Opinion – I’m really looking forward to Arsenal’s new season – for a change

Arsenal targets this season? Edu: Nothing less than winning by Konstantin Mitov
Well, well lovely Arsenal people, it’s hard not to ride the hype train. All that really matters is that we win at Selhurst Park and I still am wary of what happened last year, but the signs coming from Arsenal are positive.
Edu did an interview with skysports, where he said a few important things, but what sticks to me is when he was asked about what our targets are for this season, and this is what he had to say “With all my respect, even being realistic, I cannot think less than winning things”.
It’s kind of nice to see him stick his chest out for Arsenal. Quotes like “why not put here, that I want to win again” are music to my ears. Compare to last year where Edu said “we just want to see the squad playing together”. Now there is actually something to hold them accountable to.
The way I see it, they themselves say a trophy and Champions league football is the target. It’s my bare minimum expectations for the club. It’s the 4th season of Arteta. I think since that FA cup win against Chelsea, Xhaka is the only first team player remaining. It’s his team now.
Whatever you say about the Kroenkes, and they are a huge part of the situation we are in, we’ve spent and spent big. Biggest last year, and we are topping the spending list as of right now with 120 mill spend. It’s all very necessary, but still nice to see.
Of course Edu was asked about more signings and these were his thoughts “I think we have to be prepared for every situation. We still feel the transfer window is open and the most important thing is to be prepared for everything, every scenario, because opportunities can happen”.
Quite on the safe side, but with all the signals coming out of the club, I feel at least one more player is coming in. We all know midfield needs an upgrade, as an injury to Partey could cost us dearly and we are linked to Arthur Melo again.
I’m not sold on that deal, I think the links are either based on the Brazilian link with Edu and nothing more, or we are going to him because he’s cheap. I’d like to see a Savic or Tielemans that will come straight in to replace Xhaka. There’s also the problem of having too big a squad.
Reports say we will loan Mari to Fenerbahce, Tavares to Atalanta and we’re working on a deal to sell Leno to Fulham, but still there is Bellerin, AMN and a few more to get off the books. That could be holding up a potential new deal.
Maybe another winger would be nice and of course Edu was questioned about the Raphina bid, and he said that he basically asked Deco what’s the situation, but the player wanted Barcelona all along and eventually got his wish.
All and all, if we sign 2 more players, a midfielder and a winger or RB I think we’re definitely finishing in the top 4. Europa League is a competition we should be targeting to win. Both domestic cups as well.
It’s all nice and good spanking Chelsea 4:0, but we should still improve where we know we are short, because Chelsea will for sure, especially after that slap in the face.
The real measure for us will be when the pressure is on in about 10 days. In a season of 38 games, it’s not one that decides it all, but if we beat Palace at their place, where our record ain’t great, I’m telling you we’ll be laying down a marker. People are cautious of what we are doing, now we have to turn that cautioun into fear.
And a commanding victory at Selhurst park will turn a few heads. I’m really trying not to get carried away, but honestly I just can’t wait for the season to start and that hasn’t been the case for the past 7-8 years. We’ve spent big, set high expectations, now it’s time to deliver.
Let’s go Arsenal!


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Mikel Arteta meets the press after incredible 4-0 destruction of Chelsea

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  1. I am looking forward to the new season as well and I expect good things as well. Hopefully not to be disappointed again.

    I think we should win the Europa League apart from finishing 3rd.

  2. We’ve got too many diminutive highly technical players, so I don’t fancy Tielemans and Melo. If Juventus are willing to loan Melo out, it’d be okay

    I still can’t forget how Toney/ Benteke/ Mateta dominated our CBs aerially and how the oppositions’ CBs bullied our CFs in ground duels. If other teams remember how we got harassed in Selhurst Park and St James Park stadiums, they could use the same tactics against us

    Our first away game this season could be a bit different because of Jesus’ abilities as a CF, but Arsenal shouldn’t rely solely on Jesus and Nketiah to lead the front line

    1. Yes, I think a loan option (with potential to buy) is looking more likely this season for a DM. It makes sense too. We’re still not seeing enough outward bound activity (except for Leno) and that is a worry. you can only fit so much into any particular space and Arsenal’s space is jammed already.

      Hopefully we can get a decent DM and we are highly likely to have a very fruitful season (On paper)!

