Edu discusses telling Ozil he will not play for the club in Europe this season

With more than 17 non-homegrown players to choose from, Arsenal had to drop some of their players from their Europa League team

The Gunners have recruited well in this transfer window, but they were also unable to sell some of their players.

This means that Mikel Arteta has been left with a bigger squad than he would have wanted to work with.

The Spaniard faced his first big test of who is really important to him when he had to name his Europa League squad for the season.

UEFA rule states that only 17 non-homegrown players will be allowed in the team for the season and the Gunners had 19 players to choose from.

At the end of the day, they decided to exclude Mesut Ozil and Sokratis Papastathopoulos.

Edu has revealed that it wasn’t an easy decision to make, but the Gunners did it the right way by sitting down with the affected players to explain the manager’s decision to them.

“We needed to manage the number of foreign players in the squad because we are only allowed to have 17 on our list,” Edu said as quoted by Mirror Football.

“I talked to Mikel [Arteta] about the players who were probably going to be left out and we discussed how to treat that challenging situation.

“The way we did it was to sit down with the players concerned and to be open with them and I also spoke to their agents.

“The only way to do that was face-to-face and to clearly explain why Mikel has made that decision. And I think we did it quite well.”

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    1. Realist bull…. Why couldn’t they arrange for a player transfer or loan like others have done for Suarez and Bale. If there is an incompetent management things can’t be done. At one stage you want to build a team around Ozil and the next your formation and tactics make him redundant. The business people running Arsenal haven’t been able to cut a deal for this Ozil guy for nearly 2 years.

      1. “The business people running Arsenal haven’t been able to cut a deal for this Ozil guy for nearly 2 years” Noted.
        Suarez bites, but he loves football more.
        Bale golfs, but he loves football more.
        Ozil loves Fortnite more than he loves football.
        Maybe there were no Football Club wanted Ozil on their squad.
        A Fortnite Club?

  1. Where did Edu mentioned ozil name in this article or is ozil the only senior player that was excluded from the Europa team.

    1. You know how it works. Ozil in headline for the clicks, proven successful strategy 😂. Nobody wants to read an article about Sokratis unless he’s leaving.

        1. If we shouldn’t condemn the site for putting money first, why do we condemn the board and Kroenke for doing the same at Arsenal?

          1. QD, the easy answer to your question is that we are passionate about our team and therefore want it to act ethically, whereas to this site we are just intent on having our publicly read say and are addicted, in many regulars cases, to being on this site. Addicted to but NOT in love with! THAT is the difference! Rather like smoking , drink or drugs and all harmful.

            1. @JF
              I believe the club acting ethically would mean it (the club) finding a way of pursuing the goals and ambitions of ALL stakeholders (fans, players, sponsors, shareholders, owner, govt, creditors etc). Do our objectives as fans supersede those of others for example the owner? We want to win trophies and Kroenke wants to make money, both of us are justified we need to find a balance.

              1. QD, If you want TOTAL ethical behaviour among ALL people “stakeholders ,owners , players sponsors” etc, then you need a different planet than Earth in which to follow football.
                MY contention is as fans are the lifeblood of football and the ONLY ones without whom the game can not survive, WE FANS, are the ones who should be treated ethically and that we should ALL demand that, on pain of withdrawing our fan wordship. IF we did this, the mistreatment would soon improve You always need dire consequences to force unethical folk into proper behaviour.

                Just imagine if for one full season post COVID, ALL fans did not attend, bought no merchandise, no SKY/BT subs etc. DO YOU HONESTLY THINK THINGS WOULD NOT THEN CHANGE FOR OUR BETTERMENT?

          2. The clicks (money) keeps this site open. Winning games makes Kroenkie money. If Arsenal keeps winning, nobody will condemn him. We criticize Kroenkie and the board not because we don’t care. We do it when we think they screwed up which they did plenty off last few years.

    2. We all know who the two players are..
      Ozil and Sokratis..
      He didn’t have to mention their names cos its no longer news to us.

      Now to all of you fans without knowledge of what happens behind the scenes with all your conspiracy theories of why Ozil has constantly been left out.

      “The only way to do that was face-to-face and to clearly explain why Mikel has made that decision. And I think we did it quite well.”

