EIGHTEEN reasons why Wenger should change or resign from Arsenal

18 reasons why Wenger should change or resign by MB

It’s been 18 years of the Wenger Revolution at the Arsenal Football Club. I believe these 18 years has not only revolutionized football at the North London but the entire England. Wenger introduced a new system of football; an aesthetically pleasing style of play that contributed majorly to our dominance from 1998 to 2005.

The highest peak of this style of play was showcased in the 2003/2004 season, which highlighted an outstanding feature of that dominating team known as “The Invincibles” which possessed some quality players available to coach Arsene Wenger. In the core of that defense had players like Toure and Cambell, in the heart of the midfield Vierra and Gilberto and upfront legendary Bergkamp and clinical Henry.

Anyways, that is all history this is 2014 and what has changed since then? A lot actually; football has evolved to become a very quick, physical and highly tactical (both in defense and attack). Teams like Chelsea and Manchester City has adopted Arsenal’s old free flowing football with a similar array of quality players like our “Invincibles”, very strong defenders and yet a fluid attack.

While Arsenal has undergone some changes in bringing world class players to the Emirates over the past 2 seasons, Wenger has failed to achieve results with a similar fluent team as always but a very feeble and injury prone squad that is almost out of the BPL title race, out of Capital One Cup and like every other season since 2005, we will settle for a top 4 spot to qualify for the Champions League (only to drop out early). With all these events at the background and after the funny loss against Manchester United, I have opted to join the ungoing #Wengerout campaign. In this article am going to present you with 18 reasons why Wenger should change or resign as coach.

1. Wenger lacks tactical flexibility
We’ve watched all the games so far this season and we’ve witnessed Wenger on the sidelines with no Plan B playing the same way; slow build ups to attacks from the start of the whistle till the end of the match which worked a few times and failed most times which has resulted in our dropping out of the title race and the Capital One Cup.

2. Late transfer business with target failures
I’m sure we all are tired of Wenger last 5 minutes transfer business. He has formed a habit of losing genuine transfer targets. Some of us are aware of the superstar list of “almost Gooner” players who never made it to the Emirates. What separates an average Manager from a “super” Manager is his ability to pull off great deals in time – meeting specific targets that his team lacks. Wenger has failed in this regard; signing players late and not signing highly needed players. And of course none of us know Arsenal’s deficiencies like Wenger, so the question is why isn’t he doing the right thing by signing the kind of players we really need like 2 solid defensive midfielders and 2 center backs.

3. Transfer business (Conspiracy Theory – “maybe”)
I read a comment on justarsenal.com that really made sense to me; Wenger has reluctantly refused to bring these needed targets in order to avoid this same scenario even if we get these targets due to the fact that he has lost that winning mentality.

4. No spirit in the team
Wenger lacks the modern day manager skill of injecting high confidence into the team. He has settled for mediocrity. The successful managers of the modern era all have a very common trait – they get things done. Even when their sides have their backs stacked against the wall, they find a way to motivate their players and make them perform when it matters most. Jose Mourinho, Sir Alex Ferguson and Pep Guardiola are prime examples of this.

We were once a force to be reckoned with, but are no longer considered a big threat. This is mainly because we have had countless opportunities at glory, but have let it go time and time again. Therefore, no one really expects us to have a major impact, knowing that the Gunners will mess up at some point.

The Arsenal sides of 2007/08, 2009/10 and 2013/14 all had very real chances of winning the Premier League. Last year, we led the table for a total of 128 days throughout the course of the season. But in the end, we finished 4th.

5. Inadequate Medical Expertise
I don’t want to believe that the staggering 900 plus injuries which has been recorded since 2002 has to do with a curse or just bad luck. I believe it has to do with guys like Steve Bould and others in the medical team which are of course supervised by Wenger. I don’t understand why he has not sorted this injury plague out.

6. Defensive organization
Looking at our defense structure so far this season has been terrible, we gave free kicks easily, conceded goals in silly scenarios, and defending set-pieces and dead ball situations very poorly. Last season Arsenal came close to becoming the best defense in the entire league with good defensive stats, but this good news was smashed by the conceding 22 horrible goals against the teams in the top five, 20 of those on away games to those same top teams (Chelsea, City, Liverpool, and Everton). We can never challenge for any major trophy if we lack good defense organization that is what separates champions from average teams.

