Edu insists Arsenal are building a squad that is a foundation for the future

Arsenal were the biggest spenders in the summer transfer window, but according to Edu, the acquisition of young talented players is all part of Arteta’s rebuilding plans as he wants to develop his new arrivals and build a whole squad of interchangeable stars.

It is obvious that the Arsenal fans have not been overly impressed as they think we have basically spent 150million on mostly reserve players, but Edu urges us all to be patient yet again and wait at least until Arteta has the squad ready to play.

Edu told SkySports: “Yes, I understand the reason because firstly, they have not seen the team playing together yet. That’s one of the reasons but I think we have to see the wider context than just to see the money around it.

“We signed six players who are under 23, which means a lot in terms of our planning. Normally, people like to see just one window, so I have to say it is the bigger picture because we started planning this squad a year ago in terms of consolidating the team and to try to get a better foundation.

“If you remember, in that period we renewed Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli a year ago with the intention to get that kind of base in the team. In a one-year period, we signed 10 players and seven of the 10 are under 23. We renewed seven players in this period as well, just in the first team. Five of the seven are under 23 as well.

“Why did we do that? Because we have a reason to try again to create a good foundation and then, one day, maybe we are going to sign one or two players only. But after that, it’s impossible to sign one or two players only because we have a lot to do.

“We have to balance the squad better. We have to recruit the players with the right characteristics and the right profile to make the squad better, more solid and much more consistent because last season we suffered with consistency.

“Now, I want to give Mikel Arteta and the board a much better squad.”

We know Arsenal fans are finding it hard to accept that the Gunners are bottom of the table without a point or even a goal scored, but the fact is that it is clear the club have decided on a long term strategy, and the fans have to come to terms with that.

I know a lot of fans want instant success but it is simply not that easy unless you’re playing on FIFA, so I know that I will get attacked by many readers, but we all just have to have faith, be patiient, and see how successful the plan ends up.

I guess it’s better than having no plan at all except to sack everybody…

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  1. Was a very interesting read on everything he said…

    He knows we are way off in terms of squad but he cant be deluded enough to think Mikel is gonna be the one to take this squad anywhere close to the top8 this season and possibly next.

    We need a boss who is going to make the fans feel like we have someone who knows what he is doing in terms of experience & style of play instead of a rookie novice just starting off making mistake after mistake to which Arsenal cannot afford to keep doing.

    Edu may have the hard job of sacking him, to which, imo will be the best piece of business he has done at Arsenal. This Job needs experience and that to rub off on to the players as it shows atm that Mikel isnt filling any player with confidence, proper instructions and the belief you need from your Manager.

    How many rebuilds is it going to take. Il give it to Stan though he let us spend this summer but still wrong owner, wrong director and wrong manager. In my opinion.

    1. When the topic of where we would finish this season. Edu quickly diverted from the question suggesting that they had no specific aim to get top 8,6 or fourth place. Instead he talked about the need to be patient and concentrate on becoming a better team and will get as high as they can. It didn’t sound like he believed the squad would be capable of finish in a European place and maybe top 10 might be more realistic (again). Trust the process in other words!

  2. I watched the interview and the read the transcript

    I do understand where he is coming from.

    Most of us realise that you cannot change the whole team over night, it takes time.

    I will say after looking back on our transfer business, both in and out, Edu has done very well to move on alot of players that really didnt have any kind of future at the club.

    There are alot of players who have immense potential that they have brought in or brought up from the academy.

    The older players who have and are still here, are there still to add stability whilst the young players improve with experience.

    Whilst it is also very true we have not seen, what we all would call our best 11 out on the field yet this season, many would argue that the tactical niavity shown against Man City is a massive cause for concern as to whether Ma can take this young promising squad forward.

    Lets see how the team does from now till November, once everyone is back fit and playing

  3. It is good we finally have a clear plan.
    Clear the decks and bring in a young keen group.
    Edu implied that Arsenal has been in “rebuilding mode” since Artea was appointed.
    He says it will take more time possible the whole season to see the fruits of this transitioning phase.
    If JA is anything to go buy many Arsenal fans have a much shorter time frame for success.
    As little as three games in fact.
    9/11 at 3pm can’t come quick enough.

  4. I watched the interview and didn’t learn anything new,it sounded a lot like the internal memo Vinai sent to the staff.having said that,he doesn’t seem to be hiding behind excuses and made some valid points(ie: judge me when the team has played together) and is fully aware that the situation is unacceptable and understands the fans frustrations, also he did well to not lose his composure, the interviewer didn’t go easy on him,
    NB:I have never played FIFA!!

  5. Squad-wise, I completely agree with Edu. With a squad that we have now, we could be doing a Liverpool in the near future by signing a couple of senior players in key positions.

    Manager-wise, I believe Arsenal are making a huge mistake by sticking with MA. He has shown time and time again that he isn’t fit for the job. If they really want to see this team progress, I hope they’re looking for a proper manager.

