Eidevall praises Arsenal Women captain Kim Little’s “game intelligence and intuition”

Eidevall praises Arsenal Women captain Kim Little’s “game intelligence and intuition” by Michelle

32 year old former Scottish international Kim Little captains Arsenal Women and has 14 trophies to her name at Arsenal to date including Sunday’s Conti Cup win. Little is a serial winner, exceptional penalty taker and provides valuable experience to the squad both on and off the pitch.

Little began representing Scotland at senior international level at 16 years old, and helped them qualify for Euro 2017 and the 2019 World Cup. She was one of two Scots selected for the Great Britain squad that reached the quarter-finals of the 2012 London Olympics, and again at the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Kim was awarded Player of the Match on Sunday when Arsenal won the Conti Cup, scoring a penalty for the Gunners in her usual calm inimitable way, as our Gunners went on to beat Chelsea 3-1. Boss Jonas Eidevall has nothing but praise for Captain Kimmy saying of her recent performances:

“So Kim does something that is very tough for many central midfielders: she can control large areas of space. So you’ll have some players who are excellent when they don’t have to move so much, so they can make the most of very, very little space. That’s one quality you can have as a central midfielder. Kim can control so much space both in defence and in offence. So when the space gets huge around her when she gets the ball, she has the possibility to dribble out of the situations. That’s something that is very useful and she used that quality a lot of times on Sunday.

“The other part is when you defend and when the game becomes a little bit more transitional, your central midfielders end up being the glue between the forward line and the defending line. Some midfielders can’t run and cover a lot of space, so they’re dependent on having an organisation around them, but Kim can cover so much space. This is both because of her physical ability and being able to run repeatedly, but more importantly, it’s due to her game intelligence and intuition where she can read the ball very early on. This means she’s able to better prioritise her movements.” Source: Arsenal

Kim, who will be 33 in June, still has boundless energy on the pitch and most youngsters would be tired just watching her! What an incredible talent she is..

Michelle Maxwell

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