7. His sphere of influence is way too huge
Wenger’s contribution to clubs current financial state cannot be over emphasized he is the leading factor to the clubs financial growth from building the Emirates Stadium to consecutively maintaining a spot at the Uefa Champions League, but this has played a huge toll on the clubs reluctance to try other managerial options. Their trust in him has made it impossible for him to be replaced, in knowledge of this he is aware that no matter what happens his job is safe.

8. Outdated tactics and training methods
A one-time revolutionary in training method by changing player diets and introducing shorter training sessions is now struggling to catch-up due to the intensity of these short training sessions; this has caused many muscle and bone related injuries on Arsenal players over the years.

9. Refusal to acknowledge any problems
After losing a game to Title rival all you hear from Wenger is “We can take a lot of positives from this game” but there’s never a negative. He never criticizes his players for specific errors, this is very wrong you need to give corrections to avoid future errors.

10. His record against title challengers is poor
Over the last 5 seasons Arsenal has played 42 games against title contenders (Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City), we’ve won 10 games, lost 18, drew 14. In those 42 games we scored 46 and conceded 70 goals. Now how poor is that for a so called “Title contender”, no wonder we always end up with the “Wenger” Trophy (Top 4 finish),

11. No success on the European stage
I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of been second best on the Champions league stage blaming controversial officiating decision for major losses. Incredibly, Arsenal has won just eight knockout ties under Wenger. Three of these arrived en route to the 2006 final and a further two during their run to the semi-finals three seasons later. That aside, over a 14-year period – during which Arsenal were often handed kind group draws against moderate opposition due to a favourable seedings process – we have successfully negotiated their way through just three knockout rounds.

12. Arsene’s ‘little Barcelona’ Project Failure
Wenger needs a change in style of play; he needs to diversify his tactics in other for the team to cop in games when our attack lacks penetration in the oppositions defense. Unlike Barcelona, we don’t have a Messi , Iniesta, Xavi or even Busquet to play ‘tiki taka”, build on fast attacks from the midfield to penetrate the opponents defense and produce a magical moment week in week. So I suggest Wenger diversify and try other style of play that could make us win games without necessarily possessing higher percentage of the ball.

13. Wenger thinks everyone is Thierry Henry
Wenger is so fond of signing wingers or attacking midfielders and trying to build them to be goalscorers- just as he succeeded with legendary Thiery Henry. This to me is not realistic, he should allow players like Ozil play their preferred position for better results.

14. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses,
If it’s not the injury list or referee decisions then it’s the physical nature of opponents. But aren’t you tired of losing key games with such excuses.

15. Does not listen to fans
Every good club Manager is suppose to serve as the bridge between fans and the club board, but Wenger has turned deaf ears to the yearnings of fans.

16. ‘Next season – there’s always next season’
Aren’t you tired of hearing “we are building the team for the future” and the result of this statement is failure with the almost-got-there syndrome.

17. He belongs to the Upper Chamber
Wenger’s contribution and experience within the last 18 years is very huge, it almost seems like the club revolves around him with his expertise in financial management. I believe he definitely has a role to play in the club within the next 5 years. He looks more like an executive than a coach with thick sweaters and blankets on the side lines (which looks very odd for a coach)

18. It’s Time For Change
The biggest point I’m trying to make here is this, we need change. We need something different, is that an odd request?

Luckily for Wenger my opinion might just end as an article and nothing more. So there is an 80% chances things will still stay the way they are. But for better or worse, I remain a Gooner.

Michael ‘Simba’ Brown

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  1. “He never criticizes his players for specific errors, this is very wrong you need to give corrections to avoid future errors.”

    To be fair to him, he did criticize Ramsey this season for forgetting his basics and trying too much to score. He also criticized our defending in the loss to United as “naive”. This doesn’t happen too often though, and I wonder whether the defenders were playing against his instructions in the games against Anderlecht, Swansea and United. That said, he needs to go. Let another manager give it a shot.

    1. Wenger has been saying our defense made mistakes since the beginning of the season, yet every match they make the same mistake. And Ramsey has been too focused on scoring since the beginning of the season as well. Are the players just no listening, or is Wenger not being assertive enough? We can only guess, but the same things as happening every single match.