      1. I reckon Maitland-Niles, Bellerin and Nelson to be highly saleable, because of their homegrown status in England. We’d likely see one of them or more sold in the last days of the transfer window, than maybe we’d do a panic signing

        1. I don’t think Arsenal do panic signings…remember Dušan Vlahović in the last transfer window…we went all out for him but he didn’t want to come to Arsenal…we missed top 4 but waited for the next transfer window to get Gabriel Jesus….opinion

          1. But No with Champions League we could of bought G.Jesus as well. How can u think that this was a better outcome? Missing Vhlahovic and Champions League to get Jesus

    2. Yes but we have got a different CB pairing and different CFs this season so Perhsps you should be a bit more optimistic.

    3. I share this worry too. Teams just need to opt for a heavy hitting physical game and our players will start making hasty mistakes. No player wants to be put to ground every few minutes and that’s what results in hasty passing and ball giveaways.

      And we don’t really have players like Xavi, Iniesta, or Pirlo in our ranks who were diminutive but completely press immune.

      But, I’m a bit hopeful than the last season though. Arsenal’s young players keep growing stronger with age, also tactically and technically. And we have some good technicians now who can draw fouls from hard pressing players.

      But leaving aside our GKs, the average height of our squad is around 5.7 ft. That’s why our players get bullied by even midtable teams comfortably. Just by sheer physical overpowering.

      1. I saw the oppositions provoked Jesus, Xhaka and Tavares in pre-season games, because they couldn’t match our players’ technicalities. The bullies that deliberately harassed our players were Reece James, Ben Godfrey and an Orlando City player

        I hope those hot-heads can keep their tempers at Selhurst Park

        1. Selhurst Park will have bullies of their own. And the ones who take special joy at bullying Arsenal. It will be a real test of nerves to win there.

          I hope Arteta doesn’t use Cedric in that match, and would use White as RB. If Arsenal can keep Crystal Palace on the backfoot with relentless attack and good possession, it will be manageable. But if Viera’s man are allowed to dictate the game, Arsenal will look like bunch of kids.

          1. Arteta has largely since favoured a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1, and demanded his team prioritise delivering crosses into the penalty area. Only Relying on full-backs and wingers only,When we lack creativity in central midfield. That’s why I like Tielmans and Odegaard and Party in that midfield three. We have to boss that center to dictate games

  3. Nice positive article and I am also looking forward to the season ahead.

    Two points to follow up on.
    1. Without doubt this is Mikel’s squad now, so let’s not bing the old excuse of “the players he inherited” if things do go pear shaped… which I don’t believe they will.

    2. Bellerin and AMN – Mikel had the opportunity to sell both players since he became manager and, both times, he refused to do so.
    Now, if he does sell them, he is going to make a loss.. but more crucially, he is losing two RB’s.
    With Tomi injured and four competitions being fought over, I believe AMN should be kept in the squad as the excellent utility player he has, so often, proven to be… that’s probably why Mikel talked him into staying.
    Hector is a different proposition, although Mikel had no hesitation in making him captain in our first game of the season!!!
    There has to be a way for club and player to come to a reasonable agreement, after all, we are talking about our longest serving player here.
    If Edu is prepared to let Leno go for peanuts, then why not collect another (rumoured) £7,000,000 that Betis are prepared to pay?

    My personal views of course, but I’m so looking forward to The Emirates Cup and the PL.
    How many more players coming in and / or going out?

    1. Liked reading your comments. I agree entirely. Yes,we’re letting players go cheaper than what we would like selling Leno & possibly Bellerin at those figures. At the end of the day somethings better than nothing. They’ve 1 year left. Poss £14m in the bank + saving salary for another year. No brained.

    2. Ken we have White who us good at CB, now also Saliba is back and or forgetting Cedric who is good at pull outs.

    3. Hiya Ken
      I don’t think anyone – Arteta/Edu or fans, would dare use the “not my team” line ever again! Like HH I class 3rd in EPL and winning Europa Lg as reasonable this year.
      We don’t know the actual offers made but I imagine we will decrease our demands for several players as the season nears, despite the fact fans will complain that we sold too cheaply! Not as big a fan of AMN as you, and we have enough cover in Tomi, White and Norton-Cuffy for me to want to keep him.

