Edu disciplined Arsenal ace Guendouzi for second incident during Gunners’ Dubai trip

According to the Athletic (subscription required), Arsenal midfielder Matteo Guendouzi was disciplined for a second incident during the Gunners’ winter break trip in Dubai.

The Frenchman was dropped from the squad for Arsenal’s Premier League tie for Newcastle after being involved in a training ground bust-up with a teammate.

Mikel Arteta wasn’t the only man to give the ace the hairdryer treatment though as chief Edu pulled up Guendouzi for his behaviour at an event.

The Athletic report that Guendouzi briefly took off his shirt before waving it in the air in support of a musical act.

Guendouzi and Arteta in training
Guendouzi and Arteta in training.

Fortunately it seems that neither incident seems to have been too serious, perhaps this whole furore could be a blessing in disguise for the 20-year-old.

Guendouzi should now have a better understanding of what is expected of him off the pitch.

The French star will also be well aware of Arteta and the club’s no-nonsense stance when it comes to any breaches of conduct.

Perhaps this kind of approach to any wrongdoings is exactly what the Gunners need after years of mediocrity.

Guendouzi returned to action for the north London outfit in yesterday’s win against Everton. The central midfielder came on as a substitute in the 82nd minute.

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  1. He actually returned to action on Thursday first. Whatever he has done and i think a lot of the reporting is sensationalism, i think it has been dealt with and everyone can move on from it. Gouendouzi is young full of beans and has a massive future ahead of him. He is being shaped and sorted to grow up and be a top player. If anyone on here didn’t do stupid things when they were young then i will deliver the box of chocolates to your monastery as a prize. Im sure this has been sorted out inhouse and everyone knows what is expected.

  2. I agree Reggie
    My only added point is that in conservative countries particularly in the Middle East such behaviour would likely be frowned upon and upset the locals which might be detrimental to the club

    1. Agree Sue, you can be arrested for all sorts of silly things in some countries. He obviously has been told and quite rightly so, where he has gone wrong.

  3. My only concern is that he must improve his game. The last thing we need now is a midfielder who is not creative enough and be passing ball backward and sideway all the time. Can anyone see what ceballos is doing with the ball now in the midfield? sentiment apart if we really want to go on a winning streak now Guenduozi needs to be benched permanently.

    1. It’s not not necessary you reply but you can advise him to be focused and improve his game like others have done since arrival of Mikel Arteta if you are his agent brother.
      David Luiz
      most notably Pepe have all raised their game so tell your client to get on board or remain on the bench thanks no grudge.

  4. Just a comment on the words “…..French star…..” How easy it has become for someone, a footballer that is, to be called a star these days. What is intended when headlines call everyone a star? Any guy that has represented his country, even if it is Liechtenstein, and even if only once, is a star in the bigger picture of football? Is every player that plays in the EPL a star? By what definition?

    Just checking……

    1. Further to above, Arsenal, imho has several fading stars and also several rising starts, but very few stars.

    2. SA Gooner, Interesting point you raise. I am a stickler – or pedant if you prefer, and I admit it too- about using words correctly. As a lifelong lover and still a student at my age , of our great langauage it always irks me how poor much of the English used in social media actually is. So what is a star you ask and there is not proper definition, football wise. What or who is a “legend”? I have seen such as KANU called a legend, foolishly IMO. He was a good dribbler but not a legend nor star player in the team he played in at that time.

      At present is it clear that only Auba is a REAL star and several other players are either very good, rising stars ,fading stars(esp Ozil),or of middling level at best, right now.

      I DO WISH GOONERS WOULD USE MODERATE AND CORRECT ADJECTIVES AND NOUNS TO DESCRIBE OUR PLAYERS , WHICH WOULD GIVE MORE REALISM TO DEBATE. WITHOUT SUCH REALISM , HOPES GET DISTORTED AND RESENTMENT COMES IN WHEN SUCH NON STAR PLAYERS LET THOSE HOPES DOWN. Not all star players become legends either, IMO. They need to be here some considerable time and achieve a cult status as well as real talent to be called a legend.

  5. I don’t think we can accommodate Guendouzi and Ceballos in the same team. They are very similar in that they are intelligent, hard working and very comfortable on the ball.Unfortunately they are both one paced and rarely get into good positions to shoot never mind score.Our midfield is bereft of real power,pace and goal scoring ability and this is an area which needs to be strengthened next season.We are stuck with Ozil so I see little point in trying to sign Ceballos with Guendouzi around.

    1. Brother you’re comparing Gwendouzi to Ceballos? Gross disrespecting. It just goes to show making lots of posts doesn’t mean you actually understand the game. Question what position is Gwendouzi best suited for.

  6. Reggie had it so right with his post at the head of this thread. Guendouzi has an aggressive edge about his character that is a distinct plus when he learns to channel that edge, as he will, with the present man in charge and also Edu who looks to be about the only other proper football person in the regime to aid Arteta. Give me a player with edge over one with a lack of passion all day long. Without that “edge or passion” you have no chance in our combative PREM. Eh, Ozil?

    Ps If you have any chocolates to spare , my wife loves them. Just send them to her with MY name on them Reggie and I’ll be forever in your debt!

    1. Funny that Arteta has picked Ozil for EVERY SINGLE PREMIERE LEAGUE GAME since he has been in charge don’t you think? He obviously doesn’t mind the fact that, according to you, he has no passion.Dosent say much about the manager if I read your words as they are written.

  7. I loved what Guendouzi brought to the game against Everton. He kept pressing upwards. Every player has a different trait. All that matters is if the coach bring out the best in the player. So far arteta does just that .

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