    2. Tell you what, the man has too much respect for the certain players who have taken it upon themselves to just ignore his instructions, and others who see how he favours certain players overly now despise him.

      In all, he just can’t motivate them anymore, which is a fundamental reason why he needs to… You know.

    3. Boy!…… It just may take another 18 Long years for Wenger to give up 18 bad habits …….. Who’s willing to wait that Long?…..shawty not me!

    4. When things go wrong, changes is a must do. But change must happen at the right place at the right time, at the right area. Wrong change and bad things become worst.
      Ok so according to many, Wenger is not capable so who will replace him now, which manager is available now. People throwing names like Simeone, Klopp like they are unemployed and ready to take over the job. Also they are new to the league, new to the team and did not even speak English, and people here want them to join unprepared with the tough task to win title or finish top 4? The only decent one we can get right now is the Chosen One – David Moyes. Who want him? And it is ridiculous that some fans want the team to lose even more games so the manager will be sacked, is your love for the club bigger or the hatred to the manager bigger?
      If our board have ball to sack Wenger, we should setup the plan right now. The transition to replace an long term influential manager like Wenger should be smooth else we suffer the same thing as Man Utd – which is worse when where we are now.
      1. Approach the best candidate available to replace Wenger next season right now
      2. Give the manager the cash for defence reinforcement, so we can secure top 4 again – forget the titles, everyone here should agree that we have near to zero chance to win any big title this season whatever the change we make. We want top 4 as without CL, good luck getting a world class DM or CB next season. Even you got the best manager to replace Wenger but dont give him the right team, no way you can win this most challenging league in the world. The best manager for winning 4th position title is unfortunately our current manager whose has a clean record for that. Wenger is unfortunately the best manager for Arsenal FC right now.

      Any big change should be waited until end of season. For now, support the team as a true fan. We do not have results, but everyone who does watch all the match cannot fault the players’ attitude – naive, immature at times but they do work hard and show very decent quality. You may blame the manager for his short comings, but he is an Arsenal fan through and through and at least deserve our support, and should let him leave on the high.
      Football is a strange things, from title winning potential to crisis just in couple of games. The most frustrating but also the best thing is so far we drop points because of bad official decision (Everton, Hull, …) or individual mistakes (Swansea, Man Utd, Hull, …) rather than our opposition push us (only happen at Dortmund away) – that means we have our fates in our hands, and we still have time to turn things around – especially when we have our 1st team player back from injury. Whatever happen, as fan, let’s go full voice and hope for a much better performance tomorrow and a result to improve this dampen mood.

      1. Sorry, no more excuses.
        We all know Wenger ain’t going before this season, but that doesn’t mean we will not protest. He’s just an employee if Arsenal today, who has run it’s expiry date.

  2. Great article, even though I’m one of those who still think loyalty to the manager is important. But you put your case really well – you’ve listed all the chronic flaws with our great club. At this point we all of us are looking for some positive evidence that these things are going to change. (And right now we’re not seeing a lot!)

    1. club and fans let him go almost a decade without a trophy. I think thats a lot of loyalty right there. We have money now, and there is not a single excuse left for Wenger to hide behind. He’s just finally being exposed because every team in the league knows how to play against us now, and Arsene has no response. its been coming for years.

    2. and that’s the problem. Change one tactic. Change one tactic Wenger. Let us fans know that you see a problem with the squad and that you’re trying to fix it.

      But no. Same thing. Every time.

  3. Guys, there is nothing for Arsen to change. Just tell him to abandon his silly philosophies and revert back to our old combative English style of play. After all the legendary invincibles can not be attributed to his philosophies. It was our old Arsenal style of play combining magnificently with new quality players in right positions.

  4. agree with alot of this post.
    but never wanted this for wenger- being hounded out by fans and media alike
    hes too important to our history,

    know we dont live in an ideal world, but would have liked him to leave with a trophy (last year was perfect)

    1. same. Mostly because most of us know it was his last chance to leave with any sort of sliverware. Now its come down to this unfortunately. And this year is a new low because even our annual 4th place seems like a dream.