      Leaving Ozil out has been Arteta’s decision and not the board.
      And I hope you all back arteta on that and ditch your theories

      1. That’s the thing about conspiracies. When presented with evidence or told the truth, it can always be claimed to be part of the conspiracy.

        President Xi obviously phoned Kroenke and told him to sit Ozil forever or Arsenal is never allowed in China again and will lose millions. And even tho I have no proof, and even tho Ozil started play more AFTER the comments, I will stick by this conspiracy no matter how much evidence you provide to debunk it…

        1. It’s a conspiracy on top of a conspiracy on top of a conspiracy…….. etc..
          The next step for the conspiracy theorists on here is assuring us how it’s all FAKE NEWS, MEDIA MANIPULATION, our Gullibility, us being sheep that buy all this BIAS.

          But but it’s because of the Chinese muslim stand.

          But but it’s because of RAUL…

          But but it’s because EMERY is not does not have the credentials to manager world class player like (….)..

          But but it’s because of he refused the Covid pay cut..

          But but it’s because Arteta is jealous of Özil’s achievements and talent.. blah blah.


        2. Football conspiracy theories are like chasing Bigfoot. No amount of justification will bring us closer to the truth. People choose to believe what they want to believe

      2. I have no problem with the decision and have been backing MA from the start ,but I’d like to know when exactly both players were told about it especially in Sokratis case,had he known sooner he might have done everything possible to find a new club even if some reports suggest that he tried but also why did Arsenal turn down PSG?even without a loan fee he’d still be off our wage bill,he probably earns between 60000-90000/week,nothing to be sniffed at!

        1. The players concerned had they wish to find new clubs they would’ve long time ago. Regarding their wages Arsenal is not in any financial problem to be an issue. It’s Kroenke loss and players gain anyway don’t you think.

        2. Siamois
          This is for Europe only
          Sokratis might get on the EPL list …I think
          Someone please correct me if I’m wrong

    3. It clearly say in the article that they sat with the affected players and their agents. The last two paragraphs.

      1. I read the article!my question was when “EXACTLY” did they sit down with the players?2 days ago,a week ago,a month ago???

        1. I don’t think it matters when and why of the decision. It’s done let’s move on. The players concerned are not losing anything they are approaching the last years of their careers anyway with more than enough financial security.

          1. It is time to sit down with Mesut Ozil and his Agent. Agree a settlement figure, thank him for his services and move on.

  2. You are very right. The headline seemed to create an impression that its only Ozil who was left out.
    That’s how journalists sell their newspapers

    1. But he is the only high profile player. Our only player on £350,000 a week.
      Just Imagine Henrry, Cesc, RVP etc being omitted and being our highest earners.

      Imagine them not even making the bench against relegation teams even if they claim to be fully fit and ready. That would keep making news until the situation changes.
      Isn’t it?

      1. Give it a rest my friend. Ozil has never and will never have the sort of impact RVP, Cesc or Henry had at Arsenal. This happens at most top teams, players with high wages but not performing get benched for ones performing. It’s up to the player to agree to move for playing time or stay and collect wages and Ozil had gone with the later.

        1. This in a nutshell is the crux of the matter
          You can see though how this divides opinion
          Those who believe he is still worth his first team place and those who think he’s past it and sitting tight until next summer
          Not a hope in hell that the two sides will agree
          For me, Ozil is the Beckham figure at Utd. Fergie saw the off field interests conflicting with what was happening on it
          Beckham got sold and the rest is history for him.
          Perhaps Ozil needs to let go and show his worth doing something different and become a Beckhamesque figure
          He clearly has talent beyond football

          1. Sorry to upset some Ozil foes:
            Arsenal have not discussed terminating Mesut Ozil’s contract at any stage and the 31-year-old will not consider prematurely ending the final year of his deal, sources have told ESPN.

            1. Who cares?
              Afterall its just less than 10months more of Kreonke money and not we the fans..
              As long as we don’t see his lazy figure for us ever on the pitch.
              Except he changes drastically to impress Arteta on the training pitch

            2. Lcw
              I’m surprised at you
              A foe? Is that a slightly different way of describing a hater?
              For the life of me I can’t understand why you picked on my post to write what you did.
              I’ve no view Ozil right now beyond the fact that if he decides to sit it out then he doesn’t love Arsenal at all. I support Arteta getting the club back on a sure footing again, which you would struggle to deny that he is doing very well so far. I have only ever wanted what is best for Arsenal and not what is necessarily best for Ozil
              Nothing more to add and hope we can agree on other matters relating to our great club in the future

              1. Do you want the management team who made the mistake to gave him the contract to stay? Can’t they put up an offer to terminate the contract prematurely? That is what they do, when they sack a manager right. Don’t know if you relatives or friends in the board or management but their mistakes in running the club should not be overlooked by highlighting a players performance as they don’t fit in with a new managers plans and formations.

