Edu is under pressure to exploit a gap in the market for Arsenal

Gap In The Brazilian Market? by Dan Smith

Josh Kroenke said this week that Edu was the final piece of the puzzle behind the scenes. As a self-sustained model, we can’t compete with our rivals in terms of wages or fees, so now have to be creative and think outside the box in the transfer window.

Like how Arsene Wenger used his knowledge of French football to steal a march on other managers, we now need Edu to use his contacts back in his homeland. Over the years, Brazil has replaced European and Chinese clubs as producing the most talent to play abroad. There are 22 Brazilians ready to play in the Prem this season, that’s compared to 27 in Spain, 39 in Italy, 26 in France, with the majority in Portugal. Yet 44 play in Japan, double of those in England’s topflight.

That shows in this country we still don’t have the trust to buy from South American Football directly, choosing instead to see how they cope elsewhere in Europe. This is based on differences between the physical nature of both Leagues while strict work permit laws mean it’s even more unlikely to take that gamble. This is proven by the following statistic, out of those 22 individuals registered to play in our top division, only 5 were brought direct from Campeonato Brasiliero, only 3 of them having started in the Prem.

This is where our new sporting Director can make an impact.Is it a coincidence our only purchase so far this summer has the same nationality as the man now in charge of our recruitment? In his former employment he would been aware of Martinelli for years, had inside knowledge on the teenager, such as having an Italian father meaning no paper work is needed. It means we have a head start in this pool.

If it’s true, our doctors have been sent to get Everton to have a medical then that’s two from that part of the world brought in a month. Their last country men to play for us in Prem coming straight over was Denilson, Gilberto, Edu and Sylvinho. That’s 4 since 1999, nearly 2 decades since we trusted an individual to be able to settle right away and make an impact. Based on where our former invincible hails from, it’s ironic how we have got our hands on his nation’s top youngster and are very interested in another. This could also be the benefit of having ex-players on the staff.

Where once we might have been unsure of a player, Edu scouted Brazil’s domestic game. He knows how chairmen operate, who’s a selling club, what youth to keep an eye on. Unlike his counterparts though he can empathise the challenges of moving your family to a busy city, not knowing the language, etc. He will already know the personality of Everton. Can he handle the weather, the City and most important the physical nature of the UK game? If he can, this could be the creativity we have lacked in our buying.

Clubs in Brazil will sell for the right price and are more receptive to paying in instalments, which will make Stan happy. Edu’s a friendly old chap, and I’m sure in his last place of employment he’s got peeps who will email him if they see any potential.

So…know pressure Edu

Dan Smith….


  1. Who did the Chinese clubs produce Dan?

    I believe Edu would be able to bring some good youngsters from South America and hopefully unlike Andre Santos/ Wellington Silva. Because there are a lot of young street footballers there

    I heard living in Brazilian favelas is so tough and the youngsters there can only choose to be become a footballer or a gangster to be successful in life

  2. I would to see us sign more South Americans. Sanchez was our best player by a country mile since RVP. I would love to see similar players, with that same work ethic, and passion. As gotanidea says, their backgrounds are tough, which makes them try harder.

  3. I think this is a bright move. South America is known to produce the best attackers. I actually think Martinelli is a good talent and will be a real star. However, I wish we would focus on our defense since it massively let us down last season. Instead of going for the likes of Zaha and Everton, how about finding our own VVD and a good B2B mid so that we never have to see that Clown Xhaka again. We can have Auba, Laca, Zaha, Everton, and Ziyech all in one team but if our team still has Mustafi and Xhaka at the back, we will still lose.

  4. I lived in Rio during the 1990’s. Beach soccer played every day. Brilliant how they could keep the ball in the air. Extremely talented.

    1. This culture of playing socially for fun is one of the reasons the general skill levels are higher there than in England. South America, Portugal, Spain are all examples.

      So that’s the answer, Arsenal need to hold regular futsal tournaments on beach like conditions (import the finest sand from Jamaica), and produce samba skilled and English Ronaldinhos and Ronaldos (the real one, the rather portly one)

  5. We need quality players to win things. Top quality. If we want to compete with Money City, we need to pay the right amount. For instance, Raheem Sterling is a winger. But the amount of goals he scored over two seasons is huge. Compare that with Iwobi. If you play a 433 formation, you need goals across the front Line. Have very skillful players who are composed. And who get you the goals. A good attack and midfield will reduce the pressure on the Defence. When Aubameyang and Lacazette struggle, no one else raise their game. We should be ruthless. Get in quality players. Try bring in either Rakitic or Thomas Partey into the midfield. Players who have played at the highest level. The kids will be introduced gradually. We need to spend big and wisely. Our present midfield is weak. Our attack also needs strengthening. Get in two players out of Ziyech, Everton, Fraser, Zaha, Fekir,.
    Get in one of Thomas Partey Rakitic. Offer an improved bid for Zaha. Like 50m. We can have a chance of winning the league in this way. We should spend over 100m if we want to achieve something great next season. Trophies bring in more revenue. Football has evolved.

