Edu’s reported replacement threatens to quit his current job

Edwin van der Sar has been tipped as the next Arsenal technical director (The Sun), and that move could happen soon as he is reportedly threatening to leave his current role at Ajax.

The former goalkeeper enjoyed a fine career in the Premier League between 2001 and 2011 and he has been the chief executive at Ajax for the last four years.

Voetbal Nieuws says that he is considering moving on from the Dutch giants.

Arsenal’s technical director, Edu has come in for some criticism as the club struggles to get results.

The Brazilian has overseen some changes at the club this season, but they haven’t been successful changes it seems.

The Gunners cannot win games at the moment and some of the players that they signed under his watch haven’t been pulling their weight.

He seems to have a lot of power at the club and he has a good relationship with Mikel Arteta, but if the results don’t get better, it’s almost inevitable that he will be sacked by the club, well, you would like to think so anyway.

Ajax has won the Dutch league, KNVB Cup and the Johan Cruyff Shield since van der Sar has been in his current role.

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  1. Edu and Arteta seem like they are over their heads.

    Being butt-buddies with Joobrachian got us 3 magnificent players in Willian, Soares, Luiz. Alarm bells should be ringing.

    Incompetence of Sanllehi cost us 72m in Pepe.

    Trusting inexperienced Arteta has cost usus dressing room. His treatment of Özil, Sokratis, Guendouzi, Saliba mustve had an impact.

    Everyone blaming Kroenke but he’s not responsible for any of these things. We’ve spent money and he’s not in charge of transfers or contracts. He didn’t hire Arteta or Edu on his own. He probably doesn’t know anything about football, so he’s not the main culprit at the moment.

    Board needs to act and fire Arteta along with Edu and bring in experience. New manager can build bridges with Özil, Guendouzi etc. Surely this will lift up the team spirit.

    1. I’m afraid in a couple of areas I’d have to disagree
      To not blame the ownership for who he employs is one of them. Much of the problems that are engulfing this club have been down to mismanagement at the top and this has over time filtered down to pitch level.
      Sanhelli was more than incompetent and there are others who should have been held to account at executive level and this is very much the responsibility of Kroenke

      I could be wrong here but didn’t Arteta have to cull the number of players in the EPL squad? One of them was Sokratis and I don’t recall many complaints about that.

      1. Mismanagement at top, yes, but its not on Kroenke behalf. Sure he has the final say but surely he decides on positions on someone elses recommendation. I refuse to believe he actually knows who would make a good technical director but he rather rubber-stamps the final decision.

        I mean owners usually are just owners. Arsenal is an investment for him and getting Arsenal relegated sure as hell isn’t on his best intrests. Someone has pitched Kroenke the wrong personnel and we are paying the price right now.

        1. “Someone has pitched Kroenke the wrong personnel and we are paying the price right now”

          Fact of the matter is, hes made zero investment, hes not a proper football fan and he bought into what was “pitched” when it was the wrong decision so he has to share he blame, dont buy a football club if your heart isnt in it and you leave it soley up to incompetent staff, in the name of profit not success, he was fine with just profit this whole time.

        2. McLovin, My my, how unworldly wise and plain naive can any one be. To write as you have shows a laughable lack of understanding about how ALL big businesses work and how they stay in profit and thrive -or not- as the case may be.

          The ultimate person responsible, as Sue P and Defund the Media have both correctly told you, is that the OWNER is where the buck stops. To absolve him of blame with your grotesquely incorrrect excuse is pathetic. You are, presumably, an adult and if so you really need to know – and quickly – a great deal more about how life is at top business level.
          BECAUSE RIGHT NOW YOU KNOW PRECIOUS LITTLE, my naive friend! You should never own a business where you do not know how it works!


    2. Kroenke is the 100% owner of Arsenal so Kroenke is 100% accountable for Arsenal’s decline.
      Same goes for Roman’s success for Chelsea, Mansour’s success for Man City & the Venkey’s decline for Blackburn.
      Sole owners are 100% accountable for everything that happens for their football clubs. End of.

