Edu is pleased with Arsenal’s transfer business but “there’s still a lot to do”

Arsenal have been extremely busy so far in this transfer window with five new arrivals already here, and now Edu has given an interview, ostensibly talking about the arrival of Oleks Zinchenko, but he has already given a deep insight into the planning that has gone into making this window a success. “…Our main focus in the beginning of the transfer window is try to get the players that we target as soon as we can to enjoy and to be here and to be together and to start the season the way we planned it as well.”

The Arsenal general director also told us that there is still a long way to go, to find solutions for the players that are not likely to get any game time if they remain at the club, and also to keep their eyes on targets that are on our list to fill the positions that are still in need of reinforcement. “We have a plan for every single player in the squad, and that’s why I said there’s still a lot to do in this transfer window because we have to balance the squad in the best way possible. For the players who probably aren’t going to have a lot of minutes here, we have to expose the players to have minutes in another place to keep developing the player, keep the player’s valuation et cetera, so that’s the way we plan it.”

Edu was then asked about his impression on the way we have done our biusines so far in this window, and he replied: “I’m pleased, but to say how close is difficult because there’s still a lot to do, we are in the middle of the transfer window and things can happen. What we have to be is really focused and be prepared for every single situation, opportunities maybe can happen, clubs can sometimes come to us to see if there is a possibility to get players on loan or buy players. We just have to be prepared and I think we are very much prepared for almost everything.”

Considering the deals that have already gone through, and the promise of more to come, surely Arsenal fans should be excited that we are going to end up with a much improved and well-balanced squad for our assault on trophies this season.

I, for one, am VERY excited about our new season…..


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Arsenal’s boss talks about Zinchenko and what more we can expect from the transfer window

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  1. In many respects,acquiring new players is relatively easy, but unloading those who are considered surplus to requirements, is more difficult, particularly when they have been out on loan with other Clubs who are not in the limelight as they would be in the EPL.Torreria,Bellerin, Mari, AMN and Nelson fall into this category , and in the current financial climate, it will be difficult to shift these guys .

    1. Points well made, Grandad
      Moving on the fringe players is always going to be more testing particularly as the players have the power to run down their contracts

  2. Martinelli is a great find, thanks to Edu. We might see what Marquinhos can do in England and Europe, if Pepe gets shipped out

    Hopefully Edu keeps finding hidden gems in Brazil, so we can turn them into homegrown players

    1. Yes Gai I’m hoping to see maquinhos get some minutes this morning. I’m up waiting for the game. I hope it’s on and not delayed cause of the storm. The man city one been interupted already.

  3. It’s all looking and sounding great so far. Can’t wait to see who else joins, and of course who leaves. Injuries still sounding bad. Hope that improves soon.

  4. And who the heck is the Arsenal general director? Am I missing something?

    Why was there no mention of the new 35M-rated attacking midfielder, who apparently is injured and yet to feature in preseason games? Another Dennis Suarez?

    I hope Edu’s plan for every player includes a back up for Jesus as well as our brittle and injury-prone DM, Thomas Partey.

    On a positive note, I am happy with the addition of Zinchenko and Jesus but still unwhelmed, considering the colossal costs incurred – close to 400M over two years.

  5. Jesus is the only starter, the other players signed are depth or future projects.

    We need to sign another game changer to push on.

    The midfield is still weakest area, we need a class CDM and Class CM. Vieira is competition for Odegaard as a 10, but still no competition for Partey or Xhaka.

    When Partey gets injured again ElNeny or Lokogna can’t pick up the slack.

    Xhaka is too slow, not creative and too pedestrian to be a starting midfielder for a team aiming to challenge top teams.

    It doesn’t take 60-70 million to upgrade on Xhaka FFS. There are midfielders capable and with the facets Xhaka lacks.

    1. I’m pretty sure Zinchenko will be a starter. I can see more rotation though will Partey and KT because they are so injury prone. No way would Zinchenko come to Arsenal to warm the bench.

      1. I hope you are right. I just don’t see him as good as a healthy Tierney at LB, that’s why he was backup LB at City.

        I believe Zinchenko is an upgrade over Xhaka at CM, but I find it difficult to see Arteta dropping Xhaka. He even squeezed him in at LB to fit him into starting 11.

        Sorry to say, but until we upgrade on Xhaka and improve the starting midfield, Arteta and Edu just switching deck chairs on the titanic.

  6. Most of us AFC fans are waiting for Tielemans and are becoming impatient. So do that for the most of us waiting. Thanks so much.

    1. What’s the obsession with Tielemans?. He is not the only cm in the world. He is not even better than Xhaka.

  7. Since Tielemans does not currently play for Arsenal he is overrated by many fans who think they understand football.
    Tielemans is good but not as good as some are making him out to be.

    1. I guess u all spoken well enough but the right immediate care needed to be put in place before the given time runs out

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