  6. Even average South Americans can go for a high value if they don’t live up their potential. So I think this is a market we should look at more. Also, you have a decent chance of finding somebody special if your scouting is good enough, and Edu would improve us in that area.

  7. Instead of Arsenal to have signed Wilfred Zaha this window at a very expensive transfer fee, I think it’s better for Arsenal to try by all possible means to sign the top rated Brazilian winger Everton Soares this summer. Arsenal being a self sustained football club side cannot (maybe) compete with their PL rivals club sides of Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea and even now Tottenham Hotspur in wages and transfer fee payable to and for player signings according to Arsenal Director, Josh Kroenke. But can’t compete in wages? But is Ozil not on a reported £350k per week wages? And Mkhitaryan is on £200k/week wages? Aubameyang who should have his wages increased if he’s not sold this summer but have his deal extended by a year or two is reported to be currently on 180k/week wages at Arsenal. One observation in the current Arsenal players contract deal policy at the club that should be looked into is, Arsenal will no longer keep any Gunner at the club who has 2 years left to run on his contract. But sell the Gunner to avoid allowing him running down his contract or sell him at giveaway price if the Gunner played to a year left on his deal at the club. Or even allow him to go on the free if he’s allowed to rundown his deal. However, I think Aubameyang is a different kind of player who Arsenal cannot afford to let go this summer window because of him importance to the club in terms of his high goals scoring efforts for the club since he joined Arsenal. Therefore, I foresee for Aubameyang getting a pay rise in weekly wage earnings at Arsenal this summer to compensate him making him happy for his last season and a half goals scoring efforts for the club. Even if the club decided not to sell him this summer nor extend his current deal at the club. A host of other Gunners at the club are currently reported to be on between 100 to 200 Million Pounds weekly wages. So, in essence, I disagree with Josh Kroenke that Arsenal cannot compete with it’s top 5 PL rival clubs in transfer fee because Arsenal are already in some ways competing with them. But in signing fee, Arsenal who signed Aubameyang from Dortmond at a reported £56m club record transfer fee last season is not too far off of the eye catching transfer fee paid for a single player signing by the Arsenal rivals 5 PL top clubs of: Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and now Tottenham Hotspur in the past and in the ongoing summer transfer windows.

  8. Is Mahrez going to get playing time at City this season? Signed for 60m didnt play that much tbh, he would be a quality signing. If we are going for Zaha then why not look at Mahrez if City would be willing to sell. Throw 45m to City see what they do…

    Mahrez Laca Auba

    Interesting front 3. Martinelli, Nelson and Nketiah the back up, Cup games also for them.

    Again with Tierney, if we are going to get a LB and Celtic wont play ball then Rodriguez from Milan has a 14m buy out clause in his contract. Aged 26, plenty of Exp and is a good LB. Let Monreal head on home. Xhaka is his international team mate also for the Swiss, looks like he will be next Captain for Arsenal, if so I’m hoping Rob Holding is the VC.

    If Holding & Bellerin are fit for say start of September then we might have a solid back 5 this season.
    Bellerin Holding Sokratis Rodriguez

    Not too bad with Mavraponas, Kolasnic & Mustafi (doesn’t look like he or Ozil is leaving this summer). Next Summer Saliba is on his way so Sokratis may be in his last year at Arsenal. Koss a gonner by the looks of things.

    Still need a CM if we can get the loan for Cabellos from Madrid then that’s probably it for us. Nothing exciting as that Mahrez deal is probably just a pipe dream but rather him than Zaha, Fraser or Everton.

    We will still be in the same position come the end of the season if we dont buy, as the fans want Kronke out so it could be another toxic season at the Emirates if we dont play well and dont pull our finger out and do something decent before the window closes.

  9. Edu has more knowledge than the be brazilian market,he also played in Spain too while preparing for Brazil he e had to look at other,teams from south america,the same way unai has knowledge of spanish,french,bri ish player_ nowadays without moving you can have all the data,videos of a player in your office the last thing you do when interested in the player it,go and watch him!problem with British players they are over valued,leeds wants 30M for one of thei% players when you can have 2 foreign players and more chance that one at least will work out if not both(Marhez,N’Golo Kate…)

    1. Agree Trissiam, perhaps that’s why we haven’t signed too many high priced Brits ourselves.

      Maquire for £80,000 and Zaha for the same? Ridiculous valuations.

      That’s why we only paid £70,000 for mustafi and xhaka…In the hope that one of them would work out!!!

      1. I don,t think /many people thinks that Maguire is worth 80M which would mean that he is better than Van Ď!no way,man utd are the reason we can’t buy Terniey for 25M while they paid 50M for your man,it’s all gone crazy man!!

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