Edu’s job is safe for now after his potential replacement leaves Ajax in disgrace

Marc Overmars has been disgraced out of his role as Ajax’s Sporting Director after he was reported for sending inappropriate messages to colleagues.

The former Arsenal player has done a good job at the Dutch side in the last decade.

Under his leadership, they have become a powerful force in continental football.

They reached the Europa League final in 2017 and the Champions League semi-final in 2019.

They have since developed top players like Frenkie de Jong and Matthijs de Ligt.

He contributed hugely to these successes, and reports linked him with a return to Arsenal.

Edu had been struggling when the links first appeared after the likes of Willian failed to impress at the Emirates.

The Brazilian’s transfer dealings have been much better recently, but Overmars was still being linked with a move to replace him.

However, De Telegraaf is now reporting that he has stood down from his role at the Dutch side due to misconduct.

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is sad to see Overmars disgracefully leave Ajax, and it means he would unlikely get the Arsenal job even in the future.

His work at the Dutch giants has been impressive, and he is one reason they have bought and developed players well.

Arsenal is looking to earn the reputation Ajax has had in recent seasons, but we have to trust Edu to keep working with Mikel Arteta to achieve that now.

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  1. Sadly there are a few too many people like him in the world. Why did Overmars think such behaviour was appropriate or acceptable ? Control and power over another human being? Rating himself as an Adonis? To think that a fabulous football career has been shattered (and the same for his family too) over such foolishness. How degrading.

    1. You seem to underestimate what money and the craving for success can make people do. He will be forgiven in a heartbeat and it will be back to business as usual. Watch and see

  2. What Overmars did was highly disgraceful. But whoever thinks the world of football is overly concerned with such issues is living in wonderland with Alice. Once all the talk have died down, he will be contacted by many clubs(if he’s not already been contacted). Aubameyang got away with inappropriate behavior because of the results he was producing on the pitch. The FA approved murderers to take over Newcastle because of money. A manager somewhere in Spain who’s name I don’t wanna know encouraged his players to gang r*pe a girl, later apologized claiming it was a joke and he’s been forgiven and given a job few weeks back against fan outrage(I personally suggest he be jailed for life). Nowhere is clean. Overmars’ results in the last ten years will also give him leeway. And with the way he was willing to openly admit guilt and shame(believing he would change), I would have the club take the chance, fire Edu Gasper and appoint Overmars at the end of the season(if Overmars is still out of work till then) or until the story leaves headlines with certain strict and very appropriate contractual conditions. I don’t need a clean club with innocent and loyal players finishing outside Europe. I’ll rather have a club with a little bit of controversy and strong willed players playing in the champions league. Please note, I am not in anyway in support of what Overmars was doing as I believe it to be very disgraceful, shameful and sends a bad message. I’m only on the lookout for his talents which are undeniable

    1. Neither you or Overmars should have it both ways. Disgraceful on one hand, but fine on the other. No wonder sexist views on women continue.

      1. @SueP
        RealTalk Goonerette. This is why so many young players do as they have been doing and expecting to get away with it. Football culture is rife with this type of conduct, the “boys will be boys” attitude, coupled with the win at any cost mentality. The fact that admin recently posted an article on the availability of Bissouma, considering the charges against him, says a lot…SMDH 😡

  3. dgr8xt, what has edu done for him to be sacked I don’t seems to understand your comment about edu casper?and if overmars has done this at Arsenal what will be your comment, I strongly believe in Edu talent and his vision for the club with arteta.

  4. I would still take him. He probably learned from this mistake as a professional and wouldn’t do it again and this cancel culture should stop.

  5. This is our opportunity to recruit one of the best minds in the modern game. We should hire Overmars, first as a consultant, giving him the opportunity to rebuild his name and reputation. Everyone deserves a second chance. Provided he is able to keep his nose clean, I would hire him permanently as DOF when and if we decide to fire Edu. We can learn a lot from Overmars.

      1. What does Arteta have to do with RFrancis comment sue?
        He’s talking about a completely different role from our manager .

        1. Thanks Dan kit. SueP doesn’t seem to remember we have already given Arteta his fair share of chances. He was forgiven for lying about registering Ozil for EUROPA; again for lying about Saliba’s loan forms; and, again for lying about registering Saliba for Europe. I suspect our dear friend also believed the fake story that Auba was ousted because he returned late from a visit to see his sick mother.
          Have a nice day, SueP.

        2. He puts Arteta down at every opportunity so would he give him a chance to redeem himself if he strayed? The answer would almost certainly be no. The fact that MO has a great CV allows R Francis to overlook his appalling behaviour. Double standards it appears to me Dan kit. I was quite shocked by the attitudes shown above.

          1. Seems more personal regarding RFrancis views on Arteta and not on the point he made about MO .
            Sorry sue .

          2. With respect SueP, I used to be a staunch and vocal supporter of Arteta. I simply had a change a heart when I became convinced he was not right for the job. I see nothing wrong in wanting the best for my club. Do you?

            1. It’s got nothing to do with Arteta the manager. It has everything to do with the perception that it’s ok to sexually harass someone if you’re good at your job

              As a young teenager I had to suffer a bloke in his 20’s mast***ating in front of me in a quiet carriage on the tube. I was terrified, but more terrified of what he might do next. I honestly don’t think most men have any idea of what the majority of women will face in their lifetimes and that is why I get so bloody angry about it

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