                1. Khalid
                  A very strong point and I agree with you
                  Failed managers get their pay off so no reason for Ozil not to get his. He is entitled to it by law like failed managers.
                  Occasionally managers fall on their swords when results go the wrong way. Some players move to pastures new when they fall out of favour with the coach.
                  Kroenke needs to bite the bullet then as there is nothing to be gained in keeping Ozil on the payroll if he doesn’t get game time

              2. SueP When I answer your post or address one to you I begin with your name. In this case I missed the margin. I will try and do better next time. As for my post it stands andof course there are Ozil’s haters/foes on this blog.
                We all want what’s good for the club in our own way. It just happens that we approach it from different angles.

        2. So what type of impact did RVP and Cesc have on the field that was superior of that of Ozil?
          RVP 1x English FA Cup winner 2005.
          Cesc 1x English FA Cup winner 2005.
          Ozil r4x 4x English FA Cup winner
          In addition both RVP and Cesc dumped Arsenal in disgrace and played for the competition.
          Ozil accomplished more than both of them combined.

          1. Both RVP and Cesc were captains at the club. Maybe they left in bad circumstances, but their impact on and off the field was felt. Using FA cup win numbers as a deciding factor even though he was not involved in the last one shows football is not what you care about but the individual. I repeat in my opinion i won’t rate Ozil higher than Clichy in terms of impact whatever is yours don’t concern me.

            1. Their only memorable impact off the field was a bitter divorce done for selfish reasons. Worse yet they played for our bitter rivals and the fact they were captains makes it even worse. As on the field impact, players are judged by winning trophies. They won one cup each and Ozil won 4. You and I cannot rewrite history unless we lie about it. Both players started very young at arsenal where they learned their craft and when they become good players they left. When you bring an argument, be ready to back it up.

  3. It is clear that the decision have been made already before informing Arteta. Just forget all this fancy talk Edu. The decision to put four goalkeepers speak volume than what you said as an excuse to Ozil omission.

    1. @Kaycy, I salute you. You quoted and I succumb “It is clear that the decision have been made already before informing Arteta.” Yes I totally agree or say maybe MA is already done with MO and I could see him not playing in our shirt any longer.

      The sweeter part is that MA is getting results and he’s sure to get our backing no matter what.

      I solemnly believe a reasonable percentage of the fanclub wishes to see MO play again but am sorry to hint you he’s done I swear.

      He himself knows what game he’s on with his manager but I believe there’d always be an atom of truth amongst the rumours flowing around concerning their shits.

    2. The extra goalkeepers are there as home grown and not part of the 17 foreign players allowed by the rule.

    3. Kaycy, I can’t see why Arsenal needs 5 goal keepers for Europe. Can anyone explain the reasons.
      Martinez was here 10 years and played in cups and Europe, not the League. How many games has #3 Matt Macey played?

  4. Sokratis deserves better. Why isn’t the club being honest about Sokratis exclusion? I just dont get it. Emery was playing him, and then Arteta comes in and he doesn’t get any game time. Justice for Sokratis. He deserves to sit on his contract. Clearly there is a lot of bias and higherups are conspiring against him. Tell the truth Arsenal!

    1. I get the point bro…
      Conspiracy theories upon conspiracy theories leading to conspiracy theories that would bring about other conspiracy theories.

      This is the only type of assist Ozil gives these days.

      No body talks about Sokratis. I’m sure he refused the pay cut, and spoke against the Chinese govt as well. What do you think!

      1. I saw a photo of Sokratis and Ozil smiling together. Clearly they are working as a team. Sokratis is just as in on everything as Ozil is an Edu found out.

  5. Were we not the same people claiming Sokratis is a wrestler?

    Were we not the same people calling ozil names?

    Were we not the same people claiming we have so many players on our wage bill?

    Were we not the same people being on the neck of those above to buy players?

    How do we manage a team with almost thirty players?

