Edu must not fail in Arsenal’s bid for Declan Rice – like he did with Mudryk….

Some sources have stated since January that between all parties Declan Rice’s transfer to Arsenal was a done deal. by Dan Smith

I have been burnt so many times, my stance has always been until the club officially confirm a transfer, I won’t get excited.

Here’s what we know so far ……

David Sullivan confirmed on Talk Sport that he’s 99.99 percent convinced that his captain has played his final game for West Ham, his last act lifting the UEFA Conference Trophy.

The Hammers owner says he has a gentlemen’s agreement with his skipper, he won’t stand in the way if his asking price is met.

The player’s desire is to play in the Champions League and remain living in London.

That shows the power of finishing in the top 4, as we are the only side who can meet that criteria.

For years David Moyes was quoting sums over 100 million. While it won’t be quite that much this remains a massive transaction in the history of the Gunners. They most likely will have to break their transfer record and have been hurt doing that in the past.

It’s believed an opening bid of 70 million has been rejected, with us believing a compromise will be reached between the two respective valuations and/or dependent on bonuses.

This is a business, if Edu can save 5-15 million it’s his duty to do so.

Yet our Football Director has acted with this arrogance before, and it’s blew up in his face.

Shakhtar Donetsk will tell you; the Brazilian met Mudryk and was so confident we were the Ukrainian’s first choice he felt he could haggle over every last pound. Chelsea came in overnight, immediately met the asking price and suddenly we had lost out on a long-term target.

Given how Trossard has performed since January that might not prove to be the end of the world.

Yet there is a history of Arsenal losing out on talent based on not being decisive.

Higuain, Suarez, etc.

I have written for years how as soon as you hear a Man City or Chelsea are linked with an individual, within days that signing is confirmed.

There never seems a prolonged saga like we get at the Emirates.

I remember an agent who told AFTV that Arsenal are a laughing stock in his profession based on how they conduct transfers.

That could be that our rivals are just more aggressive in the market, or we continue to leak out information.

Some sources are now reporting that in the next 24 hours (even as you read this) a second club will be tabling a bid for Rice.

Which of course doesn’t change Rice’s first choice, but if it’s one of the Manchester clubs or Chelsea then they are more likely to meet West Ham’s asking price without any resistance.

At the end of the day Sullivan’s task is to get as much money for his asset so of course will love the idea of a bidding war.

I don’t think some Gooners will be as forgiving if Edu let’s this deal slip through his fingers?

You have the player wanting to come to North London and West Ham willing to authorise the deal, and that seems to have been the case for months.

Your arrogance in believing you were the only option and therefore could reduce the price, has now possibly allowed others to swoop in on a deal that you could have had sorted the second this window opened.

When is the last time one of the best players in the Prem in his position chose us, and we had the resources to make it happen?

He’s the type of purchase we need to make to have a chance of closing the gap with Man City.

I loved Edu the player, and whatever happens his place in our history is secure.

This though is his job. He gets paid thousands of pounds a week to make deals happen for the benefit of Arsenal.

Mess this deal up when it was in your hands… and it’s a sackable offence.


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  1. So, if westham ask for 100m pounds, we should go all out and pay 100m pounds because he is Declan Rice?

    i dont get the hype about Declan Rice.

    As for Mudryk, how many goals and assist did he contribute in that Chelsea team? What makes us think he will justify his price tag in the coming season?

    My point is Declan rice is worth more than 70m pounds at most.

    If westham reject 70m we should walk away and get other options.

    we have a budget. we need to strengthen other areas. I would rather wish we pay a premium price on a top quality CF like Osimhen than pay such on a DM. We need energy and pace in midfield, no doubt, but Declan rice for 90m pounds makes no sense.

    Other options in midfield at a cheaper price:


      1. Agree to every word! At least Edu was not stupid to add 70M +1 GBP!! Onana or the Southampton lad are good enough to step up. Retain Xhaka for another year. Spend on a brutal cold hearted striker like Halaand, and he too was not 100M. It’s good we are overlooking Caedado. There was so much hue and cry when Spurs signed Bissouma – and what an average signing that has been. Same with Royal. The problem with a section of our fan base is they they criticize our club – ownership, management, coaches, players and still call themselves fans/supporters, while they envy every mediocre player playing for the rest 19 teams!

