“Edu is very inexperienced and they were heavily reliant on agents” Legend slams Arsenal’s recruitment

Tony Adams has criticised Arsenal’s transfer business after they gave Willian a big-money long-term contract.

The Gunners decided to rely on Edu Gaspar and Mikel Arteta’s judgement backed by agents’ recommendations to sign the likes of Willian and Cedric Soares recently.

Under Arsene Wenger, the Gunners had a very good scouting department that helped them to spot talent and bargain signings.

But they have scrapped that now and are relying on the above-mentioned method to make signings.

Adams doesn’t think that style works, and he says the only reason why they will adopt such a strategy that brings in the likes of Willian to the club is that Arteta and Edu are an inexperienced duo.

He says the club has top talents like Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe, and shouldn’t be signing the likes of the former Chelsea man.

He told Stadium Astro: “Why have you brought him (Willian) into the squad? If you have got him just to make up the numbers because he has got a bit of experience, where are you going with that?

“I have cried out about the recruitment on more than one occasion. Edu is very inexperienced and they were heavily reliant on agents to get players into the club.

“All of a sudden you have got Willian, Cedric, all the same agent.

“We have got so many kids coming through, don’t buy these players!

“You spot areas of the squad that are weak. You don’t go and get Willian on a three-year contract, that is going nowhere. That is really poor sports directorship.

“We all get ones wrong, but if you are building a club to win the league then you don’t fill up areas when you have good kids coming through.”

With so much money being paid to him, Arsenal will struggle to sell Willian, all they can do is hope he starts delivering.

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  1. Total agree abkut eillian it was crazy. Willian was a mental signing when nelson was there and gabriel was coming back… I like the idea of marc overmars.

    Also on the other hand thomas parey great signing. Pablo mari looking good. Cedric has not done badly IMO.

    Only mistake has been willian so edu can be forgiven.

    The system has changed yet again and now edu answers to arteta rather than the other way around apparently. Lets see where this goes

  2. Preaching to the choir Tony…I’m been singing that song since the time it was announced…of course, I rate Willian, until he arrived in North London, but it always made no sense considering the players we had available for his “preferred” position, the fact that the term and wage suggested promises were made to him regarding minutes and our ever ominous “self-sustaining” business model limitations…not to mention, the disingenuous and weaselly way they planted a seed about maybe lining him up in the middle(a real need), just so that people might not connect the nonsensical dots of this ridiculous deal, still doesn’t sit right with me

  3. So there’s nothing Arsenal can do to get rid of him? Honestly, I can’t see the real William, just cancel the deal if possible.

    1. The only possible way out is the Ozil treatment for the 2021/2022 season and hoping he’ll start looking for clubs that would want to play and pay him. Unless he improves SIGNIFICANTLY in the remainder of the season.

  4. Love Tony as an Arsenal legend, but tone mate, wtf? Leave the management to the professionals, while you just concentrate on making a success of your coaching career. We had a great young life together, so now get on with life and stop worrying about managers and coaches who have done well. You was great ASA young player. Be happy 😁

    1. He dosent have a coaching career. He has a rehab business. He’s entitled to say what he likes about arsenal.

      1. Agree Lewis, Tony Adams has earnt the right unlike few others. In this case he is on the ball with his comments.

    2. Atid, Staying with the subject though, do YOU think Adams was wrong about Willian then? Because IF you do, you are about the only Gooner I have seen who thinks so.

      Easy to change or deflect from the subject, as you cleverly did, but more difficult to give your OWN honest answer. Isn’t it!!

  5. I’m still of the opinion that Edu had his personal gain in mind when arranging the Willian transfer.

    Who in their right mind signs such a player on such wages for so long? I don’t think it was a signing made for footballing reasons nor commercial reasons as Willian isn’t popular enough to warrant a signing purely for merch purposes.

    I hope the Arsenal board are investigating this transfer as it’s very suspicious to pay 30 million for a severe under-performer that can only get worse with age.

    1. OnceGreat, a well meant warning, as you are actually accusing Edu of theft, via financial collusion, which is a serious legal charge.

      In all seriousness, I advise you quickly to retract this foolish and hasty charge, UNLESS you have proper evidence. And to never lightly accuse professional people on illegality again without strong evidence. I mean well and hope you do not get sued, nor this site, for foolishly allowing your post to stand.

  6. I agree that Edu and Arteta have very limited experience in sourcing quality players. However, this is not the end of the world as many top clubs are now using systems similar to Moneyball. Liverpool and Aston Villa being good examples. I do believe that Arsenal are indeed moving in that direction. Over the last year or so they have recruited and reinforced their data analytical team with the purpose of supplying data to support any player recruitment. As throwaway Liverpool’s head of research is a Data Scientist with a PhD from Harvard. This is the the future.

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