    Every decision the hierarchy makes we complain. Some of us will do worse than what they are doing.

  6. Hilarious but also pathetic how, now that OZIL HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY TOLD HE IS NOT WANTED, by the club itself, how so many of the weirdo Ozil fanboys and fangirls are trying to row back on their previous view, by lying and claiming that they always supported MA in whatever he did. No, most of them did not, so they are liars!

    1. Further to my above post, what has made me so angry is the sheer untruths that many , though NOT all, of his fan club have comeup with to avoid admitting , even to themselves that he was not up to thr job anymore and infact has not been capable or willing towork hard as all player a must always do, for some years gone by. THIS manager ,m being tht dynamic and totally straight guy he is has given it to him straight, (having first given OZIL last chances to show a willingness to work and being let down, like the previous two managers(not counting Freddie).

      The total realists among us have been shouting it from the rooftops loud and clear for ages past that this once great player is now a shell only and is conning us all.

      Now our esteemed manager is making it official. Long overdue too, eh Wenger and even Emery? MA is also showing the conspiracy theorists up for the dimwitted dullards they are!

      1. let me know at the end of the year when Spurs are well above us how you feel.
        the total blindness you are showing now maybe lifted for a flash to read the standings.
        I said in another post that the only way MA is not playing MO is because the club is at war with the player.
        Ozil played every game under Arteta prior to the pandemic. If the fans were still pouring in at Emirates Ozil would be in the plans.
        The bs of hustling/working hard etc is all crap.
        Unless of course you must be tackling and bleeding to be considered a footballer.
        Players like Ozil (Silva underPep s an example)
        are not the water carriers you admire so much.
        they are the creative force behind attractive efficient football.
        If you enjoy biting your nails every time we play SU stick with the current plan. Soon you will bitting your fingers.

    2. Not sure how you can call someone a weirdo because they support a player that plays for the team they support .
      We could call you a weirdo for supporting Emery Long after his time was up here .
      Every fan as a right to support whoever the fck they want TBH

      1. Perhaps you want them to stop supporting Arsenal altogether? Or they should cut themselves away from civilization, find a cave and mourn for the rest of their lives?

        Accepting that Mesut won’t play again for Arsenal does not mean accepting that he has been treated fairly.

        Can you give an example of any weirdo who is trying to reverse their view? You know just to make sure you are not making things up.

          1. DAN, Totally different entities, A realist is someone who accepts that no one knows it all. I have never claimed to know it all, so that is a gross slander . I merely state my truth and am consistently trying to get at the heart and truth of the matter , whatever that subject be.
            How any person who even now still claims that OZIL should play , is anything other than seriously wrong, IS the actual truth! All clubs have fans who refuse to accept truth.

            All human activities do likewise, it is not just football , not by a long chalk, Some people are just weird. That is how life is!

      2. For someone who said Elneny would never play for The Arsenal again and that Unai Emery was going to be the saviour of Arsenal Jon, I suggest you think long and hard before calling Arsenal fans weirdos.
        Wasn’t it you who also wished Arsene Wenger personal injury and Per Mertesaker a weak man for admitting to feeling sick before a game?

        Someone who calls another person “filth”, having never met them, should be very careful how they judge other people wouldn’t you say?

        This is not a comment on the article and its content, this is about YOU Jon and perhaps YOU should think about being a little more concillatory instead of being seen as a bragging dullard when talking about fellow Arsenal fans and supporters….a healthy dose of realism about how YOU view others with a different opinion to yours, it could just make this site a little more welcoming to other Gooners who might disagree or, God forbid, agree with you!!!!
        Only a FOOL believes they have never been wrong, so stop this crowing and get on with being a REAL supporter – The Arsenal will still be here long after Arteta and anyone else currently at the club have long departed.

        By the way, I have made MANY mistakes on this site, especially one saying that the official website named one of the three players involved in a pay cut – my apologies to Kstix, Lenohappy and Winston, I really did believe that that was the case – I apologize my fellow Gooners, put it down to advancing senility and my belief that a certain player was/is(?) not being treated fairly – time to move on.

