Edu confirms that Arsenal’s first signing is “a player for the future”

So, Arsenal have finally announced their first signing of the ssummer, but it hasn’t arrived with the usual fanfare and big unveling, despite Maquinhos being a first team player at Sao Paolo making 33 first team appearances and winning the Compeonato Paulista at only being 19 years old.

Marquinhos will join our other young Brazilian Martinelli who, I am sure, will help him to settle in London and quickly learn the Arsenal way.

Despite the youngsters experience, which is even more advamced that Martinelli was at the same age, Edu seems convinced that Marquinhos will not be fast-tracked into the first team. Edu told “We’re delighted to have completed the transfer with Sao Paulo, as Marquinhos was a player we had been watching for a while. At 19, he is still very young, so he is a player for the future. We look forward to Marquinhos now joining us for pre-season, making his new home, and continuing to grow and develop with us.”

I must say though, that Martinelli was considered one for the future when he joined us 3 years ago, and within two months he had scored for us in his debut game in the League Cup against Mottm Forest.

There is no reason why Marquinhos could not do the same thing.

If you are good enough, you are old enough…



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  1. Welcome lad, we seem to be stalling in the market, other clubs would likely move for our targets

  2. Another player for the future yet spurs are signing players for the here and now having just agreed a deal with Brighton for Bissouma!

    1. Declan, two player options on my wish list to improve the Arsenal starting eleven (not future prospects) in Bissouma and Guimaraes have now be signed by opposition clubs for reasonable transfer fees. Obviously our view of what llayers Arsenal needs is far different to Edu and Arteta.
      Maybe after Hungary destroyed England, Arsenal should start looking at Hungarian players.
      Anyway happy days Australia are through to their fourth World Cup in a row, after 20 qualifying matches with only 4 at home due to Covid19.

  3. Good safe signing. Can see him subbing in the EL and Carabao. Then in Jan reassess loan or keep. It’s sensible recruiting. So much better than just throwing 50m and 50m salary for Lacazette or 60m and 50m salary package for Aubameyang let alone 72m for Pepe. Fans still demand we throw 50m at Jesus and then give him a guaranteed 40 mill salary package = 90mill Makes so little finacial sense. But the fans will scream if they don’t get their shiny new expensive toy because that’s how many football fans roll. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marquinos scored a dozen goals or more in his debut season.

    1. Yes city, pool, Tottenham all are stupid for bringing in shinny toys, keep dreaming in thinking we are going anywhere with this bunch of kids

      1. Spurs have been signing mega expensive players for generations and last won the title in 1961.

          1. How many trophies have Spurs actually won in those past 7 years? Like zero. Arsenal has won 4 FA Cups in that same time.

            1. Haha, this fairfan of a guy is funny
              For the fact you are comparing us with Tottenham shows how far we have fallen
              Do arsenal look more attractive to Tottenham right now? They have better world class players and manager right now I am struggling to single out a single world class thing about arsenal apart from stadium and facilities

        1. Their 2 signings from January were bargains.they have signed Forster,Perivic on free, Bissouma for 30M ,agreed a deal for Spence for 20Mand have already sold a couple of players too.even more worrying Conte wants to sign 7 players.he will have a strong first XI plus some good squad members,scary.

        2. Your argument is so flawed..
          In the modern game if you want to succeed you simply have to spend money. You highlight one team as an example and state that “mega expensive signings” don’t guarantee success yet you miss out City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man United, Real, Barcelona, Bayern, PSG and Juventus from your argument.
          Success is synonymous with spending money. You spend or you don’t and lets be honest here in saying MA has little tactical or management skills so developing a team of triple winning youngsters a la Ferguson is highly unlikely…

      2. Same with Liverpool and city
        What is your point
        They have the manager now that makes the difference they’re not only signing mega expensive players but the right players for what they want to achieve,
        Please remind me when last we finished above them? By your logic there is no need to spend all we have to do is promote some kids and sign who ever is cheap so it will be a safe signing to you