    1. No dude it’s more if he’s your number one target and he wants to join you and you are speaking since January you get the deal done

      If your not willing to pay over the odds and go that extra mile dont put shirt prices up

      1. No one forced you to buy them if you cannot afford one. There is something called inflation in economics. Even the “greatest manger in universe” ensured he got an inflated contract for what? Finishing Forth/fifth/sixth? Rice @ 100GBP with a year left on his contract would make sense for a Mr. Wenger era, wake up, we are now in a new era

    2. Mudryk was hugely overpriced but make no mistake in 12-18 months everyone will be pulling their hair out that we got Trossard instead. A year under Pochettino wil get the best out of him. His style of play is similar to Martinelli’s, he is just lacking confidence because no young player should have to be coached by Fat Frank.

  2. No Edu or Arsenal cannot fail this time in their bid for Rice, it could have serious implications.

    First Declan Rice is not just any other player, he’s a marquee Englishman with PR/ Political pressure that’s swings into play with a signing of his status.

    1. So we should be reckless as a club and pay 100m pounds for a Defensive Midfielder simply because of PR reasons like Man United did when they bought Paul Pogba?

      1. Skills1000, no we should not be reckless in how we go about this deal.
        We haven’t put a foot wrong in my opinion and hopefully not.

        The writer states there is a gentleman agreement between Rice and West Ham that if his valuation price is met they won’t stand in the way.
        What the writer did not disclose was what that price was..

        Has Arsenal trys to find that price , we must do everything in our power that the big one does not get away, if it means paying a few more mills, we must be cognizant of the fact this could result in further repercussions in our dealings in the market if we fails here.

        They are signing that inspire other signings, signing that inspire confidence, these are indeed statement signings

      2. Remember Real Madrid bought two defensive midfielders at a high price yet they were not proven players those two are Aurelia Tchaumeni and Edward Camavinga who were playing for struggling teams in France. What makes you doubt Declan Rice a quality elite proven player who plays in the English premier League arsenal needs to pay up or we will keep struggling in midfield as always.

        1. Agree Jon and Dan’s last paragraph, I believe, shows his REAL intent.

          If we follow his logic, the fact that city and chelsea could make a bid that is above our valuation and WHU accept, means that (I assume) either, or both, Arteta and Edu should be sacked?
          Nonsense and now take it a step further.
          City offer £120,000,000 and £300,000 a week, the player and club accept that offer, so the same two people should be sacked from The Arsenal?!?!

          All The Arsenal are doing is negotiating up to the level they’re prepared to go to – can’t recall anyone ever being sacked for doing that myself.

          1. Arsenal can still test the waters with another bid or two, but this £110 mill that is touted at times is ridiculous, am not sure the lad finds it funny

  3. But Declan Rice is a symbol signing, symbolizing the clubs status. Like when the double-winners of 1971 signed world cup-winner Alan Ball from Everton. A very heavy signing – which we all thought would make Arsenal unbeatable, but unfortenately it took the Gunners 18 years to win the leage again (1989). And by then Alan Ball has ended his career and was forgotten.

  4. What nonsense Dan. Typical Dan, always taking the negative view! Almost all JA Gooners who have posted since the Rice transfer rumours became strong, have said we would like him but not at all costs. Those are wise words too.

    We have a limited amount of funds available from Kroenke , even though of late, he has much loosened the purse strings So we cannot SENSIBLY or REALISTICALLY pay whatever WHU demand for Rice.

    In fact, VERY FAR, from your folloish and unfair comment about Edu, what he have now is a new realism where we wil no longer blithely waste endless money.
    Instead, we put our own valuation on a player and IF they are too expensive , we move to another target.
    That MIGHT- though I think It will not, personally -yet be the case with Rice.

    its always easy and lazy minde to blithely, and without any personal responsibility, to blithely spend someone elses money for them,(Kroenkes) instead of adopting a REALISTIC attitude to what money we do have and to what we DONT want to overpay.

    A poor article then IMO!

      1. Have read it Ken and not surprisingly, have agreed with all of it.

        I do think that, in general,even if not this time,you are far kinder to Dans constant negative view of our club than I could ever be.

        I simply cannot comprehend how any TRUE FAN can still be so negative all the time, after the wondeful season we have just had, despite its disapppointing ending.

        I dislike obvious agenda ridden pieces, where every comment is tainted and distorted by a plainly anti MA agenda, meaning DAN OF COURSE.

        1. I thought you said you were not going to post replies to me?

          Well now that you have , you can expect mine to your usual nonsense from now on, if Isee fit. An own goal for you then DK!