      1. HALLELUJAH ! Someone who knows the full truth and has the guts to speak it loud and clear! Well said sir!

  2. Edu out, agree but an arch rival and foe to be our head? Not too happy.Shame none of our legends can qualify for the top job

  3. Edu and Arteta are proof that ex players are not always the best choices to run a club’s affairs. Arsenal needs competence not nostalgia. These guys have formed a boys club where they do nothing but back slap and make excuses. If any ex player comes in at management’ or administrative level it should be with experience and competence. Arteta was an average player and now he is an incompetent manager.

  4. Edu needs replacing, he’s in league with agents and ruining our club. Rangnick and Campos are available and know what they are doing.

  5. If we want attacking football again, and compete being realistic, since we are a midtable team and not a big club anymore because we are not enought ambitious, so we should go for MARCELO BIELSA…He fields all the pockets since he can form our young guns and compete with what we have, since being champions Is not our goal since 10 years at least (4 spot trophy before, then “big six” and now probably stay in the división.
    With Bielsa de could build a proyect.

    If we want yo compete, so we need Money and un afraid arteta Is not good enought…you can accept we havent the players to compete with the Likes of pool ir citieh, but, name by name, almost every team with se have lost would gladly change them squad for ours….god, even spurs are not so dar comparing name by name…i would go for a German like nagelsmann (i dont think he would want to come here)

    1. Sacking Edu is a great start to turn things around. Next Arteta needs to reconcile with players and rebuild their trust and respect,by not showing bias to anyone anymore. Before January transfer window more young talents should be given more opportunities to play in the premier league. Arsenal should sell Sokratis, Kolasinac, Mustafi, Ozil, Xhaha and Willian, while, Ceballos should return to Real Madrid in the January transfer window. Arsenal must buy two creative and attacking midfielders to strengthen squad. Houssem Aouar and Emiliano Buendia are good options. No matter what the results are by then, Arteta should be given the opportunity to continue the full season, because of his earlier successes in the FA cup and the Community Shield and his current success in the Europa league.At the end of the season, Arteta will be accessed and a decision on his future at Arsenal will be made.Next summer transfer window more players should be sold as the squad transformation continue.

    2. Thank you. I have always thought if bielsa is our coach and we move the ball like Leeds, then we will score more than Leeds and our games will be enjoyable.

      Bielsa is so underrated

  6. Let’s not forget Mister profligate, Edu Gaspar, was hired in connection with Raul to try the new agent-led approach to scouting. This has been an abysmal failure. In this regard, Edwin van de Sar would be a good replacement to lead the new approach.
    And following industry best practice, the new technical director should be signed to a long term contract and given ownership of the long term planning and recruiting plan. Any other change at this time would negatively impact the club including its ability to acquire new players in this upcoming transfer period.

  7. It’s not all about sacking. What is the essence of sacking a coach or the Technical Director when you are still going to be watching people like Xhaka, Pepe and co playing rubbish?
    The answer is simple, sign a creative midfielder or two then wait and watch thing improve

  8. For better results both Edu and Arteta be off nothing they’re doing just useless things we just need experience coach like Allegri and an experience technical director like Edwin vadar sa nothing else

  9. We only need creative midfielders .plz we need to give arteta our support bcos he is can we all sitting and blaming arteta and edu,we on earth have we seen a big club getting a new coach and giving him less than 70 million dollar on transfer, plz karoke should give arteta and edu money to buy good players.the blam is on Stan karaoke on arsenal failure. When man city got pep newly that gave him so much money,man u to ole they gave him so much money,Chelsea to lampard they gave h huge money,How much did they give Arteta and Edu.I don’t know why we still doing the same mistake ,we don’t look well and think well before we talk.if arsenal like they should get pep garduola and zedane ,the issue will still be there.if Stan karaoke can read this I want to tell u that u are our problems, so plz deep hand in the account and give arteta and edu huge money to buy good players.

  10. arteta and Edu needs more time to build their dream team,but arteta is too rigged,let players display what they have.

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