    2. FF who would you sign for our team to improve? Considering all our rivals were absolutely atrocious last season and will all improve this season. So if we don’t improve we won’t progress

      1. Arsenal finished 2 points off CL finishing 11 points ahead of star stacked Man U. We don’t “Need” to spend big money on any one. Both Saka and ESR who were free scored more than the combined total of Laca 50m Auba 60 m and Pepe 72m. 4 of our top 5 goal scorers cost 7m total scoring three times the goals scored by our 182m official strike force. Add Marquinos Biereth and Balogun and we will have a 14 mill strike force as good as any in the land. But the fans will scream untll they get their 50m stiker.

        1. FF I’ll ask you again who would you song? All you have done is regurgitate the same reply you put on every post. The fact is spurs will and are improving there squad have a better strike force than us. Are you telling me that Biereth Balogun and Marquinos are the same level as Kane Son and Kuvulevski?

          Man Utd have been absolutely atrocious we bluffed our way to 5th. West Ham struggled with the inclusion of Europe and spurs struggled but still blew us away when it mattered.

          We don’t score enough goals and our CM is atrocious. Don’t have to spend millions and millions just have to spend the money right on the right players

          1. Spurs “blew us away”? What by 2 points? And that was by getting in a new manager and throwing 50 mill at signings in January. Spurs have been ” improving” their squad since 1961 and still have not won another title. They will end up playing us in the EL after Xmas. Arsenal was 6 points clear with 6 games to go so who was blowing who away? This with the youngest squad in the league and with the second least experienced manager in the league. Only injuries cost us 4th place. As for players we need? I would take Tielemans for 25mill. Niles for RB. Bring back Saliba and promote Trusty. Bring bck Nelson. Bring in Azeez + Flores and Rekik. And yes Marquinos Biereth and Balogun to complete the strike force. So a 25mill spend on Tielemans is all we need.

            1. You’re so full of stats and figures, fairfan. Yet, the only stat that has any relevance is where you finish at the end of the season. Arsenal have failed to qualify for the CL for years and even outside of Europa League places last year. We don’t need the intricate stats about every team. We all know the problem. It’s Arsenal’s lack of ambition and it’s reliance on gullible fans who are happy to ride the merry old mediocre train!

              Give it up, fairfan. Nobody cares about the small things when the only thing that matters is getting our club back to the top. That won’t happen unless the club start acting quicker in the transfer market and buy the right players proactively. Not reactively! All the clubs who want to strengthen and challenge next year are doing so already. It’s the difference between pretenders and contenders!

            2. FF

              I said “spurs blew us away when it mattered” as in against us as we bottled it over the last 3 games obviously you just don’t want to see that. Draw at spurs beat Newcastle CL is ours. No we will just collapse and concede 5 goals in two games and throw our season away. Yet you find it acceptable that we were 6 points clear of them with 6 games to go which just shows how much catching up they did and how much collapsing we did so your point proves nothing.

              Youngest squad by how far though? Not much but again you believe what you like.

              And regarding injuries if we’d actually planned that injuries might happen and signed players in January to cover this then we would of more than likely ended up in 4th.

        2. @fairfan, I like your idea 💡, I personally wouldn’t want too many expensive players but what I do want is a powerful midfield,
          Camavinga is only 19 and he’s doing great, Gabi and co are same too,

          Maquinhos will do well, all we need is players like Lucas parquet, callagher, Amadou Onana and Savic in our midfield and just one tall and fast CF (Osimhen) seems expensive but this is the world we find ourselves in, where everything is overpriced,

          As it stands, Arsenal must equip themselves well,
          The signings by other teams really looks scary,

          Man city, pool, Newcastle, crystal, Aston etc.

        3. Balogun really!have you been following him this season?I guess not.he is nowhere ready for the PL,just asked Middlesbrough fans.

