Eidevall declares the Arsenal Women’s fans as being vital to this season’s unlikely success

For the Arsenal women, there’s a lot to be proud of about this soon-to-be-concluded season. Jonas Eidevall has been unlucky with injuries holding back his project, at times missing his key players who would effortlessly implement his plans for the team to progress. Even so, that hasn’t stopped the Gunner women from making this a memorable season.

They dominated the Champions League, were denied a trip to the final in Eindhoven by an extra-time goal, are set to finish third in the WSL, and, lest we forget, won the Continental Cup with a 3-1 win over Chelsea. One may look at these achievements and try to pin them on the Arsenal women being determined, and Jonas Eidevall being the tactical genius he is.

However, that’s not all that has helped the Gooner women to achieve what they have this term. The Arsenal boss has once again noted the unconditional love from fans as one thing that may have pushed them to fight and give their all.

“It’s hard to put into words, but it’s part of what’s made this season special. It’s part of making the future bright. So keep on being loud. Keep on being supportive. We love it,” Eidevall said on Arsenal.com.

From filling the Emirates and Meadow Park to following the team all over Europe as a Gooner, you have done it all. Hopefully, the love continues through the World Cup in the summer (cheer our girls and help in scouting for talent who can add depth to the team), for many, many more years in the future.

Michelle Maxwell

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