If Arsenal Women can be as dominant as they were against Spurs, more wins are coming

The 5-1 win over Tottenham Hotspurs by the Arsenal women should be a sign of a good week ahead for every Gooner. So what’s in store this week for Arsenal lovers?

Well, if you are a committed follower of Jonas Eidevall and his team, you know that they have a do-or-die Champions League quarter-final game against Bayern Munich. The game will be the second leg of the quarterfinals following the first-leg clash that was played at the Allianz Arena in Munich. Bayern won the first leg 1-0, meaning Arsenal, if they can be as dominant as they were against Spurs, could easily turn things around.

Many who watched the game or the highlights of the first leg would argue Arsenal had everything in them to win that match; they only lost it due to the fact that they failed to capitalise on the chances they created in plenty, especially in the second half of that game.

Against Spurs, Eidevall wanted his girls to be effective in front of goal, and that’s what they were, as he admitted after that game via Arsenal.com, “I think it was important to show that we could convert our chances today. First half, we were efficient with the chances that we had. In the second half, we took our chances and were very dominant in our performance. So the second half was by far the most pleasing part of the game.”

“We were brave on the ball here, on a pitch that sometimes could let you down. It’s still really important to keep our identity and keep playing our way, and keep playing to our strengths. I think we did that, and we should be very proud of ourselves.”

To deal with Bayern, Arsenal will need to get everything right, like they did in the North London derby. We are not satisfied with only the Continental Cup; we want the Champions League and the WSL title as well!


Michelle Maxwell

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  1. What a year it will be for Arsenal if we win both Championship.

    We were topping both table at some points and I hope the the female team can top theirs again.


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