        4. Saka and ESR still scored less than auba used to score in a season. I think you could throw martinelli in there too.
          A bit weak to compare against a checked out version of auba (who in the past was worth his price tag btw), a failed transfer in Pepe (who barely got a chance to play anyway) and laca, who was never a big scorer for us and had a particularly bad season in front of goal. Some might call this cherry picking haha
          Would be better to compare the number of goals we scored as a team compared to our rivals, or even our goal difference. Aside from utd, who were a disaster, the others get more bang for their buck.
          The fact that we can’t seem to get transfers right doesn’t mean it’s wrong to buy players – we just need to get better at it

  4. This is very sad. Now this has sealed Tottenham’s superiority over Arsenal. The strength in their midfield would be huge with Bissouma.
    Conte is a great coach with good football sense for signing Bissouma.
    Now my dream signing is gone. I wonder who we would even sign to strengthen our midfield.
    Tielemans is good but he can’t stand strong to beat the intense high press of bigger teams.
    I don’t even know what to look forward to again. I’m gutted.

  5. Hopefully his dribbling skills are as good as Martinelli’s. Saka and Pepe are good in playing with their backs to goal, but it’ll be nice to have a more skilled RW

    Meanwhile, Man United and Crystal Palace are chasing an ex-Gunner called Malcolm Ebiowei. He is also a left-footed attacker and was released by Arsenal, similar to Harry Kane’s story

      1. Whoever in charge of young player evaluation at that time didn’t do his job properly. We’ve also lost Bennacer

      2. Same way we let Gnabry go!!

        What is worse, Spurs have nipped into M&S ahead of us and stolen Spence & Bissouma.

        I really wonder who Edu is chasing at the moment. They must be very special!!

        I have said before, all we really need is a good DM and a goal scorer. Bissouma would have filled the DM spot, and for just $25m.

        But Edu knows best!!!!!

        So I will sit and wait to be pleasantly surprised by his new signing(s).

  6. I couldn’t believe this Bissouma rumour, so checked it out and it seems true!!

    What the hell is going on at our club!!!

    From giving players away for free whilst paying their salaries, setting ridiculous buy out clauses for loan players, chasing players who do not want to play for us…. to, now, letting our neighbours come in and steal a player who has practically begged our club to come and get him…. and for a bargain price of, reportedly, just £25,000,000!!!!!!!

    It’s a complete shambles and all down to Arteta, Edu and Kronkie – not Gazidis, Wenger or anyone else eh Loose Cannon and Goonster??

    1. Good morning Ken and welcome to a bright new sunny day, cannot say about tomorrow as the weather keeps changing. We at Arsenal, we choose players according to our club ethos and culture, the wayward ones signed by Mikel’s predecessor (not the other Spanish Matador) spoilt the dressing room culture to the core and hence the reason we suffered two 8th place finishes (surprisingly someone’s pet blue eyed boy is stilled binned at Fenerbache) Now coming back to Bissouma, a very fine player indeed but his social status needs to be checked, hence better we pass this to our neighbours rather than spoil the club ethos. Brave decision by Mikel. Regarding Spence, another very good lad, but we have able backup in Cedric and our very own reserve Norton Cuffy, who will be far more exciting than Spence plus we need to offload Osei-Tutu or integrate him in the team. Another wise decision by Mikel. We only need 25 players for the league, we cannot hire every player available for a transfer.

      1. Thanks for the reply LC.
        As usual though, you haven’t answered my question with regard to our transfer policy following on from the 2017/18 season.
        I wonder if you could tell me what improvements you see since then, with regards to this specific part of the rebuild under Mikel and Edu?

        I am genuinely interested in your opinion, as we seem to be both passionate Gooners, with differing points of view.

        Of course we can’t sign every Tom Dick and Harry, but just one top class Dick would be a good start!!

    2. Arsenal should immediately match the offer so we would really see where the player wants to go but I can’t see us doing it unfortunately

    3. What’s going on at our club? simple,there are those who talk about doing something and the others who are doing something.

  7. Im afraid Spurs have a better owner, better manager and better players. They are also (thanks to their top manager) in a better place than us. We are going nowhere but down.