        2. But DK, I’ve agreed and disagreed with you and, probably, everyone else within JA at some time or another – hell, I’ve been called more names on JA than you and Jon have had disagreements I think.

          Like you, I often remind Jon about some of his more “hysterical” comments that he usually denies making, but I’m certain he thinks I’m a hypocrite too!!

          However, again, just like you and I (hopefully) he does come up with some relevant and thoughtful points and I respond accordingly.

          Perhaps he has ruffled your feathers too many times and I know you have both got very personal at times and there are a two or three regulars on the site, who I can’t relate to at all, so I understand your criticism of me agreeing with Jon sometimes.

          Don’t worry though, I’m sure you and I will not let Jon lecture us and life’s too short to hold grudges anyway – sorry if I’ve disappointed you though!!

    1. Jon what did you call Xakha when we beat Palace ?
      What did you say about Wenger , Bellerain , Ozil , Giroud , Mustafi when they finished 2nd

      1. Good grief!! Dragged that old chestnut up from the distant past, ONCE AGAIN I SEE. Why nor ask me what I thouight about Herbert Chapman TOO!

        Always a sign of how you have lost not only this argument but any remaining respect you may have had among all the NON pessimists on here.

        You will however retain the favour of the usual “woe is me types” who infest this site with their nonsense.You deserve each other!

        1. But that’s the point Jon, you DID say those things and remember them clearly… especially your comment regarding Arsene and illness.
          Yet you jump on anyone who dares criticises Mikel… that’s the problem that you don’t seem to understand!!

  5. Article is naive. Arsenal will have their set price including wages and will not go above it and nor should they. We aren’t Chelsea or City, we have to pay sensible prices only.

  6. Unfounded criticism of Edu.
    Using the Mudryk case against Edu or Arsenal is really bad.
    If reports are believed to be true, Arsenal offered 80-90 m for him, and had every reason to believe, it was a deal. But Chelsea, who were on a mad spending spree came in and, as I understand, just said they would offer more.
    I say Arsenal and Edu deserves praise for:

    1) Not paying even more for a player, who so far has really only proven to be a talent

    2) Not dancing to the tune of a bidding war

    If Arsenal are a professionally run club, they know, where their limits are,

    As for Declan Rice, it seems very risky to me to pay 100m or more, and it would in my book not by any means be a failure to walk away from that. But I support both outcomes.

    1. The article is a terrible piece. It also adds to the suspicion that there is an unhelpful negative agenda against Edu.
      The fact that Edu and Arsenal were willing to walk away from an unsuitable transfer arrangement is interpreted as arrogance. This impugning of Edu’s character is unnecessary and uncalled for.
      Suggesting that if the Rice deal is not sealed Edu should be sacked whatever the circumstances; this is unreasonable.
      The author also muddies things by including transfer dealings that have nothing to do with Edu.
      It would certainly be inappropriate to consider it a failure if we were to walk away from an unnecessarily expensive deal.

  7. I think many fans would be glad to let the overpriced fried Rice slip through our fingers, if West Ham still insist on more than £90m for his head

    He could be a perfect replacement for Xhaka and help us beat the homegrown quota, but we could use the money to sign two high quality players

    Moreover, we shouldn’t blame Edu alone if we fail to sign clinch the deal, because Garlick is also heavily involved and Kroenke will be the final decision maker as the main buyer

    1. Gai,
      For real, Rice and even Canceido are overpriced I believe there are talented players we can explore. The market is just something else this days… Why can’t Arsenal try to sign Danilo from NForest that guy is almost as good as Canceido when it comes to doing “dirty job” what if Sheffield Sander Berg 100M is just too much for Rice.

      1. I believe Danilo can play in Xhaka’s, Zinchenko’s and Partey’s positions. He would likely click with our Portuguese-speaking players as well, but he’d be expensive too because of his contract length

        Sander Berge could also work well with Odegaard

    2. For half the price of Rice we could get Lucas Paqueta and Youri Tielemens and still have enough change for a slap-up meal. Both players are superior to Rice in a technical sense and interestingly Paqueta had more tackles since the WC, suggesting he does his defensive work, too. And I like his beard.

      1. I liked Paqueta’s performance in World Cup, but he’d be expensive too because of his contract length. Tielemans will join Aston Villa

      2. lol @ Ben “And I like his beard”

        Honestly, im looking at a situation where we negotiate with Brighton for 60m pounds on Caicedo. since he can play right back. .

