Eight games in and it is time to evaluate Arsenal’s Top-Four chances

Arsenal in a strong position to finish top-four

Eight games played is still very early to be predicting finishing positions but we can do what I would call a progress report.

At the start of the season, I think it is fair to say that everyone agreed Liverpool and Man City will occupy the top two spots and that Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd and Tottenham would battle it out for the final two Champions League positions.

Well, I would suggest nothing has changed in terms of Liverpool and Man City. However, I would also suggest that there are now five teams fighting for the final two spots. Leicester City have to be considered genuine contenders in my opinion.

So, for third and fourth we have the following five teams and the positions I think they will finish.

3rd – Arsenal
Currently, in a strong position. Injured players are basically back and the team is picking up points even when playing badly.

4th – Tottenham
The wheels have well and truly come off last season Champions League finalists. But it is too early to write them off and I expect them to be back to their best soon.

5th – Leicester City
They are playing very well right now, they have a strong squad with very few weaknesses. I expect the Foxes to continue to have a good season but to fall just short of a top-four place.

6th – Chelsea
Chelsea has surprised me a little and is doing better than expected but they remain too inconsistent for me. I also suspect they will get really stretched as the season progresses and that will disrupt their top-four ambitions.

7th – Man Utd
They are in a mess and I do not see it getting better and 7th may be a bit generous.

So, there you have it, based on what I have seen so far this season I have Arsenal 3rd and Tottenham 4th.


    1. Simple, write it, save as a word doc, and email it to me, look for CONTACT US in top menu.
      If it’s good I will let you know and post it.
      I’ll look forward to it…

  1. I generally share your views and your expectations.
    But, so far you can also say, if anything “Expect the unexpected” 🙂

  2. Hate to say this but we may be third at the moment but I don’t think we’ll stay there. Emery still hasn’t sorted out our defensive issues and the display against Bournemouth was atrocious. Also United and Watford were there for the taking but again the performance lacked what’s needed for a top four finish. Emery has now been in charge for almost a year and half but still can’t find a system that suits us and in my opinion continues to make bad decisions. Why did he take Ceballous off against Bournemouth when he was our best player? Why is he continuing to leave Ozil out the side when we’re failing to show any creativity from midfield? How on earth does he continually play the useless Xhaka and worst still make him club captain. I may be wrong but believe he has a two year contract. If the side does not improve he could be out by Christmas and I for one wouldn’t be bothered one way or another.

    1. Kenny my view is exactly like your.If Emery does not play Ozil why does not give more play time to Ceballos?.I suspect that with this attitude he is only protecting the useless Xhaka,on top of that he is trying to give this role to Torreira;he is totally clueless.

    2. Kenny, all I can say is remember how where we were with six games to go and where we finished up!!!!!

      Your post is spot on and it’s like Billy Wright all over again.

    1. After 8 games in a 38 game season I wish I was a good at predicting the final positions as some. If I was that good I would have won the lottery by now. Because at this point in time and with some of the unexpected results we have already seen the whole thing is a lottery. There is a time for wishful thinking and a time for reality.

  3. 1st. Liverpool
    2nd. Man city
    3rd. Arsenal
    4th. Spurs
    5th. Man utd
    6th. Chelsea.
    Think man united will get better when they get rid of manager and they have money to spend in January.
    Chelsea will fall away due to too many young players..
    Arsenal will get third due to spurs being a mess…

  4. Leicester is going strong it can end up on 2ND. But given the nature of teams we have played ,we have a great Chance of finishing 3rd.

  5. Honestly, it will be a tough struggle between Arsenal, Leicester, and spuds for those 3rd and 4th place spots.

    We’re getting players back and healthy, and if Emery goes with a new back 4 of Bellerin, Chambers, Holding, and Tierney, we will be an improved team and much improved defense.

    Leicester and spuds haven’t had the crucial players missing in defense like we have for such an extended period. Our best CB and RB have been out for over 6 months, not counting the Summer and training.

    With our new back 4 we should definitely play better and it’s a chance for Emery to show his style and philosophy on the pitch; if it exists.

  6. Well we are weaker than last year, Man City 20 pts, Liverpool 20 pts, Chelsea 20 pts, Arsenal 18 pts, tottenham 18 pts, after 8 games all the top EPL teams where stronger than this season. I don’t think that playing boring football (more lucky) will keep us in the top 4, Emery needs to find a way to play a more offensive football with the squad he has on his disposal.

  7. I expect………no……………….demand top 4.

    The Prince of Darkness has been given a two year contract with an option of a third year, to me this means the board has given him two years to get CL and if he does then he gets a third year !
    He should have doen it last season but f##ked it up in the league when others where tripping their selves up trying to hand it to him on a plate, he then has a second bite at the cherry in the EL Final and got humiliated.

    It`s in his hands at the moment lets hope Vlad does`nt f##k it up for the third time !

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