“Either way, it sums up the Gunners’ season” Journalist laments inconsistent Arsenal

Arsenal has been told they need to find some consistency if they are serious about achieving a decent end to this season.

The Gunners have had an inconsistent campaign that threatens to end without European football.

After beating Sheffield United and Slavia Prague in consecutive games, their fans expected them to easily beat Fulham in the Premier League today.

But they earned a 1-1 draw instead and were closer to losing the game than winning it.

Dropping points to Fulham after beating Slavia Prague away from home on Thursday perfectly captures how they have been dogged by inconsistency in this campaign and Standard Sport’s Simon Collings says they have to fix that problem before they can make progress.

He says they have shown that they can earn some huge results, but putting in a terrible performance is never far away from them and they have to get that sorted sooner than later so they can achieve their goals.

He writes: “Against Slavia Prague on Thursday they had been excellent, but against Fulham they lacked the same zip. Perhaps this was a bit of a hangover from that fine win. Either way, it sums up the Gunners’ season.

“They have struggled for consistency throughout the campaign, something Mikel Arteta has himself pointed out, and this draw only emphasised that. You have to go back to January to find the last time Arsenal won back-to-back Premier League games.

“If they are to progress under Arteta, they need greater consistency. Right now, it is a case of two steps forward, one step back.”

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  1. There is no progress under Arteta,only regress.If,by mistake,Messi,Ronaldo and Mbappe join Arsenal,the first think Arteta is going to ask them is to play de ball sideways and backward,keeping the game “ safe”.And,as an exaple for them,he is going to present Xhaka as the “ ideal player suited to his style”.Afetr that,more lessons,presented live,from Elneny,the God of African football-running as a headless chicken and passing,non-stop ,to central defenders-passes no longer than 3-5 yards.Just for keeping the game safe.if Messi asks why he needs to play like this against Fulham or Sheffield,he is going to be loaned to Nice or Hertha Berkin for breaking the discipline of the team and the autority of the coach.Ican’t wait to see the endless cascade of goals scored by Nketiah against Real Madrid and Bayern when that Super League is going to come to life.

      1. Oh and by the way, get the facts right, Bayern won’t be in the so called Super League, not that it will ever exist. German and French teams quite rightly will not have anything to do with the venture.

        1. Simon Collings, is obviously a very perceptive journalist! He hasn’t told us anything we didn’t know or was not obvious to all and sundry.

  2. how do we expect the team to get any kind of consistency with all that rotating? it’s no coincidence that we cannot put a decent run together as soon as the team gets some rhythm boom here comes the chomping and changing.

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