  6. Watched the interview and read the transcript. What got me was Edu stating that Arsenal has set no target for what constitutes a successful season, that he didnt want to say they were going for top 4, top 6 or top 10, but just wanted to see the players play together.
    I can’t see how anyone can derive any confidence from Edu’s spin in answering Sky Sports well thought out questions. We are all being treated like mushrooms by Vinai, Edu and Arteta. Unfortunately Arsenal is wandering around blind, consigned to the wilderness. They can’t even find the path, let alone the way out.
    It’s going to be a long season.

    1. I think he knows better than giving a set target,a bit like in politics never give an exact figure or date, you’re giving others munitions to criticize you in case you miss the deadline or do not reach the target.

  7. I still think we do have a good foundation a good spin of young players BUT:
    1- Is Arteta the right man to take the team forward…
    2-The thing with the young players IS that you’r never sure if they are gonna to blossom even though they ‘r promising…
    3-If(and a Big if) they come good You can’t keep them unless You give them trophies and ambition .Otherwise they will end up like Fabregas and Nasri…a Déjà vu under Wenger.

  8. Almost everyone will agree a rebuild was necessary, and another retool would not work.

    The disappointment for me was the poor choice of Arteta to do the job. His woeful inexperience is showing everywhere

    1. Poor tactics and results
    2. Inability to improve players
    3. Very poor man management
    4. No identifiable style / philosophy

    Granted not many top managers would sign on for a rebuilding project, especially in PL with a big club and fans high expectations.

    However, Naggelsmann was out there and proven resume’; did club even try?

    Ten Haag has been doing it at Ajax, did club even contact him with an offer?

    I’m sorry but the last 2 years has shown Arteta was a mistake and nothing to give confidence he can lead us back to competing for title and CL qualification.

    This “process” has never been defined or even milestones mentioned to show progress.

    Patience is thrown around constantly, as if fans haven’t shown patience over the last 10 years.

    The quick passing attacking football that drew in millions of fans has evaporated, and has been replaced with a monstrosity of negative, uncreative, scripted football referred to as “Artetaball.”

    I see more of Jose’ than Pep or Arsenal in our play, and this product they are desperately trying to sell is unwanted by many fans.

    Packaging it in “patience” and “process” is almost insulting, as if no one sees the abject failure emanating from the club.

    Kronke ownership has been a train wreck as he tries to mirror his American franchises, the board is worthless, and management is woeful inexperienced and comprised of too many “yes men.”

    A revolving turnstile of players and checkbook manager won’t solve the internal problems.

    My comments may be negative, but at least they are honest.

    Where is the progress? Where is the improvement? Where is the accountability?

    The Camelot we all loved is gone; Merlin (Dein) was kicked out, King Authur (Wenger) gone, and Excalibur (our style of play) thrown away.

    All replaced by “the process” or our own “Dark Age” full of ignorance, incompetence, and blindness.

    1. I agree with everything bar one thing, sure the owners are not blameless but they came up with over 150M in these difficult times,with the squad & the players who were available(MG, Saliba…)I can only imagine what a Graham Potter,Sean Dyche…would have done with that money,look at the 2 players they got for less than 20M each,exactly the profile we need young, experienced and potential to improve futhermore.

  9. What Edu is failing to understand though, is the frustration with the tactics and game plan that is lacking.
    Why did Kolasinac play at City?
    Why have we not scored one single PL goal?
    Why are we letting in goals so early in games?

    We, as supporters, will give our all, if we can see leadership, fight, attacking football, consistency…. and it doesn’t matter who they are, as long as they wear the shirt with pride.

    It might take three more years, but if I can see the above during every game, then I believe the fans will be patient – but that is what is lacking NOW and not what MA/EDU are planning for the future

  10. I don’t know how much the fans can trust the words from the guy who advocated the signing of Kia’s client Neto over Ramsdale this summer.

  11. foundation for the future
    So around 4 to 5 years I can expect Arsenal to come good……2024-2025 season…..the players will be about 25-26 years old….reaching their peak……….o.k……..and in the meantime……..?

  12. a little too late to the podium, in my estimation…now if he had discussed this supposed “plan” some time ago, then his moves could be measured accordingly, instead he has us stewing in our own sh** for the better part of a year, offering up nothing but typical lip service gibberish, so his comments are frankly too reactionary for my liking

    1. Hopefully we can keep these players, cause city players are getting old, and they like what we got cause, Arsenal always sell cheap..
      Saliba has to be better than pablo, why would you pay 27m otherwise…
      MG has to be better than Elneny…
      And if Arsenal has the slowest attack in the prem, why did we sell Giroud?
      We need senior players that wont accept these shit,, auba always laughs.. imagine Zlatan yes his old, past his best,, but he would demnad respect and a winning mentality, and he would eat Arteta..
      We need demanding characters,, i cant blame players if the want to leave, cause we are a sinking ship.. nobody with winning mentality wants to come, why arent we playing to the players strenghts..? How many good talents do we got? Saka and Gabi,, city players in 3years.

      Love Arsenal forever but the glory days are long gone and we are no below wolves and Aston villa

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