Eh? Did Wenger just say that about Jack Wilshere?

Who will make Wenger smile this summer?I know that Arsene Wenger is no longer the manager at Arsenal, and I know that Jack Wilshere has just left the Emirates to join his boyhood side West Ham, but this comment from Wenger about Jack is just so off the wall I just couldn’t resist posting it here!

“Jack Wilshere is a playmaker a guy who is a bit of a Messi type,” Wenger said.

“He makes me think about Mbappe because I played him at 17 years of age because he was an exceptional talent.

“Unfortunately he has been stopped early by big injuries around his ankle. I believe now he comes out of it and is an exceptional footballer.

“He can get past people and give the final ball, has a fantastic football brain and he is a great guy as well.

“When you have gone through what he has gone through you need to be mentally very strong.”

Hmmm I’n not sure that everyone would agree with that, unless he had said it ten years ago. Lionel Messi is one of the best players ever to grace this planet, and Mbappe is setting the World alight at the World Cup, but Wilshere couldn’t even get into Gareth Southgate’s England team. And Unai Emery obviously doesn’t rate Jack very highly to give him no promise of gametime. Maybe Wenger had to leave Arsenal because he is still living in the past!

Darren N


  1. Diademking says:

    Several injury ruined his career and a fit jack in this England squad would have make them even more formidable.

  2. John Legend says:

    Hahaha… Oh Arsene
    Anyway, Jack was good when he was

  3. Declan says:

    You really are a sh1t stirrer. Do we really care what Wenger says anymore? He’s gone, get over it, ignore the press, SMH. !

  4. Phelyx says:

    Glad we moved on from him

  5. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Darren that’s your business, I don’t care what Wenger says about our past players anymore. There’s a good reason both of em ain’t in the club anymore.
    Meanwhile, It’s coming home!! It’s coming home!!!
    England is coming home and the world cup is going to Paris.. Oliver Giroud, a world cup winner, who would’ve thought so. He had a nice game for a striker compared to Lukaka who was invisible for 96 minutes

    1. Sue says:

      Lukaku is so overrated imo

    2. Jonny jumbo says:

      Yes we will regret selling Wilshire. He will become the superstar he was meant to be at Wet spam. He will be their new dmitri payet.

  6. Mobella says:

    I kept reading here every now and then buy Seri for 35m euro/pound how come he is been bought for less than 20m. Our player valuation is suck.

    1. OzzieGunner says:

      Seri for £20 million is good business; the worry is how his chillblanes, exacerbated by cold weather, hold up in the UK.

  7. kev says:

    This is common sense.When Wilshere was young there were times he used to dribble like Messi but of course he never had Messi’s quality.Wenger has in no way here stated he has or had Messi’s quality.
    On Mbappe, Wenger said Wilshere reminds him of Mbappe and I side with him there.At 16 years old Jack was an exceptional talent and 18 years he was more than ready to start for us.
    What’s the big deal in his comments?This is just another article created to paint the man in a bad way.Ive seen people call him all sorts of names here and at times I wonder if these same people have the right to call Mourinho classless.
    I’m not a Wenger supporter and it’s getting annoying seeing so called classy fans do this to themselves.

    1. Goonerboy says:

      Very well said Kev…very well said

      1. Ken1945 says:

        Absolutely correct kev, I have just made that point to Shekar 233.
        Will we ever move on from this ridiculous confrontation between our fanbase?
        Wenger has gone, just like all our previous managers.
        We are looking at a new era under a completely different manager, so why can’t we embrace the future and respect the past?
        No need for comparison, Emery is going to be the most successful manager in our history, Wenger is part of our history.

        1. Shekar233 says:

          You want me to move on?
          It is not me who mentioned was someone names hassan.. Who mentioned him and said he is a special manager coz of the invicibles..

          I merely stated the facts that he was a special manager…he WAS not IS… He is now not even a manger and that is for a reason.. Entire workd has seen how he brought arsenal down in the last 5-6 season and no decent club wants to take a risk with him. He is most probably gonna manage france in future but definjtely his club coaching career is over..and i wish it stays like that as i dont want any other clubs’ fans to go through the disappointment that we went thru for the past 5-6 seasons…not dont come up with the recent fa cup wins ..ffs we are the arsenal.