  8. For around the same cost (25 million) I’d choose Bissouma over Tielemans every day.

    Missed once already signing White rather than Bissouma, looking like we’ll miss again while spuds widen the gap.

    Disappointed to say the least, I beg the club to aim higher please.

    1. Durand, Bissouma was begging us to sign him and we paid the money on the wrong player and as usual far too much. Bissouma would have helped us to top 4 and we signed White who is not top 4 quality. Bad bad judgement to sign white, not Bissouma and loan out Saliba. I wonder who helped sort that out?

  9. As far as I’m concerned It’s no good looking at back at last season and saying we finished fifth only finished 2 points off CL. last seasons gone, finished. So we sign another player for the future, well let me tell you, the future starts on August the 6th 2022 and if we don’t hit the ground running we’ll be left behind and playing catch up again. I have very little faith that we will make any major singings at all and I’m willing to bet not many, if any at all of our academy players make it into the first team and become regulars. I’m still looking forward to the new season, but I fear once again, I’ll be frustrated and stressed out long before the season ends.

  10. There are well sourced rumours that Bissoumas off field antics are not what we might regard as professional and that he is not trouble free.

    I have no doubt that MA and Edu will have done their homework on his character FULLY and declined to bring him in for THAT reason only.

    His onfield ability is not in question but if Spuds sign him, as seems likely, then watch this space and remember this post!
    If only signing players were as straightforward as many on JA SEEM TO NAIVELY BELIEVE ! SIGH!!

    1. Off the field antics is what stopped us signing him?

      Didn’t seem to stop City buying Grealish, or keeping Foden for that matter.

      What about John Terry’s antics.

      Next Seasons headlines could be “Squeaky Clean Arsenal team lose again”

      1. JW, funny how George Graham could win titles with alcoholics, drug users and gambling addicts.
        As a supporter I am only interested in how players perform on matchday. Required behaviour on the field, at training and in their own liesure time should be set out in their contracts.

  11. It’s funny how other clubs have no difficulty signing players (city, liverpool, spuds for example) while our club seem to be making hard work of even signing a 19 year old.

    Of course, not having CL yet again is a negative, but when a player like Bissouma comes along for just £25,000,000 and wants to play for the club, what is the problem?
    If he does have off field problems, it needs a strong manager /coach to help him with his problems….. maybe Mikel doesn’t want that kind of responsibility?

    1. Ken I don’t think Arteta is interested in building that type of midfield. He seems to prefer smaller, less physical, technical static passers than the physically dominant, mobile, and fluid midfielders that are available.

      Tielemans isn’t blessed with speed, isn’t renowned for his mobility, but is an excellent passer and great at set pieces.

      Had a good year, but can he solidify the midfield like Bissouma did for Brighton? His loss will hurt Brighton, while they did not miss White at all, actually finished higher in the table I believe.

      To each their own, hope it works out for Arsenal if Tielemans is who Arteta chooses. A 4th finish out of the top 4 and time to cut losses and get rid of Arteta. Run out of excuses; his players now, plenty of cash spent, and control given to him.

      1. Adams a blazing alcoholic, Merson a gambler and blazing Alcoholic, Parlour a blazing alcoholic and it goes on but GG managed them and got rewarded for helping them with their off field antics. Great managers manage, not great dont.

        1. Fergie handled bad boy keane because it was imperative to utd success as well as cantona. He didn’t take the easy route, he took the right route and got the rewards. Arteta is a million miles from that in his ethos and he will ultimately fail because of that inability to manage ALL personalities.

  12. Why should Mikel get into their personal life, they ain’t school adolescents. Years back we had one daddy cool and ended up being a daddy fool as none played for him or the badge. it ended in a bitter way and till date never returned (good anyway). Well done Mikel to pass this transfer. Only the brave can make brave decisions

    1. So what your saying is LC, it doesn’t matter what the players private life is about, just sign him for footballing reasons?

      Brave decisions made by brave people?
      Like playing Xhaka at left back?
      Foolish decisions made by foolish people is the flip side of the coin.

      Still awaiting your reply to my question above by the way.

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