        I feel ESR should replace Xhaka in midfield. he has the speed and can drive from deep. He also times his runs into the box and will get more goals if he is fully integrated into the team.

        A high energy/aggressive DM like Caicedo will complement ESR and Odegaard

        In my Opinion, Caicedo for 70m pounds makes sense.

        We can then pay a premium on a CF like Osimhen. If we cant get Osimhen, we go for Ivan Toney or Ihenacho.

        Adding another CF helps our attack because it allows Arteta to play G. Jesus on the RW position. He can rotate with Saka.

        We need a big squad without drop in Quality. Saka played too many games last season and he was not effective towards the end of the season.

        CF: Osimhen, Nketiah
        LW: Martinelli, Trossard
        RW: Saka, G. Jesus
        AM: Odegaard, ESR, Viera
        CM/DM: Caicedo, Partey, Jorginho,

        433 formation

        Martinelli Osimhen Saka

        ESR Caicedo Odegaard

        Zinchenko Gabriel Saliba White


        Partey should rotate with Caceido

        Jorginho should rotate with ESR(especially for games that we need to be more defensive and provide more cover for the central defenders)

    3. I agree with you GAI, until Chelsea front jumped and poached Mudryk Arsenal did not see Trossard. I prefer getting Osimehn with that money and looking elsewhere for another affordable skillful and quality CM that abounds in so many clubs even in La Liga, I remember Santi Carzola.

  8. To win the league you need your homegrown players to be among the best ones in the league. We have that with Saka, but we also fall short in it with Nelson Nketiah and Holding, and S Rowe is somewhere in-between -still unproven to a degree. Rice is one of the best Englishmen in the division. That is why City would possibly be interested in this signing.

    We need to get it done, for me, if a player is your first choice then you should be willing to go at least 15m over valuation just to make sure

  9. There is a lot of talk about an opening bid of £80 million being rejected that originated from a Westham supporter/reporter and a Chelsea supporter/reporter from 90 min and the Evening Standard, both reported from unknown sources. The truth is the bid was the same as last year, but then he had 2 years remaining on his contract. That bid was £54 million with future add-ons taking it up to £70 million. Now that West ham are no longer in a controlling situation with Rice holding all the cards with just 1 year remaining and a preference to play for just Arsenal due to his wanting criteria, West ham have no choice but to accept Arsenals fare bid of £70 million after add-ons, or risk losing him to Arsenal next year for free. It does not matter if Man City, Man United or Chelsea make a bid for him.They could even bid £200 million and Westham could accept this. I does not matter, He won’t be going anywhere other than the team the player chooses, not the team West ham chooses. West ham have only two options, keep him for one year, or sell him to Arsenal due to the players preference.

    1. dave Sorry but your info is PROFOUNDLY WRONG. These bids we have offered are REAL and for far more than your unworldly wise so called “truths”.

      You are also wrong about Rice having ALL the say wherever he goes All sorts of possibilities are still possible – I say possibilties, though NOT probabilities, mind – as Rice does indeed wish to come to us. but money offered,and WHEN RECEIVED, will be the key factor.

      What Rice CAN decide however, if he wishes, is to stay put , IF WHU refuse our bid and he wishes not to go elsewhere.
      Ultimately I think it extemely probable he WILL come to us for a fee around £90mill plus.

      What IS the sticking point is how SOON WHU will receive all the money in instalment payments, more than just the simpleTOTAL amount agreed upon.

      These facts are all well documented,so I suggest you widen your info sources as many others, myself included, have already done.

  10. Oh, I forgot to mention. When Arsenals initial bid of £70 after addons, was rejected because Westham wanted all of £75 million up front. I don’t expect much has changed since last year except for Westham now being in a less controlling position than a year ago.

  11. Edu, did NOT mess up with Mudryk. We had a price and a value, Mudryk wanted to come to Arsenal but Chelsea came in and paid way over the odds. We for whatever reason decided not too. Edu did not mess up. Arguably Chelsea did and did us a favour.

    1. It was reported Chelsea and Arsenal offered the same transfer money .
      Chelsea offered him a longer contract and sent people out to actually speak to him face to face ,which in turn won him over ,players will go where they can get the most money ,rice will be no different .