        1. That’s the thing, Ken, things said on here aren’t forgotten… Jon is probably patting himself on the back right now, or playing with his trumpet – not sure which… I think he’s only happy when he’s upsetting someone or resorting to name calling (just like the good old days).. well maybe there’ll be some newbies on here soon that he can latch onto as everyone else knows exactly what he’s like and how pathetic it is for a grown man. If I wanted to be called names and receive a load of grief, I’d go on LG…

          SueP.. remember what I said about life being too short to be a miserable sod… well prime example!!
          That is my rant over and I’m sorry, but some things just have to be said!!

          1. Sue
            There is nothing wrong with what you have said at all.
            I fully understand your right to think differently to me on all subjects Arsenal related. We both have different opinions – some differences on Ozil No doubt if Arteta fails there will be posters who remember that I thought he was a breath of fresh air and remind me of his failures

            Debate and as you said- banter should be part of the JA forum. Having to develop a very thick skin shouldn’t be

            You have a long history on JA and you are clearly popular and well regarded by everyone. I’m learning as I’m going along. I can get a bit over zealous which isn’t necessarily a good trait.

            As a relative newbie both Jon and Ken have forensically challenged me – others too. There have been times when I thought that I’m not tough enough to stand my ground. I don’t know you or Ken or Jon, ozziegunner or Kstix or Declan or Dan kit to name a few. What we have in common is that we support The Arsenal. That should be what binds us

            1. Exactly, Sue and I really don’t understand this lauding over everyone behaviour… as you say we all have different opinions, some that we may not agree with, but it doesn’t give anyone the right to call anyone names! One can get their point across without resorting to that..
              I stupidly thought we’d all get on like a house on fire for being gooners!! 😂
              I just want to say thank you for your comment, it’s much appreciated 🙂

            2. Spot on SueP and I look forward to meeting you (as well as Sue, ken, jon, Phil, Eddie and others one day.

              1. By the way, ozziegunner
                Cornwall was gorgeous and the A30 much improved. Dual carriageway from Exeter to just outside Truro. Still a long journey from Leicestershire but worth it.
                You will have to visit your family in St. Austell 🙂

          2. Sue, the thing is, we all have opinions and/or beliefs about all things Arsenal, simply because we are dedicated fans…dedicated to the level of obsession in my opinion.
            Now it is good to read /digest / disagree or agree /. then debate.
            I’m pretty certain that not one supporter agrees 100% with another one, but that doesn’t mean anyone of us is ever 100% correct.
            I have learned an awful lot about our club, it’s players and the wonderful diversity and culture of the Gooner family and I have been called out many times when I have got things wrong.

            What I won’t accept is being talked down to, called silly childish and irrelevant names, especially by someone who has got so many things wrong himself.

            This is a site that is well run, caters for all views and gives one the chance to choose the subject he/she can debate on.
            Of course it gets heated sometimes, this is passion for our club.
            But to claim that there are those who, by accepting accepting the managers decision, are dumbwitted dullards, exposes the immature mind of the person saying it.
            I’m 100% sure that no one has changed their personal views on this saga about MA / MO, but some of us are mature enough to accept the decision and move on – we don’t need or expect others to wallow in, what they see as a great victory…this is all about trying to move on and put the club first, it seems that Jon just can’t do that.
            What a weird attitude for a “realist” to have.

            1. Ken
              All of your post is true
              From my point of view I need to think much more before I write
              In spite of your constant sparring with Jon, it seems to me you have a good relationship- especially as you speak on the phone. In a previous post I put it forward that everything is like water off a Duck’s back and he of course , agreed with me. He is unlikely to change his style of writing or thinking but humility ( which he admitted to having too little of) would serve him well.

              1. SueP, if I was to tell you that, when I speak with Jon on the phone, he is totally different to the person he comes across as on JustArsenal, with regards to our club, you wouldn’t be surprised, of that I am sure!!

                If he wasn’t, I would not be able to hold a conversation and I suspect the reverse would be the same for Jon to be truthful.

                I am no saint, far from it, but I would like to believe that I have enough dignity and respect of others not to call people, let alone Arsenal supporters, the names he does with a regularity that does not align with his obvious intelligence.

                I remember upsetting Sue once, when I wrote a comment that was worded wrongly – Sue challenged me – I went back and read the comment and then apologized…but I remember it and try very hard not to repeat the same mistake when contributing anything….sometimes I fail, but it is not a deliberate action.

                Anyway, time for some shut eye – I’ve said my piece and I’m sure many will disagree with what I am saying, including Jon of course. The one thing you can be sure of, is the fact that we will clash again as Jon’s style and mine are forever going to be fractious as far as The Arsenal goes.

