at the moment.
    Its obvious fans are rightly upset and statements like this although well meant are badly timed.
    I know managers need time the likes of Alex Ferguson and Jurgen Klopp finished 11th and 13th in their first seasons and we all know what happened next.
    The big difference is that you always got a feel for the style of play they wanted and that an improvement was imminent, a fuzzy feeling I do not have right now.
    I could put up with bad results if we had a great style of play, looked sharp and maybe had been unlucky.
    The sad truth is we have not looked purposeful for a few years. We also seem to make bad decisions to save a few quid in transfers, at a time we could have Kante we
    bought Xhaka instead of Zaha we got Pepe etc.
    So the club needs to have an overhaul from the top first because at the moment changing the manager is a short term feel good solution. I have decided to save a few quid, cancel sky sports and just watch motd. At least that way I know what’s coming and can ease back on the

    1. Pepe is not as bad as people say. The Zaha deal, Crystal palace wanted the whole money. at the time, Pepe made sense. We should give Pepe time. consistency and playing in a number 10 or false 9 role will bring out the best in Pepe.
      i want Arteta to play a 4231 formation. he should discontinue the 3 at the back permanently.

      Cedric Gabriel Mari Tierney

      AMN Elneny

      Pepe Smith Rowe Saka


      Aubameyang should be come off the bench in the next couple of matches.

      Smith Rowe should be starting every game. Same as AMN and Pepe. We need to get Martinelli back as well

      1. That sound like a second tier combination Skills,are you building to become a European contender or perrenial relegation fodder?

  23. Good for him to come out and issue a statement. But I don’t know if I am being paranoid or not, but his statements sound like he is trying to glorify himself a little and make his image better in front of fans. Let’s hope he follows through with his statement and backs Mikel but also puts supervision plans and proper targets in place. Otherwise, performances and results may not improve.

  24. How about Edu starts answering for his mistakes in transfer market of Willian, Mari and Cedric. Not to mention I bet he had a big influence in bringing Luiz and Pepe as well. He is in process of transforming Arsenal into some sort of retirement home for Brazilian footballers, there was a strong link to Oscar during last transfer window I won’t be surprise if we end up with Marcelo next summer.

  25. It’s not kneejerk. We have been poor from the first game of the season. Blame the players, blame covid, blame Ozil, blame everybody but the man conducting the orchestra. The musicians/footballers still have the skills, the conductor is poor. Arteta does not have the experience to change our factual decline.

  26. A better future would involve Edu out of the club, this guy should be judged be the players he has bought to the club and his cozzy relationship he has with their agents
    Expect more of the same.

  27. Arsenal issue is not about our team not scoring. Officiating officials and VAR are also contributing factors. I watch WOLVES VS CHELSEA yesterday, the same offence that got Zhaka sent off was what Ben Chillwel did to a wolves player yesterday but only got a yellow card. Iam not saying that what Granit did was right (far from it). All iam saying is that there should not be ‘selective justice’ especially when it involves English players.

  28. How do you judge a manager who is yet to have a proper pre-season and whose main signing is struggling with fitness issues? Arsenal have a low-budget squad, freebies and a couple of potentials. Such a squad needs a lot of coaching to perform. Fans are reacting as if Arteta inherited Man City or Liverpool squad

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