  5. Will a 4-1 thumping by Aubameyang and company tomorrow finally force Wenger to quit?

    PS: The 1 goal is a 93 minute penalty by Arteta for a dubious challenge on Welbeck just outside the 18 yard box.

  6. Ahhhhhhhhh sorry to burst anybody’s bubble, but does this sound like a man he wants to change or can resign??

    “In the 18 years I have been here I have shown that I can take criticism,” said Wenger. “Everybody has the right to have an opinion.

    “Having said that, we have values at this club. The first one is when we go through a difficult patch, we show solidarity. That is a very important one. The second one is that, when you have something to say to each other, we say it face to face. We don’t need to go to the newspapers.

    “I don’t take [criticism] personally at all… but when you’re from this club, you’re from this club. You’re in or out, you cannot be both.

    “We know the rules of the game, we know how it works. What is important is how close we are together inside the club and how much we can respond to people who question our quality.

    “I personally feel that there’s a very strong bond inside the team and the club, and that this team will have a very strong season. I am ready to bet with you on that.

    “I believe in what I do and I especially believe in my players, and in their quality and spirit. I question myself every day.”

    Arsène Wenger

    To me it sounds like his saying make all the noise you want I aint easily letting go of the 8m, beautiful stadium, London, a silent boss, a board that worships him, and a stadium full of AKB’s.

    Unless we really really really put pressure on him, don’t expect any change at this club for the next 3 years and potentially more.

    But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!

    1. To me the most alarming thing Arsene said today was the bit about having been in coaching for so long that he doesn’t really understand what a crisis is, and he’ll have to look it up in the dictionary. You mean to say you are out of touch when the demands of your occupation? FFS right there was clear proof that he doesn’t really see that there is a problem at the moment. Very unnerving.

  7. If I had a girl friend who has caused me so much pain as Wenger has done, we will be long gone from each other by mutual consent. The only AFC related news I am eager to hear is “the club has today parted ways with Arsene as coach by mutual consent. Both parties have agreed that it is in the overall interest of the club at this time. In the meantime Bould will be in charge of the team until a suitable replacement is found”.

    1. They can’t do that. The Arsenal management has a chronic fear of the unknown. What will happen if Wenger goes? They’d rather stick with what they know and comfortable with, at least they’re guaranteed 4th place finish every year… or are they?

  8. imo one of the biggest reasons is the lack of self-criticism. I really rarely hear Wenger saying he’s fully to blame for not buying defensive reinforcements AND letting players go too easily BEFORE we even make a bid for a replacement. He’s apparently never to blame for the onedimensional (tactical) game approach regardless of the opponent and he’s also never to blame for overplaying his players causing mid-term injuries like Ozil, Koscielny, Giroud most recently and Ramsey last year (I’m excluding Wilshere because his injuries are foremost due to his reckless playing style and behavior vs other players).

  9. Ok I’m really upset about how the club is doing but what if we change manager and we fall out of Champions League would tthat be ok. because that is a possibility professional football is not as easy as it seems.look what happened to Liverpool look what happened to Newcastlelook what happened to lip Everton there once top team in England and look where they are now

  10. We get it, all out against wenger week. He is outdated and he needs to resign but recycling the old story lines won’t do anyone any good. This current team won’t even make top 4 and wenger knows this which is why he’ll make 1 or 2 signings in the January transfer window. This will result in top 4 finish once again but really wenger’s time (as I’m sure he knows) is up.

    1. Monreal has hardly put a foot wrong as CB though to be honest – other than the penalty he conceded against Anderlecht. Monreal is not the reason for our poor results. Chambers will continue in RB anyway, and we still don’t have a defensive mid, or a proper No. 9.

  11. You don’t have to convince me Wenger out, and ustanov in, he won’t tollerate bad management

    Petition signed

  12. Carlos bianch was Boca junior’s best ever manager, who won them many international trophies, he was sacked due to his recent performance, he refuses to take advice from anyone because he was still living in his past glories, what am I saying old age hardly acknowledge their mistake

  13. Wenger again proving today what an old deluded fool he is with his reaction to usminovs comments,the reason he uses the newspapers Arsene is because your master will not allow him on the board so how can he have his say !
    #wengerout !

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