Edu recommends Brazilian for Arsenal – do not get too over excited

Former Arsenal legend Edu has not yet taken up his role as the clubs new technical director but is already having an influence behind the scenes, according to the latest reports.

Edu has apparently urged the club to sign right-back Fagner who currently plies his trade for Brazil club Corinthians.

The Brazil international previously played for PSV and Wolfsburg in Europe but basically flopped playing just three games for the Dutch giants and 26 times for Wolfsburg before both clubs loaned him back to Brazilian teams.

To be honest the 30-year-old does not inspire any confidence and it has to be hoped that Edu will make far better recommendations.

The Arsenal defence does need strengthening no doubt but to go for a player that is coming to the twilight of his career, that failed with smaller teams in Europe and who is expected to adapt very quickly to the English game because he is reportedly cheap does not look the most inspiring choice.

While we have to be careful with whatever our transfer budget is does not mean that we should be going for cut-price deals for the sake of it and that is what this one looks like.

Edu will know far better than the likes of me but like any Arsenal fan I have an opinion and basically, if this is what the future holds under Edu then I despair.

Hopefully, I am wrong.


  1. Well considering when Arsenal signed Edu we actually signed the wrong Edu, nothing will surprise me.

    I would much prefer Dani Alves on a free for a year. The fella was awesome the other night against the argues and is the 2nd most decorated player in history. Success breeds success.

  2. Non story, like 99% of these daily rag rumours…

    “Edu has ‘apparently’ urged…”


    1. Yes McLovin, Max Aarons from Norwich is an up and coming CB, worth looking at. Lewis Dunk is a young 193cm English international CB, with EPL experience.
      Why would Arsenal look at aging CB’s from overseas, without succeeding in the European Leagues, let alone without EPL experience, when such players are available?

      1. IMO, Unai does not prefer youngsters. Remember we were after a 30 yr old Banega, signed 35 year old Leich.,etc. I do not know how he signed Torrera at 22 years old. Also AFC no longer promote English talent. The core of the initial Wenger’s team were of George. Wenger era scouting and so called “British core” failed miserably except of Ramsey and maybe Ox. If AFC have to succeed, they have to go back to the British roots with some continental flair.The norm now is to pick up anybody who is average or aging. That may be the reason we are not after any hardcore targets. Earlier we were told that we would be competing with the Bayerns and the Barcas – lol, they meant ticket sales and we mistook it for the results on the pitch!Sad but true.

  3. Kev was correct about Saliva. Kev I have been following you, your news are 75% correct. Saliba will soon be a gunner but will be loan back

  4. OT: The appointment of Edu never inspired me. It doesn’t hurt for a club like Arsenal with all the financial constraints and organizational challenges including the owner’s lack of ambition and involvement, to have a deeply experienced guy for the role.
    Edu has next to no relevant experience.

    At least Overmars is an ex-player with some experience albeit in a smaller league.

    1. I agree. We needed to get an experienced technical director from a club that excels in identifying talent early – Ajax, Monaco, Dortmund, RB Lezpig

      With out budget restraints this is the path we needed to go down.

      1. Would it be beyond this club to spend a significant percentage of our budget on a CD (Saliba) and loan him out AND to lose Bielik all in the same time period?

        The sad part is that nothing would surprise me about the way this club is run. Sadly for me, some of it still frustrates me.

        1. Arsenal could have had Dennis Bergkamp, an Arsenal legend fresh from the Ajax Academy as the Director of Football. Too threatening to the mediocrity that the Club has become!

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