        2. Shekar233 says:

          You wanted names of someone wanting arsenal/emery ro fail right…so here are a few who are absolutely not happy with the current positivity around the club and bash any/every signing the club is making including that of Emery. Uchman and counsel.

        3. big g says:

          yes the fans will move on once the new season starts but of course we need a good start otherwise its back to square one. Unai and all at the club have been entrusted with the task of putting Arsenal back where we belong (very least top 4) and should be given time. Everybody knows these situations do not always pan out as planned so should not be too harsh on the squad and manager to begin with and if us fans are unified behind them it can only help.

    2. Sarzy says:

      agreed, well said kev. too many negative nancy’s on here it’s really annoying

  8. tony says:

    jack has football brain?
    he always tries to dribble without thinking!and end up losing ball. just forget about him already

  9. nonny says:

    Everyone know that a young wenger was great but this aging wenger is delusional

  10. waal2waal says:

    i agree jack was a fine talent – but consistency is what will be used to distinguish those with glimpses of quality from the also rans. jack’s amongst the hammers now and will be doin his best to make good in domestic cup copetition – in the meantime the bar at arsenal and expectations are higher, so we’d do well to focus less on yesterday and get with the program – we’ve new frontiers and what looks like a bright and reinvigorated purpose under emery.

    1. waal2waal says:

      ..with glimpses of quality from the creme de la creme and the also rans…

  11. Innit says:

    I miss Cazorla at his best. He was the best in his position not only at Arsenal but in the Premier League. We don’t have a central midfielder who comes close . Maybe next summer but at least we finally have a quality defensive midfielder. Le Professor denied us one for over a decade. He didn’t take advantage of having Cazorla at the time he was fit by getting a top dm or striker. We could have built a great team. Glad Wenger has gone tbh

    With a defensive midfielder I feel the team is complete at the very least. We still need to upgrade a couple of positions but at least all the positions we need is filled. I never felt like we were complete for over a decade mainly because of lack of quality dm

    1. OzzieGunner says:


    2. antbadapple says:

      We had Diaby …..!!!!!!!

  12. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

    This simply shows why we declined in the recent years under Wenger .he keeps saying we have world class players when the whole world and even the players knew they were just average save 2 or 3 players.well that’s the past.
    Exciting times ahead for arsenal.France just won the world cup today & I strongly feel Croatia will be too organized for england and hit them on the counter I also hope england doesn’t get a new villain tomorrow in their team coz feel someone will flop that will lead to their ” coming home”.well they’ve done well by getting this far.

  13. Phil says:

    This is the same Arsene Wenger who tried to offload Wilshere at the beginning of last season.He desperately needs to get a job.How about a LOLLIPOP MANbecause he certainly ain’t getting a job back in football with comments like these

    1. jon fox says:

      Quote” LOOK! I know all about lollipops and none of you have ever managed a lollipop , not even for 24 hours.

  14. jon fox says:

    THIS IS A NON TOPIC! Who in their right mind cares a jot what Wenger thinks about Wilshere? Both are yesterdays men and we are all the better that both are exactly that. Funny how so many think the past starts with Wenger, rather than with such as Pearce and Danskin, both at Dial Square when we were founded in 1886.

    1. Phil says:

      And I believe you were fortunate to meet them both personally.

      1. jon fox says:

        They were my grandchildren! And though now 200 years old, I still pass for 68.

  15. OzzieGunner says:

    Just listened to an interview with 16 yo striker Sam Greenwood moving from Sunderland to the Arsenal; a great prospect who comes across as a very decent young man.

  16. ice says:

    All he said was wilshere has the ability to go past players, play final balls and has good vision/understanding of game like messi and mbape do. He didn’t say wilshere is as good as them two.

  17. Jim wall says:

    Glad to get rid of wenger ,I said for the last 5 years we should sack him ,the man just couldnt see the type of players we needed ,just imagine alex Ferguson had willshire at 16 wonder what he be like now…..

  18. dynasty says:

    Does anyone need to look far to understand why Mr.Wenger sticks with moribund players during his last ten years of his reign at arsenal? He is too sympathetic to his players in so much that he was weak to see their flaws.
    Thank goodness he’s out of arsenal.

  19. Grandad says:

    The topic is not worth debating but the suggestion that Giroux did well for France against Belgium beggars belief.

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