            2. Ken… that is an excellent comment and you’ve summed up my thoughts entirely!!
              Yes, things can and do become heated, I understand why, I just don’t like the name calling and the lauding it attitude… anyone would think we were debating with a 12 year old!!
              But if that’s what helps some people sleep at night, knowing they’ve unleashed their nasty side for the umpteenth time then so be it. I don’t want to have anything to do with it.
              I just want to be nice and get on with people.. and not just any people, but fellow gooners 😉😊 (Thanks, Ken 👍)

          3. Very profound for you Sue. I actually enjoyed knowing that you CAN really speak after all and not just talk about darts, TV and such like. Perhaps you could even write an article and give us some of your OWN thoughts which it now seems you DO HAVE!

            As for name calling isn’t YOUR above post the pot calling the kettle black/? “Playing with his trumpet/ patting himself on the back”!

        2. kEN I call only those small minority of our fans who refuse to accept truth “weirdos”. Those like you, who have now accepted that OZIL willl not play for us again, as you have recently stated on this site are, being sensible and accepting, even if late in the day, the realism that I have long been posting. As for Elneny he IS right now in the team but if you or anyone else imagines he is in by MA s preferred chioce against many other players he would prefer to be at our club, then you are avoiding reality. Right no there is no one else. When PARTEY IS UP TO SPEED WATCH HOW SOON ELNENY IS BACK ON THE BENCH.

          What Elneny DOES HAVE though, is what Ozil lacks, desire workrate and character.

          1. Simply wrong again Jon – Elneny is there because Mikel Arteta thinks he should be.

            As a realist, surely you could see that MA would want all kinds of different players, but that does not mean that your prediction that Elneny would never wear an Arsenal shirt again….WRONG.

            But you just can’t admit it and do you see the likes of Sue, Dan or myself calling you a dumbwitted dullard??
            Of course we don’t, simply because we have no need to and, possibly, respect your views as a felllow Gooner, even if they are different.

            What I love about Sue, is her TOTAL commitment to our club, she actually makes the effort to go to games and takes her children….the next generation.
            She is never confrontational in a snide and cat calling way and knows her football as well as anyone else on here.
            It’s her personal view, one that is shared by many others, who also hold your views on Mesut Ozil…such as Kstix for example.

            Writing an article on JA, doesn’t make one superior to another, as you seem to imply and perhaps you and I, as pensioners, have more time to write our thoughts than someone bringing up a family, doing essential work within the healthcare industry?

            But it’s not only Sue is it? Anyone who has a different view to you is lambasted, called silly names and generally made to feel inferior…by someone who has got so many things wrong on this site.
            As Sue quite rightly says, the regulars on JA have long memories and can quote words and thoughtssaid way back in time.
            What incensed me about your replies, apart from the completely unnecesary name calling, was the fact that you said fans were now trying to say they never supported MO – as Kstix, Lenohappy and Winston challenged me, give us the proof that this statement is true Jon – what we have done, is accepted that MA has made a decision, we back him 100% and move on (as you should do with Elneny!!!).
            That doesn’t mean we feel it’s a correct decision and your interpretation of what I said is wrong – so I look forward to seeing the list of all those “liars” as you have labelled them) who have changed their tune on the matter of MO…I have a feeling that this question will be ignored, just as so many other direct challenges are when put to you.

  7. This is Arsenal fc business for goodness sake, we are just fans who support the club and expect them to sign players and win us games, I don’t think we should be interfering with the way they run their business….. Please let’s leave this club alone and focus on the result in the field of play…. We shouted and wanted world class defender and defensive midfielder and also they should renew Aubameyang contract so that another club should not snap (as usual) him from us. They got us a reliable and quality defender(Gabriel) even though to some fans he is not world class but he is doing his job well, they also got us world class(in the mould of Patrick viera) that we have been glamouring for (Thomas Party), they also yield to our calls and renewed Aubameyang contract with huge wage bill, then what else do you want them to do for us in order to satisfy us, must we complain all the time or teach them how to run their business? Please leave the club and ozil&co alone , what we should be after is the result on the field of play….Thank you…

  8. Is very clear why Mesut Ozil is been left out, I hope all goes well with him because I know is not easy with him too, being a player without playing time.

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