      1. guy, respect your opinion as always – will always think that AMN was one that got away and I cannot understand why Mikel talked him into staying, then ignored him!?!?

        Mind you, he didn’t do himself any favours by insisting he was a midfield player, when the RB position was his to own.

        I guess we WILL see players leaving for well below their value in the market place, as Mikel and Edu need to cut down the amount of players.

        But it is so frustrating to be seen as a “giveaway” club that then pays top dollar (Pepe, White and Rams) because we are short of players.

        I’ll be more than happy with top four, a cup win and free flowing attacking football – just like old times under Le Prof!!
        Not enough for some I know, but I’m a realist of course.

    4. @ken1945 i would 100% keep one of these 2 , bellerin want out so sell him . For me i would start AMN at right back as TT is injured but one could argue Niles is a better player at RB than TT, although they have different qualities. Id start niles hes a better right back than Ben white in my opinion but also why risk injury to our best back up CB .

  4. The squad is looking great at the moment…if MA can remove the shackles I’m looking forward to some nice free flowing footie.

  5. Yes, all very positive indeed…let’s hope when it matters we can show up and consistently do so.

    Definitely hints of a more fluid dynamic in the play vs chelski in combination with high press led by GJ so let’s hope we can maintain and build upon that.

  6. “I’m really trying not to get carried away, but honestly I just can’t wait for the season to start and that hasn’t been the case for the past 7-8 years”
    Same, 100%. I just have a feeling our attackers will click a lot better and more frequently than in recent seasons. Whether that will come to pass, and if it will be enough to get back into the CL places, I’m not sure, but I’m really looking forward to seeing how we do.

  7. I think Arthur is a red herring

    Tielemans is the only credible rumour

    The new signings we already have are cause for optimism especially in defence. Last season we had a great back four but it was panic stations when one was injured. Saliba and Zinchenko will make a massive difference.

    1. Nicely put about the red, herring. Exactly how I feel.

      All the news published about Arthur have come from Italy, and they are notorious for straight up lying about the transfer rumours.

  8. I still have an issue with xhaka, he starts almost every season well, but his inability to sustain his form is the reason why we still need a man like Tilemans to offer the needed competition and if possible displace him, he lacks the speed to go to and from, as a result picks up cards which claims costly most times. To me Tilemans will be a good signing, given his premier league experience, he should be an instant hit.
    I really am optimistic on this season, Hope we claim the Europa league to boost our moral in champions league foot ball.

  9. Our recurring problem last campaign was the midfield, especially whenever Partey was absent and Lokonga was brought in. In the meet-up with Palace at Emirates, their second goal was due to him hesitating with the ball. The guy came from behind and seized the ball and went straight for goal.

    We need to fix that issue now and the solution is not with a Juventus flop with 23 games and not even an assist, talk less of a goal. We thought they were also looking for a midfielder who scores regularly. This is where Tielemans comes in.

    Now I’m hearing stories that Arsenal is complaining about his physicality.

    Edu cannot talk of hopes when the midfield saga is still haunting us.

  10. I am really optimistic about the coming season. I see us winning the opener on the 5th 0-3. They owe us for spoiling our CL berth, now is the time to make them pay and I believe we have the right squad with right attitude to do so next Friday.
    Overall I am optimistic that we will qualify for CL and win Europa League. Can’t rule out FA Cup as well, after all it’s our specialty.
    Call me a dreamer, but that’s how optimistic I am this season. Let’s o Gooners

  11. Yes sure waiting for the season to get off. That said, I still think either Tielemans or Neves should come in since we are light in midfield. Also, I feel Zinchenko must have been assured of starting games which means he either starts in place of Xhaka in the left midfield or starts as LB in place of Tierney. But I dont see him displacing Tierney as LB unless Tierney is injured, so he will start with Partey in the midfield. Zinchenko is too good a player to sit on the bench so I feel, whether MA likes it or not, Xhaka will have to make way for him.

  12. Arteta was expected to bring the style of pressing high and hard, to dominate possession, and to spread evenly horizontally and vertically across the pitch in Guardiola-esque demarcated zones, with plenty of positional rotation used to confound the opposition.its high time now Arteta to implement that style this season 2022-2023.When you consider the evolution of Arsenal’s style, the approach in the transfer market to find players suits that kind of style in Arteta’s plan.the future looks bright for the Gunners.

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