  12. Arsenal don’t get large free money to conduct their incoming transfer signing deals in a transfer window.
    This unlike Chelsea who are regularly handed large sum of free money in every transfer widow to sign the new players who they want to sign.
    This is against Arsenal who operate as a self sustained club side status.
    So therefore, no Gooner should blame Edu or accuse him of any negligence in his job for Arsenal as the club’s technical director. Rather, he should be praised for his hidden to his employees instruction to give in to any act of cowardice when it comes down to overbaluation of incoming transfer fee intentionally charged Arsenal to pay. So as to rob them of their of hard gotten money because it is Arsenal.

  13. Arsenal don’t get large free money to conduct their incoming transfer signing deals in a transfer window.
    This unlike Chelsea who are regularly handed large sum of free money in every transfer widow to sign the new players who they want to sign.
    This is against Arsenal who operate as a self sustained club side status.
    So therefore, no Gooner should blame Edu or accuse him of any negligence in his job for Arsenal as the club’s technical director. Rather, he should be praised for his hidden to his employers instruction to not give in to any act of cowardice when it comes down to overvaluation of incoming transfer fee intentionally charged Arsenal to pay. So as to rob them of their of hard gotten money because it is Arsenal.

  14. If Rice is the best bet for the team to move up another level next season then AFC needs to pay closer to the asking price & get the deal done quickly. Let’s not be so arrogant as to asume that the club will be able to offer him Champions League football next season.

  15. No it’s Edu job to get the best talent to win the title
    If Arteta has identified Rice as this player to do that then Edu needs to make that happen
    If your saying Rice isn’t good enough then Arteta is flawed for saying he’s our top target .

    We are now back in the Cl , have raised shirt prices , etc
    So the odd 10 million but failing can’t keep happening anymore

    They need to get it right this time

    1. So whatever any club offers Da, no matter what it is, Edu has to top it?
      No mate, you’ve got it wrong in my opinion.

      1. If Arteta says he’s your number one target
        Yes you have to pay the going rate
        Or are we again just going to not spend the CL revenue ?

        1. But the “going rate” was inflated by chelsea with regards to Mudryk and we wisely withdrew – if city or chelsea inflate the “going rate” for Rice why should we play through the nose?
          Identifying your No. 1 priority doesn’t mean you have to buy him, if the price becomes a mockery and Rice’s reported price is becoming just that.

          1. Caus if he’s been speaking since January , you either come close to the asking price or you say no thank you
            You don’t waste time allowing other clubs to come in for him
            Just my opinion , he’s one of the best players in his position who wants to come to us
            Be an opportunity missed

          2. Ken mate get your point if we had offered 90
            But we offering 70 knowing west ham won’t accept that
            We have missed out on players before doing this

  16. You don’t have to believe every single rumor you read. The rumor is another club are going to come in for him, but what’s the source? Is it a newspaper/media company looking to sell/get clicks? Is it from West ham looking to cause uproar amongst the fans and hurry up the deal/push the price up?
    I’m seriously fed up of the unsourced speculation being parroted unquestioned as fact

  17. First of all, Edu didn’t ‘Fail’ in landing mudryk, we were priced out by not by the asking price in itself , but by payment arrangement. We wanted to pay in 2-3 installment , Chelsea payed once.
    Secondly , Rice and mudryk situations are different. The instalmental payments would be accepted by westHam as they are not a cash strapped struggling club that have never sold a player at that price in thier entire history like shakter , and Rice is old enough to know what’s best for him and not under the thumb of the west ham management.
    If mancity wants him really bad enough to spend an outrageous amount on him, then we should say adios and let him go.
    Zubimendi, nevez, *caicedo* , amrabat, milinkovic savic are all internationals, same age range, quality players and cheaper too.

    1. No they did not pay it all up front. They paid £62 mil and £30 mil to come in future payments and add ons. They offered Mudryk three times as much as us and he snapped their hands off.

  18. People saying we should be going for other players instead of Rice. Well tough, you’re not the manager, Arteta is and he wants Rice.

    As for his price, he’s worth as much as anyone is willing to pay.

  19. While I agree 100 million is overpriced for Rice that is the world we live in!
    I think the key fact here is Rice is proven in the premier league and on that basis alone I would accept paying a little over the odds.
    What does annoy me is when we pay big money on someone from the French or any other league for that matter who may have looked good in the odd champions league game or in there own much weaker leagues especially on the physical aspect but will always struggle in England no matter there skill set.
    We definitely need one of Rice or Caicedo as if we cannot win midfield battles against the top clubs the title will be impossible.

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